The Metallic lipstick you should try now!

Looking for that magical metallic lipstick that will add that glimmer to your look, well then search no further as we’ll be going through them soon!

Did you know metallic lipsticks can be used to reduce lip lines thanks to the light reflecting effect! They can be seen as a highlighter for your lips!

Right let’s get into it!

Quick Overview

  • Aromi metallic liquid lipstick
  • VE cosmetics mystic magic metallic liquid lipstick
  • NYX soft matte metallic lip cream

Aromi metallic liquid lipstick

The Aromi metallic liquid lipstick has a unique formula in the sense that it applies as a lip gloss but dries down to a matte finish with a metallic, shimmery finish.

There are many shades to be checked out with the aromi metallic lipstick including glittery golds, pink flamingo, rose gold, silver plum, and even bright hues like teal, apricot, candy apple and much more!

The aromi metallic liquid lipstick is vegan as well as cruelty free and whats even cool is they are created from scratch and handmade in their own laboratory with the finest raw materials.

These lipsticks do take a little while to dry then your usual matte lipsticks so do be aware!

VE cosmetics mystic magic metallic liquid lipstick

Metallic lipstick The magic metallic liquid lipstick by VE cosmetics comes in a range of hues including pink, black, brown, peach, silver, green, blue, yellow and even beautiful multichrome!

These lipsticks are said to be long lasting with true stay power and lightweight. They are ‘transfer-proof and kiss-proof’ and even stick through your tasty meals.

If you want the perfect pout the brand recommend using a lip scrub before application as well as moisturising, ensuring any excess product is wiped before the magic metallic liquid lipstick is applied.

These lipsticks are easily removable with an oil based remover such as coconut oil or olive oil.

NYX soft matte metallic lip cream

The NYX soft matte metallic lip cream come in 3 different shades; ‘Dubai’, which is a terracotta brown shade, ‘Seoul’ a pinky-purple and ‘Havana’ a bright purple.

They were available in 12 shades however currently down to a few. These plush matte lipsticks are vegan formulated so fret not. Anyways more about the lipsticks, the brands, ‘Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream’ help deliver a nice ‘burst of pearly’ colour, then setting to a beautiful matte finish.Metallic lipstick

The formula is said to be lightweight, as well as ‘delightfully’ creamy. Each shades also features a sweet scent which is not too strong but subtle.

The brand do recommend to line the lips with lip liner prior to applying to get the best results. The soft matte metallic lip cream comes with an applicator which allows you to apply with precision.

That’s it for now peeps but if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out metallic eyeshadows to match!

Have a great day!

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