Hourglass brow gel – volumizing fiber gel review

I decided to buy the hourglass brow gel as I’m a fan of these types of finishes, they offer quick results making then ideal for when you’re in a hurry and are easy to get on, not needing any other tools too, travel friendly in other words.

So here is my opinion on the hourglass arch brow volumizing fiber gel, I’ll go through my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t a fan of, so if you’d like to find out then stay with me!

Let’s begin!

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Hourglass brow gel

The hourglass brow gel is a microfiber-infused‘ formula which is said to build instant colour as well as volume, definitely something I’m after!

This gel comes with an applicator which is dual sided, a long and short bristles, allowing you to pick the ‘intensity’ which best suits you.

The formula features a ‘smudge and flake proof’ gel which provides the ‘freedom to go from perfectly sculpted to perfectly untamed’ easily.

There are six shades to select from, that includes:

Blonde – suitable for light to medium neutral blonde

Warm blonde – great for dark to strawberry blonde

Auburn – is for medium to feel red tone

Soft brunette – light to medium cool brown

Warm brunette – medium brown with warm tone

Dark brunette – last but not least the shade I have suitable for deep browns which hourglass state has warm undertones.

Shade selection = 7/10!


Hourglass suggest using the brush with short upward strokes through your eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth.

To add volume or colour, hourglass state you should use the short bristles to brush in opposite direction of hair growth to deposit colour and then the long bristles to brush in an upward and outward motion to help create desired brow shape.Hourglass brow gel

Hourglass brow gelI used the gel to add a little colour as well as volume. Application is definitely easy and quick. The different bristle size did make somewhat of a difference. The short ones helped deposit colour evenly whereas the longer ones made brushing the hair easier.Hourglass brow gelhourglass brow gelhourglass brow gel

The arch brow can be used alone or layered with other products, ideally the brands own arch brow collection. I used it on its own and can say it does a great job in adding colour and giving off a neat natural look overall.

The pigmentation of the gel is not bad, it isn’t too thick neither runny. The colour is visible in the first few coats, the more you layer the more deeper the tone.

Application = 8/10!


The formula is said to be smudge and flake proof which means it should have some resistance to it, making it long-lasting. So how was it?Hourglass brow gel

Well I used this gel for around 6 hours to work and didn’t experience any drastic changes. There were no smudging that’s for sure however it did flake a little towards the end, there were a few dry fallout near my brows which became more noticeable when I touched my brows, by the way I have a habit of doing that.

If I were to wear it for a while longer, I think I maybe required to top up just to keep that bold look going strong for the rest of the day, otherwise I think it does well in the lastage area.

Lastage = 7/10!


Overall I give the hourglass brow gel an 7/10! It lasts for a good amount of time, has a decent pigmentation and is easy to apply. The brush is pretty cool designed too. However, I would like to see more shades in their range and if the formula didn’t dry too quickly inside the tube.

It’s suitable for anyone who needs to add quick tint to their brows!

That’s it for now peeps!

If you’d like to purchase your own hourglass brow gel then tap here!

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Have a great day!

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  • Taxmizer

    I thought this website was well laid out ; clean lines; very visible and attractive and clearly spelled out the product and reactions to it. i read the comments as well and can see that the product is used by a broad section of customers. My wife is from Jamaica so I will pass on the information to her.thankfully as a male I have gone through life without resorting to makeup. 

  • Liam Tremblay

    I have been using the Hourglass Brow Gel for the past month and it has become a staple in my makeup routine. The microfiber-infused formula provides instant color and volume to my brows, giving them a more defined and polished look. The dual-sided applicator makes it easy to control the intensity of the product, and the pigmentation is just right – not too bold, but still noticeable. The gel lasts throughout the day without smudging, and while there may be a bit of flaking towards the end of the day, it is minimal. Overall, I highly recommend the Hourglass Brow Gel for effortless and natural-looking brows.

  • Demi Foster

    I appreciate your detailed review of the Hourglass Brow Gel. Your insights into its application and performance are quite helpful. It’s reassuring to know that it offers ease and quickness in application, making it a suitable choice for those in a hurry.

    Your observations about the gel’s pigmentation and lasting power provide a realistic perspective on its performance. It’s good to hear that it holds up well for a considerable duration.

    Your overall rating of 7/10 is fair and helps potential buyers understand the product’s strengths and areas where it could improve. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with the Hourglass Brow Gel – it’s insightful and beneficial for those considering this product.

  • TB

    That sounds like something I would like to try. As we get older, our brows start to thin out really badly. That is happening to me right now and I have been looking for something to help with that. I love the fact that is comes in so many colors. Thank you for the wonderful recommendation. 

  • angelce903

    I didn’t know the Hourglass brand so it’s good to discover new things! I like that they have several shades of brow gel to adapt to your complexion. And I believe that the application is just amazing and easy. And it does have long lasting effects so it’s good news for your brows! It’s cool to see that affordable brands can be as performant as luxury brands!

  • Sara Tadros

    Hi Sariyah, 

    Your review is impressive as it comprehensively evaluates this beauty item. The ability to be particularly good at delivering easy and fast applications is a significant plus for individuals who prefer a hassle-free makeup routine. The dual-sided applicator is a well-thought-out feature that enables users to customize the intensity of the product. However, the reviewer mentioned some flaking and expressed a desire for a broader range of shades, indicating that there is still room for improvement. Overall, the Hourglass Brow Gel is a praiseworthy product, especially for those seeking a natural look with minimal effort.

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