Hourglass mascara – unlocked instant mascara review!

The hourglass mascara had been on my list to buy for a while however I was, well I would like to think, patiently waiting for the current mascara to finish before getting my hands on the bigger prize, more specifically the unlocked instant extensions mascara!

Anyways I eventually bought it, tried it a few times and decided to put together my view on it! Is it worth it? Well find out!

Quick Overview


  • Good applicator
  • lightweight formula
  • Quick drying


  • Lastage could do with some improvement
  • Didn’t experience the ‘fanned out’ effect

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Hourglass mascaraThe hourglass unlocked instant mascara features a uniquely shaped brush, ‘molded’ is what they use to describe it. Apparently it is supposed to target every lash whether big or small!

So of course we should expect a pretty easy and decent application right? Well I am pleased I can say this is correct!

The applicator does cover a good range and coats pretty much tiny lashes as well as the larger ones. I was able to coat the small ones at the bottom as well as the tricky to reach in the corner ones too!

I like how it actually allows you to apply without creating mess around the eye area especially under eye when you are getting those small hairs.

The tapered end which also thins out a little definitely helps and gives this brush an advantage when it comes to applying over the other mascara wands that are hourglass shaped or the usual bushy ones. Probably my most favourite design so far!

When applying I followed how the brand instructed which is to start at the base of your lashes and then pull from the root to tip which isn’t very much different from my usual way.


Okay now moving onto the real question, its performance! I am going to go straight into it by saying it is a job well done from me! There were no heavy feeling or crumbling either. Quick drying too!

It did provide the lift I was after which I would say was more apparent after the second coating. Hourglass mentions this mascara aims to provide ‘Intense length, lift and definition’, that I like to think is somewhat true when you apply more than one layer. The first coating is ideal for a natural look, it adds that subtle yet bold effect.

Coming to how it felt since you have to apply more than a layer for dramatic looks, it was a generally great experience. My lashes were not left hanging or feeling heavy despite having thick ones which naturally drop down if any weight is applied to them.

I guess the ‘lightweight fibres’ do, do their work after all! How about the ‘fanned out’ effect? To be honest I didn’t experience that, maybe it could be due to the thick lashes.


So how is lastage? For me and I’m pretty sure many out there lastage is a pretty important feature along with performance of course so let’s find out how well it does!

Hourglass do state their unlocked instant extension mascara features a ‘smudge proof wear’ which means there must be some power to it.

Anyways so how’d it do, well I would say it was okay however it can improve. It roughly provided around 6 hours which is still a good amount of time but I was expecting more with the pricing.

That’s it for now peeps!

You can check out the hourglass mascara for yourself here!

But if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome vegan mascaras!

Have a great day!

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