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Best waterproof brow gel – vegan formulated!

We all want our brows looking the best for ourselves and the longest time possible so thankfully there are products catered towards our wishes so here are some of the best waterproof brow gel that are of course vegan!

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Quick Overview

  • Wunderbrow eyebrow gel
  • Urban decay inked 3 day brow
  • Refy brow sculpt
  • Iconic london liquid brow silk

Wunderbrow eyebrow gel

The wunderbrow gel is a long-lasting gel created to provide you with ‘natural looking, fuller’ brows and of course with the long wearing formula comes the waterproof feature. This gel is according to the brand an award-winning bestseller that’s ‘trusted by millions around the world’.Best waterproof brow gel

You can tint, fill and thicken your brows with results that can, are you ready for this? LAST FOR DAYS! This brow gel isn’t only waterproof, but smudge-proof as well as transfer proof!

To make applying as authentic as possible the brush is infused with hair like fibres to fill and sculpt your brows.

For a more in depth review I suggest you tap here!

Urban decay inked 3 day brow

Best waterproof brow gelThis product by urban decay is a semi-permanent ink like brow gel that’s literally the definition of longwear, apparently lasting up to 60 hours or 3 days like it’s named! You can pick from 7 different shades.

You can fill and shape to create your desired shape with the angle shaped brush without having to worry about not only the lastage but no flaking, fading, or transferring. The formula is flexible and sweat resistant too so you can carry on working hard without having to fret.

You can grab your very own urban decay brow gel here!

Refy brow sculpt

Best waterproof brow gelThe brow sculpt by refy is created to allow for shaping and setting hair in place. It features quite a unique formula; ‘perfect balance between a wax and a gel’, haven’t heard that before have you? Anyways this unique blend is supposed to last all the way till you wash out with it’s water resistant and flake free mixture.

As for what this product offers in terms of results, well you are left with a soft and fuller looking brow. This is due to the addition of carnauba wax which doesn’t only bring softness but ease of application along with brows being kept in place.

The brush is dual ended which means comb and shape with one tool! This gel is suitable for subtle everyday looks! A full review can be viewed here!

Iconic London liquid brow silk

According to the website this product is a best-selling brow soap that also happens to be packed in a travel friendly tube, fuss free! This brow silk gives you the ability to create ‘fluffy blown-out brows’, a ‘laid out laminate’ effect as well as neat and sleek styles, all effortlessly!Best waterproof brow gel

As for the lastage you can expect a hold of up to 16 hours! The gel wax formula features ‘argan oil and vitamin peptides’ which work to condition and support fuller looking brows, each hair coated evenly thanks to the ‘agile precision fibre’ wand.

The wand also apparently gets rid of something annoying, can you guess what that is?
Its crunchy and stiff textured hair!

That’s it for now peeps but if you don’t want to leave then check out other vegan brow gels here!

You can check out waterproof eyeliners to make sure your work of art doesn’t melt by tapping here!

Have a great day!

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  • Liam Tremblay

    Hey dear, thanks for the information you shared with us. I appreciate your hard work. To be honest I’m not a fan of the eyebrow gel because I think natural eyebrows are more beautiful. I was reading the details and I found it very useful. It is water resistant and it has a shaped comb that can make your work easier. I think it is worth buying it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sariyah

      Hey thank you Liam for the comment!

      Of course natural is beautiful and those who prefer to stay makeup free from time to time or fully, you rock!
      And equally those who enjoy creating art or using products too!

      You are welcome 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the post!
      Have a great day!

  • pasindu dimanka

    Many thanks for providing such an informative and complete piece on this topic of the finest water-resistant brow gel. This is really a very significant post that needs to be read. This kind of makeup is not something that really interests me. Nonetheless, my sister has a strong interest in topics of this kind. As soon as I saw this post I remembered her. I am going to email this to her without a doubt. This is something that she will absolutely purchase. Keep publishing like this.

  • Meliza

    I think it’s cool that they have makeup that is good the environment coz it’s vegan. I like how you mentioned and also tested the products to make sure they are really waterproof and stay on for a long time. I don’t usually wear makeup that much, but I would want to use vegan and “cruelty-free” beauty products like these ones. 
    Btw, when I wanted to check more details about your recommended products, the link is not that obvious. I have to turn off my dark theme and still it isn’t that obvious to click on.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Meliza thank you for stopping by!

      Vegan and cruelty free products are definitely the one to choose! 

      I’ll have a look at that, thanks!

      Have a great day!

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