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    Glossier generation g lipstick – How good is it?

    I decided to purchase the glossier generation g lipstick after experiencing how good their lip gloss and pro tip eyeliner was. Next I wanted a lip colour which wasn’t too rich but still showed enough colour to be noticeable so I guess that’s when the gen g popped up! Stay with me as I go through what I liked most about this lipstick as well as anything which could have done with some improvement! Quick overview: Pros Easy to apply Good for not overly dry lips Great for daily and casual use Cons Not as long lasting Would love a wide shade range   Description The glossier generation g lipstick…

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    Glossier lip gloss review – How good is it?

    Glossier is an awesome brand which doesn’t only offer makeup products but skincare, fragrances and much more!  I’m not entirely sure as to how good their products are, apart from reading some reviews, as I’m just starting to get to know them. So to first time try one of their products I decided to go for the lip gloss. If you’d like to know how this product performs then continue reading this glossier lip gloss review! By the way, they are a cruelty-free brand however not all their products are vegan, you’ll have to look out for the vegan logo to make sure. Quick overview: Pros Great applicator size Easily…


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