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Revolution tinted moisturiser – Honest review!

The revolution tinted moisturiser was suggested to me by a friend who knows I am a fan of light to no makeup look and as this is a tinted moisturiser offering skin care benefits as well I thought I might as well check it out!

Okay let’s begin, if you’d like to know how this tinted moisturiser performs then please do continue reading!


‘Your skin but better’

Revolution tinted moisturiserThis vegan and cruelty-free tinted moisturizer by revolution is apparently the ‘super easy beauty hack‘ for creating a no makeup, makeup look with a dewy finish. The moisturizer provides a sheer hint of coverage, and is able to blur imperfections as well as even skin tone thanks to its ‘blend of skincare and makeup’ formula.

As it does provide light coverage, the moisturizer itself is supposed to be lightweight and with being enriched with ‘antioxidant wild berry extract, 68% water‘, your skin for sure will love the formula!

Shade range

Revolution beauty offer quite a decent sized shade range, with around 12 shades covering yellow, pink, warm, gold, peach, olive, neutral as well as other tones, I would like to think there is something to suit a wide range of people.

There are fair shades with yellow, pink and neutral tones, medium including light medium and tan, caramel, toffee, chestnut and mocha which are stated to be suitable for deep skin tones with cool as well as warm undertones.

To add the ‘true to skin‘ formula should create flexibility, making matching different skin tones more accurate.

The shade which I selected is medium which isn’t too fitting with my skin tone as it’s for warm undertones and I have a cool tone. This means I have to mix it up a little with a lighter shade to create a natural looking fit.


Revolution beauty state you could blend their moisturizer using either a makeup brush, damp sponge or your fingertips. They suggest finger tips being the best option for places like under the eyes for extra coverage.

I usually prefer to use my fingers when applying light coverage foundations anyways so of course I was going to go for that method!

Okay so how was application?

Well I it was certainly easy to get on however the appearance is something which I’m not a fan of. It gives a kinda sticky feeling on my skin which is probably because I have combination skin, it would be great on a dry skin.

As for coverage, it doesn’t offer much on the first application, I have to apply a little more to conceal uneven skin tones, more specifically black coloured ones.

If you’re looking exclusively for coverage for acne or other imperfections then I think you are definitely going to be needing a lot more than a spludge.


I’d say the lastage is okay, it is a tinted moisturiser after all so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t stay strong, coverage wise, especially after the fifth hour.

The foundation for me lasted did fairly well, roughly five hours the tint lasted before I had to dab some more on to conceal certain discolorations. However, the moisturizing effect remained for pretty much most the day!

Overall I rate the revolution tinted moisturiser a 7/10! Lastage is good as well as the formula, application was easy too however it would be cool if some of the shades could have more undertones instead of having to mix and match.

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Have a great day!

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