Tarte maracuja juicy lip plump

The tarte maracuja juicy lip plump came into my grasp as I got bored of my current lip balm, not saying no names. Anyways this lip plump claims to not only hydrate, but plump, add shine as well some colour! Seems interesting!

Anyways shall we see how it actually performs?! I think so!


The Tarte maracuja juicy lip plump is an all in one product. It serves as a plumping balm, gloss, colour as well as a hydrating treatment that ‘builds coverage’ for a glossy plump finish! It contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps to add intense hydration plus the addition of 10+ super fruits for moisturisation. These super fruits include pomegranate, watermelon which is rich in vitamin C, goji, grapeseed oil, acai that is packed with vitamins and is an antioxidant, strawberry, blueberry, peach and much more! Sounds tasty!Tarte maracuja juicy lip plump

The Tarte maracuja lip plump ultimately smoothes the look of lip lines to provide its owners with a ‘soft, pillowy pout’. It promises a ‘non sticky stained glass shine’. According to the brand the addition of cushion comfort XL complex enables a tingle free plump! It is vegan and cruelty free too!


Application was pretty easy overall just like with any other lip plump. I was still quite surprised at how effortlessly it glided on my lip considering gloss finish sometimes can be a little stubborn to drag across. This is made even more true when you go to reapply, the sticky texture is off putting! Gladly this wasn’t true with this lip plump. The all in one balm did glide along with out any issues, and like the brand stated my lips did stay smooth after a while I had applied it.

I did prep well beforehand which included lib scrub along with moisturiser as I have dry lips so can’t really go without nor would it be fair play for the tarte maracuja juicy lip plump.

As for the design of the lip balm, it has the usual style, an overall thin figure with the tip an oval shape with a slight slant. The slant does help in applying with some precision in a way at first until it becomes worn down after a few usages.

Be careful not to eat to thought after hearing of all the fruity goodness such as strawberry, goji, berry, blueberry, peach, cranberry and much more. Oh and it smells like coconut!


The brand don’t mention how long the maracuja juicy lip plump lasts but I am not expecting it to be really long lasting of course like a matte lip product would be since a plump focuses more on adding volume and some tint as well as hydration then lastage. Well as for hydration they do state you should expect a 12 hour hydration.

So let’s start with that, I would like to say this wasn’t entirely true however I was surprised with the results I received with around 6 hours of moisturisation until my lips became thirsty again! I am impressed as usually many balms can’t even reach anywhere near that. Plus the addition of gloss and some colour.

Now time for what the balm was created for, that is to plump! I am going to be honest the plumping effect wasn’t as expected, I mean there were some slight differences after a slight sting so it wasn’t entirely a flop. The gloss finish was there for around 4 hours till I had to retouch which wasn’t a problem since it went along smoothly and there were no sticky feeling just like Tarte promised.

Did it add colour? Some, yes. But don’t expect much, only some slight tinge. But since it is buildable you can mange to add some strength to the hue especially if you decide to pick a more rich tone.


Overall I give the Tarte maracuja juicy lip plump a rating of 8.5/10! Considering all the features it tries to prove it can offer, it is actually a decent product. The shade range is extensive for a product like this, it applies easily, plus the infusion of all the amazing nutrient rich ingredients definitely gives it extra points. It is comfortable to wear without the sticky feeling for the most part and adds a punch of hydration. So what’s not to love!

I think it is mostly mainly ideal for any individuals who are after a moisturising lip balm that offers some colour with shine. If you are after a plumping effect then you may be disappointed since it does not offer the full blown out effect however don’t despair since you can get a glimpse of some.

That’s it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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