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Too faced love light highlighterThe too faced love light highlighter, from reading the description seems like a product like no other and on top of that, the cool packaging, this all made me really desperate to go and grab my own.

And grab it, I did. I wasn’t able to purchase all the highlights due to the price and availability but at least I got one. So here is my too faced love light highlighter review!

Quick overview:


  • Attractive packaging/design
  • Soft and silky feel
  • Good pigmentation


  • Some fallout

Continue reading to find out my favourite aspects about this product.

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I’ll start with the packaging.

I absolutely love the packaging. It’s one of my favourite things about it and probably why I decided to go ahead and purchase it, well not entirely why but you can see it’s definitely eye-catching!

The highlighter is situated in a heart plastic shaped container with mirror at the top. But it’s not any ordinary container, oh no, it’s designed with a reflective finish which gives it that luxurious appeal to it.

The containers are coloured depending on the shade of highlight packed/chosen.

The powder inside is also heart shaped but with a geometric design and the monogram ‘tf’ in the centre of the heart.

I think it looks better than it feels, I hope I didn’t hype you peeps up too much in the previous paragraph, because it is plastic afterall, but just with a reflective covering.


The brand states this highlighter combines the best of powder, liquid, baked and cream formula’.

I’m not entirely sure how it’s ment to feel when translated into a powder, but I can tell you this highlighter has a soft and silky feel to it when you take a swipe with your fingers and the pigment is great.

It isn’t the usual powder, gritty feeling type of formula which is what I love about it.

There are small specks of glitter, but these sparkles don’t appear in large sizes if you get what I mean, it’s more of a gleaming or glossy finish when you apply it on the skin.

I’m totally down with this, it doesn’t give off a dramatic more disco ball look but a subtle easily buildable finish.

The problem with the pigmentation (well not so much for me) is that when you take a swipe on your finger, it appears highly coloured however when you use a brush it’s quite the opposite.

For me this is what I need. I’m not a fan of those strong gleaming pigments, not that there is something wrong with that, but I prefer soft subtle finish.

For those of you who do prefer high pigment, there is a solution. Just use your fingers or a dense brush to deposit the product, it does a much better job than a powder or fan brush.

I personally use a fan brush. If you prefer to go light then I highly recommend you use a fan brush or similar in density brushes.


The too faced love light is available in three different shades. All the shades include the phrase ‘light’ in them as part of their name. There is:

Blinded by light

This highlighter is a silvery/white with a hint of golden shade when in it’s packaging however when you apply it, it appears invisible but with a nice glitter to it.Too faced love light highlighter

I’m not quite sure but judging by the reviews I think this shade is the most popular.

Ray of light

Ray of light is more on the rose gold pinkish side of the shades. I am yet to give this a go, looking at the images it seems like a nice soft colour.

You light up my life

This highlighter is a pure gold shade so if anyone is looking for a slight yellow or golden tone then this is perfect. I prefer golden highlighters so I’m surprised why I haven’t got this first.

Overall look

As discussed this highlighter gives off a beautiful but subtle look depending on how you apply. I think it’s great for anyone who is looking for this type of look, a lightweight shimmer.

It doesn’t create a glittery mess although I have noticed a few crumbs fall around me when I’m applying.

It does reflect light good too, though I wouldn’t say it ‘reflects light from every angle’ like too faced state but it is noticeable, a subtle shine with some pigment to it. I’d give it an overall rating of 8/10!

Would I buy it again? Maybe to try out the other shades and see if they are any different.

If you want to check out the too faced love light highlighter tap here!

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Have a great day!?

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