Victoria Beckham lip tint review!

The Victoria Beckham lip tint was a purchase made by a friend, she had brought numerous shades however wasn’t too keen on the deep shade so to my delight handed it to me. I mean I am a fan of deep shades add sheer coverage to the mix and I have my favourite lip product there!

So you if you’d like know how the lip tint performs then continue reading as I go through my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t too keen on!


Victoria beckham lip tintThe Victoria Beckham bitten lip tint is best described by the brand as a ‘matte and moisturizing’ finish. As it is a lip tint, the formula is said to be weightless with a barely there feel!

It carries hydrating and nourishing properties thanks to the infusion of squalane along with Hyaluronic Acid. It also visually plumps as well as smooths lips upon application with the addition of triple hydration complex.

The lip tint should stay in place most the day without the usual annoying features that come along with sheer coverages such as dryness, stickiness or the tight feeling.


The shade range isn’t quite as big with only around 5 to pick from. The Victoria Beckham offers ‘universally flattering shades’ which include classic red, cherry red and a deep berry. The shades are:

  • Je t’ aime – a classic cherry red
  • Pouptette – a sheer soft melon
  • Cherie – a deep cherry
  • Amour – A sheer nude peach
  • Bisuo – A rich nude berry

The shade I decided to go for was the ‘cherie’ which is a nice sheer cherry/pink rose tone. I already have quite a few light pinks as well as classic red but not much deep colours. Which is quite surprising since I am a fan of dark and deep hues yet hardly own any!

Each shade is sheer and complements your natural lip tone as mentioned by the brand which is a nice feature.


So how is application? Judging by the description and the type of finish this lip tint is I am expecting an easy smooth application.

You’ll be glad to know that it actually was easy. I didn’t experience any hesitation, it followed along pretty smoothly like the brand stated.

Just to let you know I do have quite dry lips so I had to prep well beforehand for the lip tint to work its best. I know if I do not prepare before applying then all I am going to be met with is a bumpy ride with uneven patches! Not a pleasant sight at all!

Anyways more about the product, the Victoria Beckham lip tint comes with a decent sized applicator that features small fuzziness to it. The applicator has an angle and a defined tip to it which I think allows you to apply easily on the corners as well as the cupids bow.

As for the formula, the consistency is in the middle. It doesn’t have the usual stickiness that you would expect with light almost gloss like finishes. It isn’t runny either or gloopy.

That’s it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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