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Charlotte tilbury lip cheat review!

The Charlotte tilbury lip cheat in the iconic nude shade is vegan and cruelty-free not to be mistaken with the pillow talk which contains beeswax therefore some may not consider it vegan friendly, though it’s not actually derived directly from an animal.

Anyways so I decided to purchase this nude shade due to its subtle and natural hue along with it being a great product for an everyday nude lip liner and a great base for any lipstick, suggested by Charlotte tilbury herself.

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Charlotte tilbury lip cheatCharlotte tilbury state this lip liner suits everyone and a great product for anyone ‘defined, fuller looking Pillow Talk pout!’ It features a velvety waterproof formula which doesn’t only create a smooth texture but should also be easy to apply, gliding along without any problem.

The addition of Hyaluronic Acid helps create lustrous and supple texture that offers hydrating properties for up to 24 hours! That seems unreal! Plus the waterproof formula, there should be no feathering nor transferring all day!

So I think it’s time to see how it performs, right?!


The ‘iconic nude’ along with a few other shades such as ‘pink Venus’, ‘foxy brown’, ‘bad romance’, ‘pillow talk 3 intense’. The hues range from nudes to classic reds as well as deep tones such as purple. There are also browns and rose pink!

In total there are 17 shades in the lip cheat line. Charlotte Tilbury state their liners go greatly with her matte revolution lipstick, that also holds a few vegan shades.

Charlotte tilbury lip cheat
Charlotte tilbury lip cheat Shade bittersweet


Smooths over the texture of your lips’

Judging by the description of this liner it definitely seems like this product would be a dream to apply, so was it?

Well I can certainly say it was actually quite easy to apply, gliding along nicely. I have naturally dry lips that are often chapped too so before applying I ensured I moisturized them well which provided a smooth base for the liner.

The texture is a little creamy with smoothness to it which I think gave it an advantage when it comes to applying.


The Charlotte tilbury lip cheat does have good pigmentation to it, I would say the colour is similar on the hand as on the lips. One swipe with the nude shade isn’t as visible so I think going over more than once will do the job.

The pigment does have some sort of hydration to it as my lips weren’t drying out as they would usually. It allowed my lips to stay moisturized for a couple hours more than I’d expect them too!

Charlotte tilbury lip cheat Review
Charlotte tilbury lip cheat swatch


I prefer using liners on their own for a daily look or on days I’m not going anywhere special because it provides decent colour without being too heavy. So this liner is used often without any interference from other products and I’d like to say the lastage was definitely great!

It easily gets through 5-6 hours just like the brand state, without any signs of weakness. I didn’t experience any smudging or feathering during those hours despite eating a couple of time. In regard to transferring, I did see a hint of fragility when drinking but I’m not too bothered about it since lastage does make up for the flaw. And nothing problematic since reapplying is quick too!

The only downside I can currently think of is that it requires sharpening often. The liner goes blunt quickly especially if you use it daily like me which means you have to sharpen it, basically the pencil seems like it is getting eaten, shrinking quite rapidly. Most likely due to the thick creamy texture.


Overall I rate this lip liner an 9/10! I love the shade, the lastage as well as the texture. It applies along without any problem too. A great product to use daily, that adds some hydration. It doesn’t feather with little transferring that isn’t too bothering either.

You can get your own Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat here!

That’s it for now peeps! But if you don’t want to leave then tap here to check out more awesome lip liners!

Have a great day!

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  • pasindu dimanka

    Thank you very much for this valuable detailed review about Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat. This is really a valuable review. This lip liner looks very good. Because this has a good rating. My sister uses things like this a lot. I think this lip liner suits her very well. I will definitely share this with her. Keep posting reviews like this.

  • Debra

    I’ve never tried Charlotte Tillbury lipstick.  I’ve been thinking about trying it to see how it compares to drugstore lipsticks like Covergirl for how long they last.  I’ve also tried Mary Kay lipsticks in the past, but I don’t find they last very long at all.  I don’t like some of the longwear lipsticks that are so matte and so drying to the lips.  I hear about Charlotte Tillbury lipsticks from makeup YouTubers, so it must be good!

    • Sariyah

      Hey Debra thats for stopping by!

      I too have dry lips so many products don’t help instead worsening the problem however so far the lip cheat in terms of moisturising is going good. I haven’t tried Mary kay, if they are vegan, I would love to give them a go!

      Have a great day!

  • Michel

    The Charlotte Tilbury Lip Sticks look amazing, and I especially like the natural shades, as I am not a fan of bright red lips. I like that the formula doesn’t look too dry and it also seems to last. Even better is the addition of the Hyaluronic Acid for that extra care from your lipstick. The fact that the product is Vegan is also a big plus point.

  • Stella

    I do enjoy make up, but haven’t been able to put any on my face since the 90s because of eczema.

    My skin became normal after cleansing and liver flushes, however, my eyes would tear even when I tried wearing Mac makeup.

    So I just stick to lipstick now and then.  I don’t wear lip liner as I have full lips as I’m black.  

    Your review was interesting to read though.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Osamu

    This is something very good to talk about! Nowadays fashion becomes more and more important in our daily lives and makeup is a big part of it as well. Vegan products help the environment which makes them so much better. I love the different makeup products you mentioned, they are very good. Keep up the good work!

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