Fenty liquid eyeliner – Flyliner review!

I haven’t tried much of fentys products apart from the face foundation and since I use liners often I thought why not check out the fenty liquid eyeliner or in particular the fenty beauty flyliner!

So if you’d like to see how this liner performs then continue reading as I go through my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t too keen on the fenty beauty liquid eyeliner!

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Fenty liquid eyeliner


According to Fenty this eyeliner is a hyper saturated, super flex tipped liquid liner. They state it’s your ‘new be-all, end-all’ for lining eyes, delivering everything one would want in a liner, and then some!

It features a water resistant formula that’s said to dry fast and with a long wearing pigment that doesn’t fade nor transfer, it sure sounds like a dream liner! But does it actually perform as it says?

Plus the brand mention you ‘won’t have to retrace your steps’ or no dragging or skipping will be experienced. Which to be honest I’ve dealt with many times especially towards the end of the products life, so this statement surely got me excited!


Starting off with the application…

The Fenty liner features a unique triangular shape which I can certainly say does make applying that little more easier as well as comfortable to hold.

I feel a product being easy to grip or hold definitely contributes to how smooth or good the eye makeup come outs, this liner being the proof.

So with the handling being a success how was the actual formula?

Fenty do promise a ‘uninterrupted ink flow from every angle‘ which sounds a solution to many of my liner struggles.

I find it super annoying when sometimes I need to tilt the pen at an angle and don’t receive the same constant flow of pigment to achieve a smooth line. It makes my eye look come out bumpy and uneven. When I try going over it, I either mess it up or end up adding more thickness than I prefer.

So as you can tell I desperately needed a ‘hyper saturated‘ and smooth liner.Fenty liquid eyeliner

I’m not good at winged liners but I can say this liner did in a way help make my experience a little easier thanks to its flexible tip. It weren’t hard that it poked my eyes but soft and gentle. The pigment was saturated like they had stated, with one stroke being more than enough for a fine line and even a thick flick.

Apparently Rihanna created it with all eye shapes in mind, how considerate!

So how was the Fenty flyliner? Well I loved it! It certainly had a smooth constant flow of colour and guess what? I finally found my dream liner in terms of smooth application but how does it perform in other areas?


It’s not mentioned how long specifically this flyliner is supposed to last however it should be long-lasting with a fade proof as well as water resistant to further strengthen the lastage.

For me it roughly got through around 9 hours until I decided to wash it off, which was easy too, that’s with a waterproof makeup remover. With only water that would be a chore! Proof that it is water resistant.

Throughout the hours I didn’t experience any fading neither any transferring even though I do have a habit of touching my eyes.Fenty liquid eyeliner


So overall I rate this liner an 9/10! I love how easily and smoothly the formula flows out, the pen shape, the lastage as well as the tough pigment. This is a great liner for everyday simple looks or a more dramatic bold finish, basically for anything where you’re in a bit of a hurry but need a trustworthy and reliable friend!

If you’d like to check out the fenty beauty flyliner for yourselves then tap here!

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Have a great day!

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  • Toplink

    My wife often complains about not having a constant flow of pigment with the products she has been using and about how hard it is to achieve a smooth line. She gets frustrated that it is so difficult for her to get the look that she requires. I have been researching for a product that I could get her as a gift that might change her situation. I came across this site and you seem to have found the answer. You have rated this product as a 9/10 and have described your issues as being similar to my wife’s.   Thank you for pointing me in the right direction with a well-written article.

  • Alice A.

    Thank you for reviewing the flyliner liquid eyeliner by Fenty. 

    I have been following your reviews and recommendations on make-up: eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, blush-on, etc. I personally tried some of them and am happy with the products.

    I always wanted to try liquid eyeliners for a change because I use pencil liners. Liquid eyeliners seem to stay on a little longer than pencil eyeliners. You said this flyliner lasts up to 9 hours and that’s all I need to know. At first, I thought it might be a little harder to apply. 

    But you gave it a high rating (9/10) and that’s good enough for me. ☺

  • Remote Vagabond

    Thank you for reviewing the Flyliner. I’ve kept up with your advice and product evaluations on cosmetics, including eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, blush-on and more! After trying out a few of them, I am truly delighted with the outcomes. I really like that in spite of the tendency to touch your eyes, this flyliner stayed vibrant and didn’t smudge for hours.

  • pasindu dimanka

    My girl friend frequently vents her frustration that the products she’s been using do not provide a steady flow of pigment and that it is difficult to draw a line that is smooth by pointing out how difficult it is. Because it is so difficult for her to achieve the look that she wants, she frequently feels frustrated about it. I have been doing some study in an effort to find a present item that I might provide to her that could improve her circumstances. I will most certainly pass along her thoughts on this evaluation. This is something that she will absolutely purchase.

  • miadinh

    It’s great to hear about your firsthand experience with the product. I’ve been curious about Fenty’s offerings, and your insights have definitely piqued my interest in trying out the Fenty Beauty Flyliner. 

    I can totally relate to the struggle of inconsistent pigment flow when trying to create a smooth line – it’s a relief to hear that the Flyliner addresses this issue with its uninterrupted ink flow from every angle. 

    The fact that Rihanna designed it is a plus for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights – it’s incredibly helpful for someone like me who’s considering trying out new beauty products!

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