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Hi welcome all to my site, Makeup me, where you will read and learn about makeup, specifically vegan makeup and maybe from time to time about make up in general. At this site I am going to discuss about and go into detail about vegan makeup including reviews, benefits of vegan makeup, differences about this type of makeup and many more.

So stay tuned!

How I got into Makeup

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t interested in makeup until quite late as some would say. I was around 17 when I first picked up an eyeliner, not foundation or mascara but an eyeliner for some reason, maybe it looked easy and simple due to it looking like a pencil. So I would apply it now and then.

After about a year on when I thought I can now perfect an eyeliner(yes it literally took me a year), is when I moved on to the more complicated stuff (it’s what I thought). I Cant say I’m perfect at makeup now, but I’m happy with it.

Your probably thinking how did I get interested in the vegan side of makeup. Well as far as I could remember I have always loved animals. They are just so cute(well most of them) and amazing.

Me loving animals lead to me choosing to talk about animal testing in a school project. This ment I had to research about this sad topic. Through research, I learnt a lot of things I did not know existed which included animals used in makeup. So fast-forward a few years when I started to practice makeup, I knew what I had to talk about.

Who wouldn’t want 2 benefits in 1!

There are quite a lot of people out there who don’t know that you can still be beautiful and look after your skin without hurting nature or the planet and in fact using vegan products can benefit the skin greatly, which means you are getting 2 goodness in 1, helping the planet as well as yourself.

I want to teach you beautiful people that there is more to makeup then just the outside. What I’m talking about includes ingredients, what they are made out of as well as comparisons with the focus mainly being on vegan products and why they are great.

You Can Never Stop Learning

By creating this site, I want my Wonderful visitors to know that there are lots of great alternatives and more to what goes on behind the products that can hopefully teach you a thing or two for those who are just stepping out onto the other side and wanting to learn more about vegan products and if you do know just how proud you can feel knowing that you are helping the planet as well as yourself (or maybe learn something you didn’t know before).

If you have any questions or suggestions, do comment down below please and I’ll get right back to them. or you could contact me by email, my email is


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