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Wunderbrow brow gel – Honest opinion!

The wunderbrow brow gel is an award-winning best-seller that’s trusted by many around the world but that’s not why I decided to grab myself one, I mean okay let’s be honest here, it is partially why but the main reason behind it is the unbelievably long wear time, apparently over 24 hours! It does seem unrealistic though but we’ll see.

Continue reading to find out my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t a fan of!

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According to the brand the wunderbrow brow gel is a ‘long-lasting eyebrow gel tint’ that allows you to not only fill brows but also thickens your hairs too, but wait for it…

With results that have the potential to last for days! Yes that’s right days! The formula has even more goodness that includes entirely ‘waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof’ results. No wonder it’s a seller!Wunderbrow brow gel

The gel uses ‘hair-like’ fibers’ to help sculpt brows and make filling in easy peasy. This gel isn’t made specifically for anyone, whether you possess thick brows, thin or non at all, ‘WUNDERBROW is the best eyebrow solution’ for attaining natural looking, waterproof eyebrows for days as the brand state.

Now shall we get into it!


The wunderbrow gel comes in 5 shades that includes blonde, brunette, auburn, black brown and jet black. The shade’s don’t have any particular name, just the colour they appear as.

The shade range is okay, they are standard hues so should be able to cover many hair colours however it would be great if a colour or two could be added since going for lighter shades than your original hair colour is a possibility like going for darker hues.

I usually go for the deepest shade possible which would be the jet black in this case however since I’m always going for that option I decided for a little change so a lighter one was chosen or the black brown.

From the website it looked light however in person or once worn it’s actually a little darker, almost black, maybe that’s why its named black brown.

I think this would be suitable for most individuals with dark hair however if you are looking for something a little more dramatic or deeper than the jet black would be a good choice.

wunderbrow brow gelApplication

This brow gel comes with a gel and a spoolie or brush which isn’t in the gel tube but individually. It used to be sold separately I think, however now as the brand state it comes packed with the brow gel so you’re ready to apply as soon as you open it.

The applicator is dual ended, an angled brush for applying on one end and the other a spoolie used for brushing the hairs into position as well ensuring the formula is spread evenly. Wunderbrow recommended using the angled brush to apply first and then spoolie to soften and groom brows, so that’s exactly what I did.

It was pretty easy and straightforward to get the product onto the brush and fill my brows, the brush was soft and flexible enough making it comfortable to put on.

As for the brush, I would say it does the job however I found it to be a little big especially when it came to the corners and edges. I mean I had to pick a fault though! With that being said I would say application is easy even more sow for peeps with thicker brows.


I was pretty excited to test out it’s wear time as the brand states it a ‘long-lasting eyebrow gel’ but not only that it gives results such as thicker brows that can last for days! That seems a dream product!

So how long does it last? Well the shade surprisingly actually clinged on for most the hours I had worn it for, and that’s approximately 7 hours till I decided it’s time to swipe it off. I didn’t experience any major issues such as flaking nor transferring which was tested by my habit of touching my brows often.

When the time came to completely remove it, I’d say using a makeup remover made for waterproof and stubborn pigments is the best option for a smooth removal. It’s willingness to not come off with only water is proof that the formula for the Wunderbrow brow gel is actually waterproof like the brand state.

You can view the wunderbrow eyebrow gel here!

That’s it for now peeps!

But if you don’t want to leave then tap here to check out more awesome vegan brow gel!

Have a great day!

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  • Oscar G

    I really appreciate the honest review of the Wunderbrow brow gel. It’s helpful to see the pros and cons of the product, as well as the specific shades and application process. I also appreciate the mention of the long wear time and the recommendation to use a makeup remover for easy removal. It seems like a high-quality product that has the potential to provide natural looking, long-lasting eyebrows. I’ll definitely consider giving it a try!

  • pasindu dimanka

    I want to thank you for providing such an insightful review of the Wunderbrow brow gel. It is beneficial to gain an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of the product, in addition to the particular hues and the method of application. I particularly appreciate the fact that the lengthy wear period was mentioned, as well as the suggestion to use a makeup remover to facilitate the removal process. It appears to be a high-quality product that has the potential to give eyebrows that look natural and persist for a considerable amount of time. I want to thank you for your great post.

  • Jenny Hennig

    Hi Sariyah,

    Thanks for your honest review of this brow gel.  My eyebrows are on the thin side, so I am in need of an eyebrow gel that helps to fill them in and make them appear fuller.  The Wunderbrow Brow Gel sounds very promising, especially if it lasts for a long time and doesn’t smudge.  Thanks for stating that the shades appear lighter on the website than in person, it helps to narrow down my choices.  I shall try this product out.  Thanks again.


  • Starlight

    Thank you so much for this review. I have been looking for a product like this to enhance my eyebrows. I want them to appear fuller and bring attention to my eyes. It sounds like it has easy application. I am always attempting to make my life easier with fantastic and effective products.

    I appreciate you sharing this product with me. I will definitely have to try it out. 

  • Michel

    This long lasting brow gel looks great, especially when you have an active job, as most of the products I have tried just melt off when you start to sweat, especially in the heat wave we are having at the moment.

    I am currently trying to find makeup brands that last even if one sweats a lot, as there is nothing worse than makeup that runs off your face as you work. This one looks like it may fit the bill as you said it lasted 7 hours on you and you had to clean well with makeup remover to get it off.

  • dreamgirl93

    From my experience, finding a brow gel that not only meets ethical standards but also delivers on its promises can be a challenging endeavor. The emphasis on the product’s ability to create a natural, long-lasting look resonates with the growing demand for makeup that feels as good as it looks and aligns with ethical consumerism. However, the discussion raises an interesting point about the importance of practice and patience in mastering the application technique, which is often overlooked in product marketing. This honest review highlights the balance between high expectations set by product claims and the real-life experience of everyday users, underscoring the value of such transparent and comprehensive reviews in the vegan beauty space.

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