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The rare beauty mascara is a product that had been on my list to buy for quite a while however hadn’t managed to because every time I had tried to grab myself one they were out of stock! I didn’t look at other merchants, only rare beauty’s official website since some of the profit is donated to the rare impact fund which is a mental health charity!

Anyways if you’d like to know how the perfect strokes universal volumizing mascara performs then I suggest you continue reading!

Right lets get rolling!

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Rare beauty mascaraThe rare beauty Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara is created for ‘every lash type’! It is described as weightless with a not too wet or not too dry formula that’s easy to build, making it perfect for ‘creating lash looks that are true to you’!

Along with the formula, the unique curvy brush features a mixture of long bristles to help create length and short ones which add volume. This according to the brand not only volumizes and defines your lashes but also separates them too for clean, clump free results!

Plus the formula is waterproof further adding to the long-lasting feature which shouldn’t flake nor smudge.


Application is overall easy, with the brush being not too large but perfect to coat lashes that are both large and small. The brush has an hourglass figure like the usual mascara wands except it features a combination of short and long strands. In my opinion this gives the brush an advantage of depositing equal amount of formula on the lashes whether they are small or large, at every angle.

The brush does to an extent give your lashes a lift even more so if you have light lashes. According to the brand around 95% of the 120 participants tested agreed that it does give their lash a lift with 93% stating they were left with separated and defined lashes. It does seem like this mascara is going in the right direction! Since I actually struggle to find a mascara wand that actually does that.Rare beauty mascara

The formula should be quite conditioning since it includes castor oil which is known to ‘conditions and keeps lashes soft and nourished’! Did I notice any difference? A little, what I mean by that is my lashes felt quite softer upon application and after removal too. Usually they have some stiffness to them however I did notice difference since using the rare beauty mascara.

The rare beauty website generously describes how each lash type should apply.


To be honest before coming across the rare beauty mascara on their website I wasn’t aware that to find the correct mascara, you should look at your lash type. I guess you do learn something new every day, not that I didn’t believe in it beforehand.

Anyways according to the brand I possess either curly lashes or full/ thick ones, not sure exactly which one though. It doesn’t really matter since this fabulous mascara welcomes all lashes!

Okay so how well does it add volume, separate and does it define lashes that are already on the fuller side like mines?

Well I would like to conclude it certainly adds definition which means it automatically makes them appear volumized too! Even though I have thick lashes I was quite pleasantly surprised with the results since many mascaras claim to thicken lashes but actually don’t. I can tell the formula was evenly distributed from root to tip which I believe is down to the clever applicator.

Did it separate my lashes? I would consider it well-defined and separated but I wouldn’t say fluttery. Still, the results were amazing. I mean if you have small lashes that aren’t as curly as mines then I would like to think you would receive the defined and separated effect that rare beauty mention.

What I also like about the rare beauty mascara is that it is actually lightweight just as the brand says. This is great for my lashes since they are already quite heavy, drooping down at the corners often disturbing my eye. Some mascaras add more weight which as you can imagine must be a load to carry for my poor lashes. The formula is a perfect balance of moist but not too much which gives it that easy to build with feature.

I like how the brand on their website display real results from participants, it shows the authenticity as well as what you can similarly expect.Rare beauty mascara


Right moving onto the lastage, an important feature for a mascara to have! The perfect strokes universal volumizing mascara got through around 7 hours of hard work before I decided to retouch. I would like to say reapplying was quite easy, not the usual stiff lashes I was expecting.

Throughout majority of the time whilst I was wearing the mascara I didn’t experience any major issues. There weren’t no obvious smudging which is something I would expect since I have a habit of touching around my eyes. The formula is waterproof, evident in its ability to not flake nor give up at the sight of a few splashes.

The only slight issue was the corner of my lashes had clumped when I reapplied the 2nd time but other than that, nothing that’ll put me off, I’m pretty impressed! All is well with the rare beauty mascara! Thankyou Selena Gomez, not only for creating this wonderful brand but the inspiring work you do!

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Rights that it for now peeps

Have a great day!

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  • LineCowley

    I have  not come across the brand Rare Beauty, but I really like the fact that you say a percentage of their profits are donated to a mental health charity. I also learnt something new that I should be looking at my lash type, when selecting a mascara.

    You experience with using the Rare Beauty universal volumizing mascara, makes me want to try it as well. If the mascara can last for 7 hours, without leaving black marks around my eyes when it is hot, it will be a winner for me. Thank you for sharing this great review.

  • Liam Tremblay

    Thanks for introducing the Universal Volumizing Mascara. It is perfect for my lashes. I need a waterproof formula that lasts for a long time and makes my lashes separate from each other and doesn’t too wet or dry exactly like Universal Volumizing that you introduce. I like the curvy shape of this mascara to help create length and short ones which add volume.

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