Rare beauty liquid highlighter – An honest opinion!

I decided to purchase the rare beauty liquid highlighter along with other best-sellers according to the brand. Of course I was expecting positiveness, it is rare beauty after all! Besides that I was actually running low on these products and as for a highlighter, I noticed I hadn’t purchased one in a while! I guess that was a sign to give the rare beauty highlighter a try!

Anyways if you’d like to know how it performs then I suggest you tag along not this journey!

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Rare beauty liquid highlighterThe rare beauty highlighter is best described as a ‘silky, second-skin liquid highlighter’! Plus with a weightless formula it certainly should feel like a second skin. It features a ‘superfine, light catching’ pearls which makes it easy apparently to go from a subtle soft sheen look to ‘pure pop’ in seconds!

The rare beauty positive light liquid luminizer should provide you with positive results all day long and that is without any fading, creasing or even settling into fine lines. It can layer on other makeup products without causing any issues with your hard work that’s already there! Whether they be liquid form, powder or cream.

It also includes some beneficial ingredients which is always a great plus! This rare beauty highlighter incorporates a cool blend of ‘lotus, gardenia, and white water lily’, all known to give the formula a smooth texture but importantly it helps sooth as well as nourish your skin!


Application I shall expect to be easy peasy lemon squeeze since the brand do state this product features a silky texture and it is in liquid form too, which usually is one of the easiest types of products to not only apply but blend too! Anyways how was the experience?

Well it was actually great not that I am surprised. I just like the brand recommend, applied 1-2 drops onto the highest point of my cheeks straight from the bottle and blended using my fingers, which didn’t require any effort.

You can use a brush or blender but for me, fingers are my easy to access personal tool! Plus it is only a tiny amount, where using the brush would most likely zap most the highlighter up!

The formula does not feel sticky nor too gloopy, it has a decent consistency. This product can be applied on the brow bone as well as the bridge of the nose! I added some to the tip of my nose too. What is cool to know is that this highlighter can be mixed in with your foundation or concealer for a soft all over glow, I think I shall try that some time!

Do bear in mind that this highlighter does have a high concentrated pigment, meaning a little goes a long way!

Now how was blending? Rare beauty do mention it should ‘blend evenly for an instant wash of light’ and I can say blending was just as smooth though my fingers did end up making the formula a little slippery against my oily skin.


Now into the main test! Did the positive light liquid highlighter provide a positive experience? Is it lightweight and layerable?

The answer overall is yes! I did find the positive light highlighter gave me the results I were after. I wanted a highlighter that is of course lightweight which this certainly was. I also wanted it to be as smooth as it is on its own with other makeup products like foundation, moisturisers or concealers, and that too it managed to pull off!

As for how it appears on the skin, it is a beautiful subtle sheen of ‘light catching pearls’, exactly how rare beauty describe it as. If you would like to add more shine then another drop should do the job though 1 to 2 is more than enough.

This brings me onto the pigmentation which I can only say is gorgeous too. You literally only need a drop to satisfy your glow needs. The consistency is perfect too! The texture is smooth with no grittiness to it which I guess is due to the ’superfine’ pearls.

Also, I like how rare beauty have made it to be used as more than a highlighter, you can blend it with your foundation too or concealer to provide a ‘soft, all-over glow’, That I am yet to try but I’m pretty sure will certainly come out splendid looking as it does with its highlighting ability.


‘Lasts all day’! I would have to agree to this statement somewhat since the overall wear time is approximately 8 hours till the pigment begins to get weak. This quite surprised me since they often fade away quite early. Maybe it is dependent on the form the highlighter comes in. I suspect powders aren’t as long lasting as liquid ones. Or maybe it’s this particular liquid highlighter.

Anyways throughout the wear time the formula did not transfer either. I suspect it wouldn’t settle into creases since it has a really lightweight texture, I’m guessing the same goes for creasing too!


Overall I give the rare beauty highlighter a rating of 8.5/10! It has an excellent lastage, the consistency is smooth, just as is application. I believe it does create an ‘instantly dewy, buildable glow’ just like the brand. I like how it is also different from other highlighters since it provides moisturising benefits too thanks to the botanical blend. It is buildable and goes well with any makeup products giving it an advantage over other highlighters I’ve used. The shade range is another goodness about this highlighter!

If you feel like this is the highlighter for you then you can purchase your own here!

Right that’s it for now peeps!

But if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome vegan highlighters here!

Have a great day!

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  • Michel

    Thanks for this recommendation. You always give such good ones and it helps so much as there is nothing worse than spending money on cosmetics that don’t work, as you can’t get a refund.

    This highlighter looks great because you say it blends easily and lasts. If you had to use it all over your face I think it may be a little shiny though, but I suppose that depends what look you are aiming to achieve.

  • Mikael

    The writer shares their experience with the Rare Beauty liquid highlighter, expressing anticipation due to the brand’s reputation. They highlight their need for a new highlighter and their decision to try this product. The post includes a disclosure about potential affiliate links.

    The Rare Beauty liquid highlighter is described as having a weightless formula with light-catching pearls for a versatile finish. The writer emphasizes its ability to provide a subtle sheen or a more intense glow, as well as its long-lasting and layer-friendly qualities.

  • pamkam10

    Love this deep insight on using a highlighter. I’ve never used a highlighter before because honestly I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it. However, I love the fact that you go into such specific detail about using this Rare Beauty highlighter. I am always looking for new skincare and beauty products that are chemical free given that I have an allergy to chemicals, So not only knowing HOW to use this product because like I said I don’t even really know how to or what the purpose of a highlighter is, I know that it is chemical safe and good for my skin. As a full-time working mom, finding quick, easy, and long-lasting makeup is important…the days are long and sometimes into the night. This is a product I want to give a go to-light catching pearls glimmering on my face sounds amazing. Can’t wait to give this a go and actually know what a healthy highlighter can do for your daily look and keep your skin in check too.

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