Elf Makeup Remover Balm – Holy Hydration Cleansing Balm

To be honest I haven’t tried any makeup removers in balm form before. I tend to go for makeup removing wipes since they are easy to use as well as carry or micellar waters. So the elf makeup remover balm was going to be the first to break the chain!

So if you’d like to know how it went then I suggest you carry on reading to find out!


Elf makeup remover balmAccording to elf the holy hydration cleansing balm is a ‘solid cleansing balm’ that is designed to melt into a ‘luxurious oil’ ultimately melting away makeup easily. This product doesn’t just vanish makeup but leqve your skin feeling ‘silky smooth and soft’! Something we all need after a days worth of hard work! You can also use this balm to melt away sunscreen too. 

The brand does state this cleansing balm is suitable for dry, oily as well as combination skin! This balm starts off from a solid balm but then transforms into a beautiful luxe oil! According to the brand this is their holy grail product! And don’t worry as this product both vegan and cruelty free thankfully. 


Application is pretty simple obviously, I mean all you’ve got to do is, scoop a small amount of melting balm with the spatula which is provided. Around a dime sized amount according to the brand is recommended. Then massage gently into your beautiful skin. When massaging its best to use circular motions. This is if you have dry skin and want to add some moisture into it.

For those of you who want to remove makeup then you should apply all over, of course with your eyes closed unless you want them to look like you have been shedding tears, and then watch your makeup melt and vanish away! The don’t forget to wash it off or if you prefer, grab a damp cleansing cloth and wipe away!

The elf makeup remover balm is also suitable for double cleanse, if you want the feeling of extra cleansing then you may follow up with the holy hydration daily cleanser. 

I would say applying was overall easy. The texture is a nice combination of not too runny nor too thick. It feels creamy and rich like the brand states. 


Overall I give the elf holy hydration cleansing balm a rating of 8/10! I like the affordable pricing along with the perfect texture. It does well in removing most makeup however have noticed it takes some extra work to remove more stubborn makeup especially full coverage foundations which is of course expected. It doesn’t dry out the face and does add hydration to some extent.  Do I experience the squeaky cleaness which the brand mention? 

Well my skin does feel different, in a good way though. So I guess it does in a way. My skin feels quite soft after and the dry areas moisturised however if you want the feeling to last then you better moisturise further after otherwise this alone isn’t too promising.

Right that it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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