What are false eyelashes made of?

Eyelash extensions are worn close to the eye so of course it’s natural to question what are false eyelashes made of? Where do all these fine hairs come from and why are some expensive than others? If these are the questions going through your mind then do continue reading to find out!

What are lash extensions & what are fake eyelashes made of?

For those of you who aren’t sure what eyelash extensions also known as false lashes are, they are basically hair which aren’t yours! (Not to be rude) They are worn to give the same effect natural lashes would except you get to choose the length and volume.

They can come in strips or individual hairs or shall I say in bunches which needs to be sticked on where the natural lash grows, usually by some sort of glue.

To stick them on it’s always best using a tool such as a tweezer to get accurate as well as easy and safe results.

Continue reading to get to know the various types as well as where they are derived from!

Types of false lashes

What are false eyelashes made of

There are various types of materials your false lashes can be made of, but there are around 3 main types. They are as follows:


This is one of the most luxurious type of lashes which also means they are quite expensive. They come from minks which is an animal that closely resembles weasels or otters as well as Ferret’s being in this family group.What are false eyelashes made of

Sadly there is no guarantee that these poor animals won’t go through some sort of cruelty. Therefore, this option is definitely not vegan neither cruelty-free.

Mink lashes are soft and resemble natural lashes in texture wise. Luckily there are alternatives that are equally if not better than using mink hair so don’t fret!


There are lashes made from silk too! Anyone who is allergic or are vegan will probably find this option suitable. Silk lashes tend to be thicker than the other types listed here, often giving the impression of a full lash line.

Silk lashes are a great choice for those of you who love dramatic looks because they are thick which equals noticeable results!

I think you might be able to guess what consequence comes with this thickness…What are false eyelashes made of

Yep, (if you guessed it) the weight! Due to the fibres being thick, these lashes are going to be heavy compared to other options.

For this reason it’s best to use this material on those who have naturally strong lashes.

As for affordability, don’t worry they too are usually at a suitable level.


Faux lashes are a great vegan and cruelty-free alternative. They are the closest match to mink lashes. They usually have the same feathery look and soft feel as the real mink lash except these are man made.What are false eyelashes made of

Another great thing about faux lashes is that they won’t empty your wallet, they’re usually affordable! You won’t also hopefully be experiencing problems such as curling as the mink lash would.

Other options or names not mentioned include sable (similar to mink isn’t cruelty-free), synthetic (faux or silk) and even human hair!

What’s the best type?

In order to determine the best option you would have to answer a few questions or think about what it is you are looking for.

For example do you want a dramatic effect or is it an affordable product you are in need of.

Different types have their own benefits as well as cons so it’s quite useful to know the main feature you are after.

For a dramatic or bold effect a silk lash is the best product whereas for a natural soft appearance and of course a vegan option would be a faux or synthetic lash.

What are false lashes made of?
So there you have it peeps a little information on the eye hair we love to enhance!

Hopefully you found what you were looking for and if not or you have any questions or suggestions then please feel free to drop them in the comment section below or wherever it is!

For those of you who don’t want to leave, you can tap here to check out some awesome vegan mascaras!

Have a great day! ?

What are false eyelashes made of
The different types of lashes!
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  • john willis

    my wife love her eyelashes she put them on for ever event we go to. this page can be very helpful to a lot of womans to let them know about the different kind of makeup and eyelash . every woman love her makeup and eyelash. a woman take an hour put on makeup for any event some woman wouldn’t leave the house with put some makeup on. some woman spent  a lot of money on makeup and all type of makeup and brands name. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey John, yh I believe it’s important knowing where your products that you love come from, I mean I would want to know. Before I was totally oblivious of what are false eyelashes made of but after a few research I was able to figure out and now I stay well clear from animal made lashes!

  • Bernard Breytenbach

    I always wonder out how they make these false eyelashes. I even thought it came from dead people once. Glad I know more now. I think my love will prefer the one that does not come from an animal as we are against animal cruelty. Thank you for the interesting article.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Bernard, your totally welcome!

      And as for the false eyelashes I also once thought they come from people but thankfully they don’t and cruelty-free options are available!

  • Patrice

    As a vegan, I never understood the concept of harming a living being just to enhance a person’s beauty. The alternative,  faux, is definitely a great alternative. It looks just like the natural thing and most importantly, it is cruelty-free. Thank You for sharing the truth behind false eyelashes.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Patrice you’re totally welcome!

      I agree it looks exactly like the real one but better and feels great too! Why harm animals when there is a much better alternative right?!

  • Jenny Hennig

    Hi Sariyah,

    Great article!  I never knew false eyelashes were made of mink, those poor animals!  I stay away from any product that is cruel to animals.  Luckily, you have listed some great alternatives, that are better for my wallet as well as cruelty-free.  I like to use faux lashes on special occasions when I need a more dramatic look.  I find them easy to apply, and they give me a soft feathery look that I love.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Jenny thanks for the comment!

      Many people aren’t aware that false lashes are made from animals! Wonder where they think it’s from, maybe humans?

      Alternatives are much cheaper and can be better quality! And faux lashes are great for special occasions!

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