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Milk makeup lip cheek stick- To buy or to not?

The milk makeup lip cheek stick is a totally vegan and cruelty-free two-in-one product. Well sometimes I use it as a three in one! A lipstick, blush and occasionally on my lids.

Milk makeup on their product:

“Part lip tint, part blush, Milk Makeup’s multi-purpose Lip + Cheek is perfect for those who want glow on-the-go.”

Right let’s get to the review!

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Difficult to apply?

Application is really easy and simple overall. To apply on the cheeMilk makeup lip cheek stickks I use a dabbing motion especially if I’m wearing full foundation and all, as by swiping it on I find it pulls away the products underneath which leads to massive patchiness when you’re not careful. I then blend it using my fingers,which is easy.

The formula is a creamy texture a little buttery, similar to Vaseline but minus the stickiness.

For the lip, application is even more great, simple and fast. It slides on easily and is quick to reapply, so that’s good especially since the lastage is not so great.

Lastage on the lip and cheek?

The lastage on the lips is different to the cheek, I mean obviously they both have different textures.

For the lip it doesn’t seem to stay put for as long as a lip product should, the colour started to fade at around 4 to 5 hours.

However the cheek surprisingly pulled through 6 hours somehow. It did go a little light but it appeared natural.

The colour when applying to the lips does have a slight shade difference compared to the cheeks. It comes off lighter on the lips.

Moisturising or drying?

Let’s start with the lips, my lips are one of the driest, it doesn’t matter how hydrated I stay, no difference is made to my lips. Only when I apply numerous products, that’s when it calms a little.

So when I applied this lipstick and didn’t see an obvious difference, I wasn’t too shocked as it was expected but what I can say is that my cheeks where definitely loving it.

I feel like it’s more hydrating for the cheeks but for the lips, I didn’t experience any moisturizing effect which means this was the downside to it.


For this lip + cheek stick there are five colours available. There is “werk” which is a dusty rose shade, “perk”, a coral which is a peachy pink shade with a slight shimmer, “quickie” a berry shade, “swish” a pink colour and last but not least “rally” a pale purple shade.

My favourite shades are “werk” and “perk” because they rhyme JK. They lean on the more natural looking shades so that’s why.

The ingredients are cool too! It’s infused with mango butter, peach nectar and avocado oil, all of which provide benefits to your skin. The mango butter is supposed to be moisturizing for the lips and cheek.

Another thing I’d like to add is the amount of product you get in this packaging. It’s enough to get you through the whole year, partly because less is certainly more especially when applied to the cheeks. So I think I could say overall I preferred using this stick as a blush.

You can get your very own milk lip and cheek stick from Amazon here!

That’s it for now peeps!

But if you don’t want to leave then tap here to check out some awesome vegan lipsticks!

Do you have any suggestions of lipsticks, I’d love to know!

Have a great day! 🙂

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  • Misael H

    Thank yous so very much for providing this great review for us all on this great day. People will love this review as much as I do because of the value it brings to people in terms of how good this product is and whether or not it’s a good idea to buy it. This will be perfect for my girlfriend as she loves to do her make up and I’m sure she will appreciate this as one fo her many gifts for this christmas

  • Rose

    My common problem with non-organic lip sticks is the darkening of my lips when bare. I seldom apply, most of the times when I was reporting for work, I don’t wear make up since it is a no-no to food safety for manufacturing firms. 

    I wear make up then on Sundays.

    Now that I am a stay home Mom, with an online business, wearing make up is no longer limited.

    I was checking the price but it seems you haven’t included a affiliate link to the product.

    • Sariyah

      Ah I can understand the annoyance when you really want to try out makeup but it either doesn’t work out or it’s not allowed. At least you can now express your creativity!

      As for the affiliate link I’ve yet to update as the link I was using no longer functions so hopefully it should be back up soon.

  • Augustine

    Hello, its been a wonderful review and very helpful in deciding the right one for my wife. I was actually trying to get her a nice one and I have no idea about these stuff 😉 But your review was very detailed and provided all the information that I needed to help me make a decision. Thanks a lot and great job!

    • Sariyah

      Hey thanks for stopping by. If you want any more suggestions or help to decide I’m always here! And by the way I really love the milk packaging, something about them makes them look adorable!

  • Caleb

    The question on if the consumer should buy this product depends on a few different things. 

    Do you only buy Vegan products?

    How long do you need your makeup applied and useful?

    If you only need to “look pretty” for a few hours and only shop Vegan, then these products are for you. It is always good for a product to come with variety, in this case, colors (shades). 

    Good article with great information. I’m actually going to share this with my sister who is really big into the vegan lifestyle. Thanks for writing it, Sariyah!

  • Bojana

    Lactic acid for the face is key to hydration, and is suitable for all skin types. Lactic acid can be found in products for different skin types and with different effects. In the production of moisturizing and rejuvenating cosmetics, it is appreciated for its ability to saturate the skin with moisture, soften and stimulate the synthesis of the main protein of youth – collagen.

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