Refy brush – How good is the refy duo brush?

The refy brush or more specifically the refy duo brush got added to my makeup collection quite recently since I had noticed I haven’t got myself some new ones in a while. And of course by now if I was using them daily instead of my beauty blender or fingers then they would be a wreck!

Anyways where was I? Oh yes the refy brush seemed from the reviews to be doing a good job so I had to see for myself! If you would like to know how it performs then I suggest you do continue reading!

Refy brush Description

The REFY duo brush is made from synthetic fibres therefore is vegan and cruelty free. The bronzer duo brush features a mix of two bristles. On one end is the white stippling bristle which aims to create an ‘easy, streak free’ application as well as a natural finish. It is ideal for perfectly blending along with picking up small amounts of makeup products which is required for building the desired colour you maybe after.

The smaller end os filled with soft and more dense fibres which ‘always pick up the right amount’ of product according to the brand. The slightly curved design provides you with an easy control application. The handle is wide which allows you to grip and control with no trouble when applying.


The quality of the bristles are quite good I would say, they are soft when you give them a brush on your hand and still sustain the delicate softness when stroked across the face. They don’t irritate my skin or dry it out like some bristles have in the past. Both sides carry the same gentleness.

And as for application, they do well grabbing product. I used a powder finish and also gave a cream formulated product a go. It performed best with cream though both didn’t show much difference except the amount of product it deposited.

How to use

The refy brush is best used with cream formulated products like the refy cream bronzer or blush but that doesn’t mean it is not compatible with other makeup products as I tested it and it works just as fine. The larger, white stippling brush is designed with an angle which allows you to blend as well as define in key areas. The brush ensures just the right amount of product is picked up and deposited according to the brand.

The smaller, dense brush on the other side works along perfectly with products like blush, adding colour to your cheeks. The brand refy recommend after each use to clean regularly as we should with all makeup brushes using cleaners designed for makeup brushes, soap or water.

Right that’s it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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