Milk makeup kush brow – How good is it?

The milk makeup kush brow is designed to thicken brows with a tint hue, there is also a clear version available ideal for those who want to hold and set their brows.

I’m not sure about you peeps but brow gels are favourite brow product as they are easy to grab and get going. Literally.

Anyways here are my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t a fan of!


Milk makeup kush browThe milk makeup gel brow is a thickening brow gel that features 6 shades. It is in a tinted finish with a completely ‘vegan, clean, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and talc-free’ formula. The products main goal is to condition as well as thicken.

The conditioning effect should supposedly come from the hemp derived cannabis seed oil with the help from the kush brow gel’s ‘heart-shaped fibers’ which lock onto brows in all direction creating a ‘long-lasting fullness’. The milk makeup brow gel is ideal for those who are after ‘soft, thick eyebrows’ that are sculpted as well as held in place.


The milk makeup brow gel comes in 6 shades with cool and warm undertones as well as light and brown hues. The lightest shade is ‘MJ’, a cool blonde and the deepest, ‘diesel’ a warm very dark brown\black.

Other shades which lie in-between are ‘Haze’ a warm blonde, ‘Dub’, an auburn, ‘Herb’, medium brown, ‘Dutch’ that’s ideal for medium to dark brown hair colours, ‘Grind’ is a deep brown and ‘Cypher’ which is a cool suitable for very dark brown and black hair colours.

The shade which best suits my dark brown hair was most likely ‘Grind’ however I went for ‘Cypher’ since I do have a cool undertone and usually go for deep shades to best frame my face. I like the shade it actually does work well with my skin tone. However, if I would want a subtle look then ‘Grind’ is definitely the one to pick.


According to the website this brow gel should be applied with upward strokes, in the direction of the hair growth in order to achieve thick eyebrows with tint and conditioning benefits. They suggest following your natural brow shape with emphasis where it narrows, so the edges. You can use the tip draw hair like strokes with precision in sparse areas. Adding additional coats will help attain a fuller looking brow.

So now time for my experience, how was it? Well overall it was an easy job, nothing unique, just the usual brush type. It is a decent size, not too large, forcing me to go beyond my brows.

Though the bristles aren’t too densely packed they still manage to coat most my lashes. I like how the brush isn’t flimsy but quite sturdy which does help application to an extent.

One thing I’m not too sure about though is how the tip helps fill sparse areas with precision, tilting it to an angle does seem like the best way to shade, if that is what they meant. Otherwise, there isn’t enough pigment on the tip to fill.

Performance wise I can’t really complain as there weren’t any major issues. The one that I was hoping to not experience especially was the crunchiness or stiffness that comes along commonly with brow gels. So did it meet my expectation?

Certainly! Just like the brand stated there weren’t no stiffness, looks like the conditioning feature is a success thanks to the cannabis seed oil!

So how does it do in the thickening aspect? Though it does add some sort of depth I wouldn’t say it is that good. But then again that could be because I already have a somewhat thick brow hair. I mean I think those who have thin brows will most likely see the effect so in a way this gel does thicken brow, adding depth does result in dense hair right?


Milk makeup brand don’t mention how long their brow gel would last nor mention if long wear is there strength so I kept a neutral mind when trying it out. The results? Well I was quite surprised at how long they clinged on for, around 6 hours till it began to fade. However, I can’t quite say the same for it’s performance since apart from the fading I did experience a little flaking towards the fifth hour. But other than that it was a pleasant experience!

The verdict?

So overall I rate the milk makeup kush fiber brow gel a solid 8/10! It adds a nice softness to your brows along with some definition however it would be awesome it if were long-lasting. If you would like to add definition then going for a darker shade will certainly do the trick!

I think it would pair well with the milk makeup kush mascara, which is also quite similar in design.

Well that’s it for now peeps! But if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you check out more awesome brow gels by tapping here!

Have a great day!

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  • Jennyse Velez

    I’ve been a fan of Milk Makeup for a while now, and I was so excited when they released the Kush Brow. Like you, I love how it’s infused with hemp-derived cannabis oil. It’s so cool to see brands incorporating cannabis into their products in a way that’s legal and safe.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Jennyse,

      Thanks for stopping by! 

      IKR! isn’t it awesome to see how cannabis can be used legally and the benefits it is able to provide as well as the difference it is able to make!

      Have a great day!

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