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    Vegan gel eye makeup remover you need to know about!

    Looking for something to remove all that dirt and grub from a days work or maybe even longer but you’re unaware? Fret not as these vegan gel eye makeup remover will help you feel refreshed again in no time with their cooling sensation! Nouveau prebiotic eye make-up remover gel Nouveau state this makeup removing gel ‘does the job you want and so much more!’ Sounds awesome right?! This gel features prebiotics for the skin which is basically food for probiotics, a type of good bacteria found living on our skins. But that’s not all this awesome formula contains, there’s aloe vera extract, caffeine to reduce under eye darkness and puffiness…

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    Pro hygiene collection-Makeup brush cleaner

    I was given the pro hygiene collection makeup brush cleaner as part of a set along with brushes when I was on a course and ever since then I’ve continued purchasing it every now and again. If you’d like to know why, then please stick around as I go through my favourite aspects about this cleaner and to make it fair and of course to stay truthful, any downsides. The first reason why this little friend of mines is still tagging along with me is because it’s formulated to kill 99.99% of bacteria and that’s all within 60 seconds. Probably more quicker than I could clean a single brush! I…

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    What is the best way to remove makeup-Do you know them!

    There are many many options available out there to help you get all that make up and dirt off easily. So what is the best way to remove makeup exactly? Well that choice is yours! I know the amount of makeup removers that there are will probably confuse you over which to choose, more so if you aren’t sure in what you prefer but hey that’s partly why I decided to create this article, so you are able to hopefully understand the various benefits of each one of them as well as what they are. So don’t worry! Some are more suitable for certain skin types then others for example if…


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