Best cream blush you must check out!

Looking for the best cream blush? Well then you’re at the right place! Blush are used to add colour to the cheeks, giving the impression of a natural flush.

It’s often applied on the apple of the cheeks, where naturally you would blush.

There are different forms which blush are available in, powder, cream and liquid.

Cream and liquid blush are a great option for dry skin due to their moisturizing ability whereas powder blush provide a more matte look and help absorb excess oil making them great for oily skin. Cream blush give a glowy appearance.

Let’s get going, shall we?

Don’t worry they are all vegan!

Quick Overview 

  • Pacifica cheeky cherry cheek stain
  • Milk makeup lip + cheek stick
  • Kosas colour and light cream blush
  • Flower blush bomb colour drops for cheeks
  • Cocunat blush

Pacifica cheeky cherry cheek stain

That’s a bit of a tongue twister! The cheeky cherry cheek stain is a liquid creamy blush. It is buildable and easily appliable using just your fingers. Pacifica mention you can ‘blur the lines of no-makeup, makeup’ with this blusher.Best cream blush

What makes it even cool is the skin loving ingredients which include sweet cherry, sappan bark extract as well as vitamin E! So you get extra benefits! This blush is available in three shades for various skin tones.

Milk makeup lip + cheek stick

This is a unique looking 2 in 1 product! You can use it as a blush and even double it up as a lip tint, how awesome!

This cream blush by milk makeup is formulated with ‘hydrating ingredients’ to help create a buildable and easily blendable colour.Best cream blush

Milk makeup state this product isn’t only vegan and cruelty-free but clean and paraben free! You can blend with your fingertips, brush or sponge.

The cheek stick can be applied on the cheeks as well as lips! Pretty useful! Plus the packaging is cute too!

Tap here for a more detailed review on the milk makeup lip and cheek stick!

Kosas colour and light cream blush

A ‘clean formula, juicy colour, cheeks that pop’ is what kosas state about their blush. And guess what another two in one! This time a cream blush and a highlighter!Best cream blush

The kosas colour and cream blush is said to be super blendable and full of skin conditioning ingredients such as apricot kernel seed oil, rosehip seed oil as well as jojoba seed oil which help brighten, soothe and balance your skin.

So once you’ve done applying, the cream gets to work!

Flower blush bomb colour drops for cheeks

This blush bomb colour drop is a mixture of gel and cream formula, available in 8 shades, including peach, cherry, red and cinnamon.Best cream blush

It has a silky lightweight texture which blends ‘seamlessly’ by melting into your skin.

The flower blush bomb colour drop helps achieve a ‘fresh, radiant healthy colour’, great for those who are after a natural looking flush! And apparently this product has won a few beauty awards too!

Cocunat blush

The cocunat blush is a creamy formulated product that’s designed to give ‘a beautiful glow to the cheeks’, providing natural and flattering results! Since it is creamy application is a breeze as is blending, seamlessly melting into the skin as it makes contact. Just squeeze some onto your fingers and get tapping, that simple!

You can choose from 3 shades; pink, terracotta and mars.

What’s awesome about this product, is it’s ability to be used as more than a blush, use it as an eyeshadow as well as a lipstick, applying just as easy. The formula is impressively ‘98% natural’ and ‘10%’ organic, suitable for sensitive skin peeps!

So are you a fan of blush, do you prefer cream, powder or liquid and why? I’d love to know let me know in the comment section below!

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Have a great day!

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