Revolution Super Dewy Liquid Blush – How Good Is It?

I decide to grab the revolution super dewy liquid blush after testing out the super dewy liquid foundation and loving the dewy effect. For some reason despite having a combination skin with forhead being the main target for excess oil production sometimes, I am actually a fan of dewy product.

Anyways we are here to hear some truth on the revolution superdewy blush. So shall we get started, I think so too!

Revolution Super Dewy Liquid BlushShades

The revolution beauty super dewy blush comes in 8 various shades, I’d say more of them are a berry tint as well as one or two terracotta tinted hue. There lightest hue is ‘blushing in love’, one of their newest addition to the collection along with ‘fortunately flushed’, also new too! Both the shades are a light pink.

You then have the shades, ‘fake the flush’, ‘you got me blushing’, and ‘flushing for you’ which is next on the colour spectrum. I would describe them as pinks with a more richer tone. The shade ‘you had me at first blush’ is quite a bright in comparison to ‘flushing for you’ which is almost a coral pink.

Another new addition to the collection is ‘totally blushed’ a classic rich red. Last but not least is ‘blush me up’ which seems like more of a chestnut brown or warm cocoa brown from the picture with some lightest to it.


Application should be pretty easy. Grab the blush, squeeze gently and then dab the pea sized amount directly onto the apple of the cheeks. Then blend gently with either your fingers or a makeup brush. If more intensity or colour is required then you may add more. The revolution beauty superdewy liquid blush is a multi use product, you can use it on the eyes, nose as well as the temple all over to give a natural colour.

The brand do mention this liquid blush is easy to use and since it is a liquid consistency, I am expecting effortless application as well as blending. So how was it? Well it definitely was easy. The texture is perfect, not too runny nor too thick which means blending it is trouble free.

You can also build up to your desired pigmentation without any issues, I would say just wait a little till the first layer is a little dry before topping up. So overall application as well as blending is no issues thanks to the consistency!


The lastage isn’t really talked about much which means the pigment power is unknown or a mystery, oooo! It is supposed to be ‘ultra pigmented’ which means there should be some strength to the blusher.

Anyways so how long did my cheeks carry on blushing with the revolution beauty super dewy liquid blush? Well…

I roughly got around 3-4 hours of good colour until it required reapplying. I mean that is pretty good for the price this blush comes at.

The finish is dewy just like the name suggests. It does feel a little tacky especially when it is a humid environment but other than that it is a nice effect.


So overall what do I give the revolution superdewy liquid blush a rating of? It is….

A 8.5/10! I like the variety in its shade selection as well as how easy it is to apply and blend. This means the consistency is great along with the pigmentation being good too. I also like how you can apply it to other areas too and not just the cheeks!

However the issue was the tackiness and reapplying on top of an already sweaty looking face made the dewy finish look a little too odd. I feel like since the consistency is liquid, it is likely to run out quite quickly but we can’t be sure till we’ve used the whole product!

Right that’s it for now peeps!

But if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome liquid blush!

Have a great day!

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