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Glossier pro tip eyeliner – Honest Review

I decided to purchase the Glossier pro tip eyeliner along with the Glossier lip gloss after hearing a few good comments about this brand. Though I haven’t much experience with glossier I just went with my mind and bought the products.

If you’d like to know if I made the right decision then please read on as I go through the ins and outs of this liner!

Quick overview


  • Easy to apply
  • Quick drying
  • Flexible tip
  • Longwearing
  • Waterproof


  • Can split easily
  • Pigment at times isn’t as expected

Product description

Starting with a brief description of what this liquid eyeliner is about.

Glossier claim this product is a ‘easy-to-use black liquid eyeliner’ which has a brush tip allowing for ‘precise definition’.

The formula is ment to be smudge resistant and should have the stay power for up to 12 hours! (Now that sounds like something I definitely need!)

The flexible fibers which are used in the brushes tip are specially created for easy application.

Now let’s see if any of this claim is true!


First up the packaging!

The eyeliner is packed in a simple baby pink slim box. With the brand’s name in a white font which is just about visible when you pay attention to the package.

Glossier pro tip eyeliner
Packaging for the glossier Pro tip eyeliner

The same concept is carried onto the actual eyeliner, a baby pink shade along with the brand’s logo however this time it is in bold black letters.

I would have easily mistaken it for my coloured pens if the same light colouring had been imprinted so thank goodness for that! Not that it bothers me that much.

Packaging = 6/10!


I really love winged eyeliner and I’m sure you peeps do too but like many, I’m guessing, can’t get that perfect or at least a satisfactory line!

I’ve tried a variety of liners that claim getting a winged look is easy with their product but so far, to be honest I haven’t achieved that with many.

And so like many eyeliners out there glossier state their liquid eyeliner is designed with flexible fibres which ‘hug the curve of the lash line for easy application’. In other words you should be able to decent line with ease. So did I?

Well I can tell you it definitely was easy to apply. Once I had a steady hand I was able to get a neat line surprisingly.

I didn’t need to put any extra pressure so no dragging was needed. Overall it was a smooth application.

The formula dries quite quickly meaning it certainly passes the smudge resistant test.

Glossier pro tip eyeliner
Glossier Pro tip liner in its glory!

I can see what glossier meant by their flexible fibers. As you hold the pen to your lid and draw across it feels more like a brush, almost like you are painting then a hard tipped pen. It also fills in the lash line nicely.

However this also means the tip is likely to split easily. I have noticed if you aren’t careful of how you shut it or apply it then you are going to end up with a messy tip which equals a messy wing!

Application = 9/10!


The colour deposition, at first I wasn’t a fan of but then I became accustomed to, I’ll discuss why.

So basically I tried the pigmentation strength first on my hand and it seemed too light for my liking. I then gave my lids a try and it was a little better but still not to my expectation.

But after using it for a bit I realised the pigmentation is actually good in a way.

If you make mistakes then it’s much easier to rub off then a deep jet black mark and plus it’s super buildable so if you are after an intense look then you can layer it with ease.

Skip forward a few tries, I’ve started to keep it in a upright position with the tip pointing down, it gives a much darker colour.Glossier Pro tip eyeliner

Just to add, I had to keep my pen upright after a while of using it as I had thought I ran out of the product.

Keeping it flat for example in makeup cases, especially when the pen is near the end of its life, causes the formula to spread out instead of flow smoothly.

Imagine I hadn’t decided to keep it with the tip facing down, I would have wasted quite a bit of product!

Pigmentation = 7/10!


The glossier pro tip eyeliner is said to last for up to a whopping 12 hours. I would like to say this is true to some extent.

I say some extent as I didn’t leave the liner on for that long, I wiped it off at around the 9th hour and it was still going strong.

I definitely can see it going for another couple of hours so in my eyes the glossier eyeliner is a product of long lastage.

There was no need for me to top it up or clean up any smudges so overall I say this is a great eyeliner.

And as for how long the whole product lasts, it roughly got through 9 months of daily use. I used it for my top lid to do the winged effect.

Lastage = 9/10!

UpdateI decided to use it whilst going for a shower, don’t ask me why I hadn’t rubbed it clean beforehand, but guess what?! it still remained intact although a little lighter.

It’s ok if you don’t believe me but I am not kidding!

If you are after a longwear, smudge resistant liner which is actually easy and smooth to apply I suggest you give this product a try! This liquid eyeliner gets a 9/10 from me!

If you do, let me know how your experience was with it in the comment section below!

I think it would be awesome to see the brand design various colours in this liquid eyeliner, that would give it full marks!

What do youse all think?!

Anyways that is all for now peeps thanks!

But if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome vegan liquid liners!

Have a great day!?

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  • Mimie

    Well, I have never used this brand, but I think I would love to buy one and see for myself. Because I love makeup that can last for long, for when I am busy. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to go to bathroom and fix your makeup. So I think it will do the magic for me.

  • Bill20

    This is a very good review on the Glossier Pro Tip Eyeliner.  The writer tested the product herself and points out the eyeliner is easy to apply, dries quickly, fills in the lash nicely, is smudge resistant, and is long lasting.  Based on her use of the eyeliner for 9 hours, she feels confident it can last the 12 hours Glossier states.  Overall, she gives this product a 9 out of 10 rating.  If I were a woman, I would give this eyeliner a try.

  • Johnny

    Thank you so so much! You resolved the anniversary gift for my wife!!! It´s really difficult as a man to know about makeuo, and with your article you provided me the complete explanation and information that I needed! This Glossier eyeliner will be perfect for my wife (plus a nice dinner haha)!! Thanks again!

    • Sariyah

      Hey Johnny! You are welcome! I’m glad this post was able to help you decide a gift for your wife especially on a big day like that! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary and I’m sure your wife will enjoy the gift and dinner!

  • Randi

    Sariyah, Thank you for your product knowledge, testing, and review! This is a really great write up on Glossier Pro Tip Eyeliner! Love the smudge resistance feature! Applying Make up can become a time consuming task while I’m doing my daily routine of running after kids all day, gardening, writing articles to post, or anything else in my busy mom day. I can easily transition to going out into public,  and not have to worry about Reapplying, and that little bit of time saved can make all the difference. I have to say I’m pretty excited to try it, and thank you again!

    • Sariyah

      Hey Randi thanks for the comment!

      Wow that sounds like a busy day! It definitely is a great feeling when you can squeeze in that time to enhance your natural features and know that it’ll actually last!

      Hopefully you’ll have a positive experience too!

  • Toplink

    9/10 for Glossier pro tip eyeliner is a very great mark indeed. Your endorsement of this product seems very sincere and as I am thinking about a perfect gift for someone else who desires to keep looking beautiful, I must consider this article carefully. I really think that it is important to analyze the claims of the manufacturer.  so when they say it gives precise definition and is smudge resistant for  up to 12 hours and you speak highly of these results for the product; it adds to its credibility. Based upon your recommendation, It will be an excellent product for my gift. Thank you very much for this review.

    • Sariyah

      Hey thanks for the nice comment!

      Glossier Pro tip liner is one of my current favourites, it is waterproof and allows me to easily get the winged look right even though I’m not a pro, hopefully the owner that’s gifted too will have a great experience!

  • Alice A.

    If I have to choose what I can’t live without between lipstick and eyeliner, I would have to pick the latter. That’s how obsessed I am with eyeliners and this is because I don’t look alive without them, lol.

    I have experimented with several kinds and brands of eyeliners and it so happens that Glossier Pro Tip is one of them. You did a great review on this product; honest and straightforward. I agree; the glossier pro tip is easy to apply because of its flexible tip. Although pigmentation can’t be avoided, it can actually be a good thing. 

    But my favorite thing about this eyeliner is that it could stay on for the entire day without smudging.

  • Michel Maling

    I must admit that I also find it very difficult to achieve that winged look with eyeliner, and I can never get them both the same. You say that this one makes this process a little easier. I wouldn’t mind trying it. I also like the fact that it is quick drying which definitely helps in the smudge department. Bonus that this product is also long-lasting and vegan. Sounds like a good buy to me. I wonder why it doesn’t come in other colors.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Michel thanks for stopping by!

      Getting the on point winged look certainly is difficult and if you add a low quality liner on top of that then no chance!

      Wouldn’t it be great if other colour options were available!

      Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Brian Hudon

    In this engaging blog post, I dive into the world of beauty with a comprehensive review of the Glossier Pro Tip Eyeliner. From application techniques to wearability throughout the day, I share my authentic experience with this product. Join me as I dissect its pros and cons, providing readers with valuable insights to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or someone seeking a reliable eyeliner, this review aims to shed light on the performance and quality of the Glossier Pro Tip Eyeliner

  • Linda

    People always tell me I should wear makeup. I don’t have acne or anything but that’s their opinion. I do however,wear eyeliner. That’s the one and only thing that interests me. Choosing a good eyeliner that won’t smush and look like you cried all day(though you didn’t at all) is important to get. Otherwise, one can also look bruised up. In my experienced, I’ve noticed until I get home. I think I was pretty brave to be like that all day. Lol. 

  • angelce903

    Hello thanks for this honest review of Glossier eyeliner! I’ve heard about their products and the fact that it’s cheap and cute. But I’ve never read reviews about their products. So for me, I must say that the fact it has long lasting effects is amazing. Sometimes, you shouldn’t rely only on packaging. The appearance can be average, but if the product is extraordinary, just go for it!

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