Why use a concealer

Why women use makeup- want to know?

Why women use makeup varies for different individuals. Some men also wear makeup. Women may where makeup for reasons such as to hide their insecurities or flaws for example using foundation to evenout their skin tone, to appear more attractive and enhance their beauty like, let me give you an example, maybe their eyes are their best feature so by wearing eyeliner this will make sure their eyes stand out.

Other reasons why people use makeup could be because they think they’d be treated differently if they aren’t pretty or made up and won’t be successful in areas such as finding work or forming friendships which is sad but according to the association for psychological science, this is true in some areas as people who are more attractive are treated more favourably. And let’s not forget makeup can be worn for fun too, it can be a form or art, a way to express yourself or free yourself and many other reasons not discussed.

Some men may wear makeup for similar reasons. They may wear it to even out skin tones, to make their jawline or cheekbones look more defined or strong etc.

All reasons aside beauty on the outside will gradually fade and is no were near as strong as the beauty deep inside of you, which shows who the real you is and is much more important. Remember that! (Or something along the lines of that)
Below are a list of the common types of makeup used and why:


Foundation as you know come in may forms; liquid and powder to name a few. Its applied over the face and jaw or neck. Sometimes in specific areas that require covering.

People can use foundation to cover just their complexion, change their natural skin tone or for more deeper reasons maybe to hide scars, acne , even skin tone as mentioned and other imperfections which could have been holding back their confidence. Foundation also make the rest of the makeup application go down much more smoothly and easily. They are also usable as mositurisers or sunscreen.

Concealer/colour correcter

A concealer or colour correcter are used  for similar reasons, that being to hide dark circles, pimples, visible large pores, age spots or usual spots, basically any blemishes on your skin that you don’t want seen by others.

You can say it’s a little like foundation except a more thicker formula and colour correcters are available in a range of colours, obviously each colour having a specific use. They are usually not applied in great quantity thanks to the texture.


To put simply eyeliner is used to define the eyes, to increase your eye size or make it appear smaller and to create many different looks. Eyeliner also come in a variety of forms as well as colours and the way each of them are used can vary too. It can be applied to maybe show off your eye colour. There are many looks that can be achieved with just a eyeliner. It’s quite amazing.


Mascara focuses on the lashes. A couple swipe of this formula can easily intensify your eye appearance from elongating, thickening, and darkening the lashes, making them appear fuller.

Some mascaras are formulated with special ingredients that can make your lashes healthy. Example of these ingredients are Shea butter and vitamins.



As with other makeup products, eyeshadows are worn to make the eyes stand out and therefore appear attractive. The main way to achieve the desired look is how you apply it and the colours you use.

With the right shades, eyeshadows can greatly complement ones eyes, like other eye products it can change the eye side appearance and add depth.


Brows are done by plucking and shading. Brows that are rightly sculpted and shaded help to balance the face and its features. They frame your face and emphasise the eyes. Of course it has to be done according to what face shape you have and based on other aspects to ensure great maximum results.


Lipsticks are available in many colours and can be used depending on what mood someone is in. If your feeling bold then a bright red or a more richer purple may be applied whereas if your just looking to add a little colour then natural neutral shades are probably what your going to opt for.

Lipsticks are applied to balance the lips by making them symmetrical and maybe condition your lips, some of them contain ingredients to help your lips stay healthy, hydrate them and protect them like lip balms.



Bronzers are used to attain a sunkissed look or enhance an already tan. People apply bronzers to add warmth and deeper tones in some areas. They are sweeped on to the forehead, along the hairline, the side of the face and on the cheekbones. Bronzer should complement the blusher.


You would apply highlighters to enhance  areas of the face such as the cheekbones and above the eyebrow on the eyebrow bone. They help to make the cheekbones appear more prominent and give the skin a more brighter look by reflecting light.
Highlighters are available in different textures such as powder and liquid.


Contour is usually applied in a shade that’s a darker then your natural skin tone. When applied correctly they are supposed to sculpt the face structure and define it.


Available in a powder or cream form, a blusher is used to give an illusion of a natural blush when applied lightly and add warmth to the skin. This can give you a youthful look.

Extra:powder, primer

These are just a few of the cosmetics products that are applied, there are many other out there that are used in-between and aren’t visible on the skin such as a powder, translucent powder which you may use to control shine and give a matte finish and a primer to be used under all makeup to prepare the skin and makes sure makeup is set properly.

That’s it peeps! If you have any questions do spill them below in the comment section.

Have a great day and remember your beautiful just the way you are!

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