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Bronzers are usually applied across the forehead and cheekbones as well as the nose, or basically wherever the sun would naturally hit. It is used to create the impression of a tan skin but not only that as it can be used to add depth and warmth. So if you are ready then let’s check out the best bronzer stick out there that are vegan too!

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Quick Overview

  • Rare beauty warm wishes effortless bronzer stick
  • Milk makeup matte cream bronzer stick
  • River organics bronzer stick
  • Kash beauty bronze sculpt stick
  • Merit bronze balm sheer sculpting bronzer
  • Tarte maneater silk stick bronzer

Rare beauty warm wishes effortless bronzer stick

Described as a ‘breakthrough bronzing stick’, the warm wishes allows you to create instant sun kissed glow that you’ve always wanted!

The warm wishes bronzer stick features a liquid like cream formula which doesn’t only make applying easy but blending too! It melts onto the skin for a long-lasting warm natural finish that doesn’t bronzer stick

You’d be pleased to know the formula is non greasy as well as water resistant, with a promise to not cake, crease or clog pores!

And don’t worry as you are a bound to find a shade that fits you well as the brand offers 8 shades featuring a range of undertones such as golden, cool and neutral. The shade go from true tan with neutral undertone to deep amber with red undertones!

I suggest you tap here to check out the full review of the rare beauty bronzer stick!

Milk makeup matte cream bronzer stick

Best bronzer stickComing in 5 hues the milk makeup bronzer stick provides an ‘instant sun kissed glow’ that gives a natural looking matte finish. The cool thing about this cream bronzer stick is that it is multi use, going beyond as a bronzer, apply it as an eyeshadow or lip balm! Quite versatile right!

The milk makeup matte cream bronzer stick is formulated using hydrating ingredients which means you should expect seamlessly easy blending, applying as well as the ability to build colour for a ‘subtle, shimmer-free warmth’.

This product is not only vegan and cruelty-free, it’s clean, paraben free as well as gluten free.

River organics bronzer stick

‘Add warmth to your daily makeup routine’ with the light reflecting river organics bronzer stick!

The river organics bronzer provides a beautiful warmth touch to the skin whilst also hydrating it thanks to the addition of protective ingredients like organic shea butter, grape seed oil and rosehip oil which are also known to be nourishing too!Best bronzer stick

The bronzer is said to be easy to apply with its creamy texture that is also non drying too, promising to not creep into fine lines.

You can apply not only on the face, use it on your body for a natural golden shimmer or as a highlight under the brows.

This natural bronzer contains no added scent, is vegan as well as cruelty-free certified. Did I mention it comes in an eco friendly paper packaging!

Kash beauty bronze sculpt stick

Offering 4 shades the kash beauty stick allows you to create the ‘chiseled look of your dreams’! The bronze sculpt stick is designed to create a buildable contour that is natural in appearance, bringing effortless warmth to the skin with just a swipe! Sounds pretty impressive!Best bronzer stick

The brand recommend for a dramatic contoured effect you should apply on the edges of your face, forehead, cheekbones along with the jawline.

Or if you prefer a subtle glow then lightly dust over the face where the sun would naturally shine.

Merit bronze balm sheer sculpting bronzer

The merit bronze balm sheer sculpting bronzer is described as a sheer, buildable wash of colour. The sculpting bronzer allows you to create natural looking warmth as well as add depth.

The addition of microfine pigments adds a touch of colour but without concealing your skins natural texture. So you can rock being you! The inclusion of fatty acid helps conditions skin along with lock in moisture.Best bronzer stick

You would be also glad to know that this bronzer is lightweight and flexible. Its creamy formula makes it buildable and easily blendable plus the oval shape design generates an effortless application providing precise strokes.

You can choose between 5 shades suitable for fair skin to deep skin tone.

Tarte maneater silk stick bronzer

The tarte maneater silk bronzer stick comes in 7 shades which goes from the richest shade, ’nocturnal’ suitable for very deep skin tones to the lightest, known as ‘Dusk’ for very fair to fair light tones and everything between.

The brand state you will look a ‘bronzed bombshell’ in seconds with their silky bronzer stick, it’s like a ‘vacation in a tube’! It features a velvety texture which means it glides on effortlessly for a soft focus finish.

The man-eater bronzer not only applies easily but blends too like a dream leaving a natural looking skin kissed look. You shouldn’t feel a thing whilst it’s worn as it is weightless and allows you to build so that you can sculpt and add definition.

The brand promises a no fade, no cake, or no crease finish into fine liner or pores. 

This bronzer features a whole host of skin benefitting ingredients such as meadow foam oil which hydrates your skin, contains antioxidants as well as fatty acids.

Other ingredients include avocado oil for nourishment and babassu oil for moisturising along with cupuacu butter which replaces elasticity to the skin and much more! So what are you waiting for! Check out the tarte man-eater silk stick bronzer out now!

Right that’s it for now peeps but if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome creamy vegan bronzers!

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