Urban decay moondust eyeshadow!

The urban decay moondust come individually. I don’t usually pick eyeshadows sold separately since they can be expensive and aren’t great for traveling. But the good thing about them is that they come in plentiful compared to the tiny amount in palettes.

Anyways I decided to go for the urban decay space cowboy and here’s how it presented!


Urban decay moondustThe urban decay moondust eyeshadow is described as a ‘long lasting supercharged shimmer’ shadow that is designed to provide you with maximum sparkle and shimmery finish! This urban decay eyeshadow is said to be long lasting, when I say long lasting I mean long lasting! Upto 16 hours of ‘supercharged, shimmery’ colour! It features micro fine glitter which is how they come to possess such a sparkly effect.

The eyeshadow is infused with caffeine along with a vegan formula so fret not! The moondust eyeshadow should have a velvety feel to it making it easily blendable for a diffused glow that is radiant too! Sounds like a great product for glitter lovers! Just to let you know these shadows come in single packages.


The moondust eyeshadows come in 7 shades, with all of them being in the brown colour spectrum. The shades include space cowboy which is apparently one of their most popular colours, no wonder they were out of stock a few times I tried to grab myself one. Anyways other shades include solstice, tease which is more matte than metallic, psych, a muddy green, bad seed which has a rose tint to it and a bunch more!

At first, I wasn’t sure what shade to go for. I was originally going to pick a rosey hue but then settled on space cowboy which I would describe as an almost browny hue with some light pink tint. It seems like a universal colour so thought it would be best as it’ll fit with many colour combinations.


I applied as urban decay recommended, starting with priming the lids. After prepping is when I, using my fingertips swiped or more like dabbed on the shadow. They do state you can use either your fingers or a brush but since I am used to using the more controllable fingers that’s what I went with.

Anyways after getting on the eyeshadow, I decided to switch to a brush for blending to ensure I can get as smooth results as possible. The brush I used was the eco tools fluffy eyeshadow one and overall did a great job. I tried my best not to over blend since glitter can just vanish if you continue after a certain point.

So all in all I am pretty happy with the blending along with applying experience. I like how the glitter didn’t feel prickly or gritty either, most likely thanks to the ‘micro fine glitter’. I would say it has an almost creamy texture but not sure about the ‘velvety’ one which urban decay mention.


The lastage for the urban decay moondust eyeshadow is one of its greatest assets according to the brand. I mean they do say exactly this ‘shimmery finish that last up to 16 hours’! Their words not mines. That sure is a pretty impressive number. I mean I’m still looking for an eyeshadow that lasts at least 8 hours on my oily lids. Could this be the one?!

Well the results are in! Drum roll! Trrtrr!

Surprisingly I managed to get a good 9 hours. That is a record breaker for the products I’ve so far tried. Did it go all smoothly though? Okay, I might be hiding something, or cheated a little. Basically I did around the 7th hour had to reapply since the shine did seem to weaken. Most my lid was fine except the middle area where my lids produce oil in excess.

I think it would be great for individuals with dry lids as well as even oily lids, just may need to keep an eye out otherwise you’ll be all fine. I definitely would say it is a long lasting product!


Overall I give the urban decay moondust eyeshadow a rating of 8/10! The application process is pretty simple as is blending.

It would be awesome though if they can make a few more shades, like a couple of brights as well as bolds.

That’s it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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