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    Cheap vegan makeup brands- everyone can afford

    There are makeup brands that thankfully contain all products which are both cruelty-free and vegan(they were limited but now rapidly increasing), as well as some brands which sell only a few vegan products but are still all cruelty-free or vice versa. Vegan makeup doesn’t have to be wallet emptying, check out these cheap vegan makeup brands! So you have to be careful when selecting a product by making sure they are both vegan and cruelty-free, that’s if it’s what you are looking for. Imagine how great it would be if all products were as pain free and healthy! WOW! Please do read on if you are looking for affordable vegan…

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    Makeup brands that test on animals

    I personally don’t believe in animal testing, there are many reasons like, the poor creatures go through a ton of pain as kindness and compassion isn’t guaranteed another more obvious reason is they are animals and we are humans so what works on them won’t necessarily work for us! So here is a bunch of makeup brands that test on animals. This way you’ll know what to watch out for! L’Oréal L’Oréal is a French beauty brand that is one of the biggest and popular company. Founded in 1909, they started out producing hair dyes which has now branched out to makeup, hair and skin products. When looking out if…


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