Urban decay eyeliner – 24 7 waterline liner!

The urban decay eyeliner or to be more specific the 24 7 waterline liner came into my grasp as a replacement of my current liner which is nearly coming to a halt!

Anyways if you’d like to know how this pencil performs then I suggest you do please continue reading!


Urban decay eyelinerThe urban decay 24 7 waterline eyeliners is a product which is made to be used practically anywhere around the eyes, it partly why I decided to go for it. The eyeliner features a ‘Demi matte’ formula that is creamy making application smooth and easy. The eyeliners is also waterproof which further enhances it’s long wearing results.


There are currently 5 shades available in the waterline pencil range. This includes the usual black hue along with ‘street’, a dark green, ‘rail’ a rich brown, ‘mood’ which looks more of a greyish shade and last but not least ‘push’ which is best described as a navy dark blue hue.

The shade I decided to go for is the usual black, I know you can call me boring, but I was actually looking for a replacement for me current eyeliner which I often use on my waterline. Since this liner can be used on the waterline and is waterproof I though it would be the prefect liner. I was tempted to pick the blue or green but I guess till next time!


I am expecting the application process to be quite easy since the brand do mention this eyeliner ‘glides on easily’ all thanks to the creamy formula! But is this true? I actually really need an easy to apply liner especially when it is going to be used on such a delicate area. The last thing I want is an irritated eye hindering me from creating my eye makeup.

Anyways back to the 24 7 waterline eyeliner, so how was it you ask? Well it was definitely easy to apply, I didn’t had to apply much pressure to receive a beautiful rich colour. Gentle does it with this liner. The pigment I would categories as high since not much effort is required. It kind of reminds me of the Barry m waterproof eyeliner in terms of pigment.

The colour is said to be waterproof according to the brand to and I can agree, I’ll discuss it in a while.


With the urban decay 24 7 waterline eye pencil I weren’t too sure what to expect when it comes to wear time though I was hoping for some surprise since the brand do mention a few features which hint out at a strong pigment.

For starters urban decay have named their pencil eyeliner as 24 7 which I am going to assume they are talking about the lastage. Another statement they throw is the ‘waterproof’ feature which surely should enhance the amount of time our results last. Right with that being said how did it do?

Well I did receive varied results, the waterline faded a little earlier in comparison to the top lid. The longest it stayed on the waterline was roughly around 8 hours whereas on the lid I got an amazing 9 plus hours.

I had to remove the eye makeup after 9 hours which means I weren’t able to experience it’s true potential. Regardless I would definitely say it has great lastage but not quite sure about 24 7!

Is it waterproof? I think I can easily test whether this is a fib or not since I come in contact with water quite regularly! And I would like to conclude that it surely has a stubborn attitude! Straight to the point!


Overall I give the urban decay 24 7 waterline a rating of 8/10! I really like how it glides to your commands effortlessly as well as the pigment which I can describe as a rich hue. The time it lasts is certainly another feature to talk about. However, it would be awesome if they can create a range of shades that are vegan too! I am also yet to test how it puts up with sharpening and how long the general product lasts!

Right that it is for now peeps but if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome vegan waterproof eyeliners!

Have a great day!

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