Best vegan waterproof eyeliner you must check out!

A product being waterproof is an awesome feature as it isn’t only long-lasting but generally the pigment is highly concentrated too so less is more. Check out these best vegan waterproof eyeliner which once you’ve worn you won’t have to worry about your work of art melting off! These are not only vegan but cruelty-free too!

Quick Overview 

  • Barry M waterproof eyeliner pencil
  • Glossier no 1 pencil
  • Tarte sugar rush easy on the eye pencilBest vegan waterproof eyeliner
  • Green people high definition eyeliner

Barry m waterproof eyeliner pencil

Described as a ‘luxurious bold waterproof eyeliner’, the barry m pencils come in a good variety of colours, around 6 shades including black, purple, oasis blue, rose gold, white and gunmetal which is a grey. Each shade is said to possess a creamy texture making them smooth and easy to apply.

As these liners are waterproof, they are long-lasting too! Their precision allows you to create a range of looks from classic cat eye to diffused or smokey eye look. Don’t worry these liners are vegan and cruelty-free!

Why not view the full review here!

Glossier no 1 pencil

best vegan waterproof eyeliner If you thought barry m had a good shade range wait till you check out glossiers 10 colour selection! There’s green, brown, yellow, red, deep eggplant and much more. So about the product, well the glossier pencil is a ‘long wearing pencil eyeliner’ that is created for your ‘endless options for creative expression’ whether they be subtle or bold.

The formula is creamy soft delivering instantly crisp true colour that ‘doesn’t skip, tug or transfer’ setting into a water resistant as well as transfer resistant finish that’ll last up to an amazing 12 hours, more time enjoying, less time worrying! Just before drying you can blend the pigment out for a diffused, smoky look or go for a subtle classic if you want.

I highly suggest you check out how the glossier no 1 pencil performs here!

Tarte sugar rush easy on the eye pencil

The tarte easy on the eyeliner is created to apparently allow you peeps to get the ‘perfect line every time’ with its unique texture, a ‘creamy clay pencil’. It is actually formulated with clay which apparently helps give that vibrant colour.

With its waterproof, smudge proof and weightless formula your work of art is bound to stay put all day and night, up to 16 hours! This easy on the eye pencil comes ready to use thanks to its built in sharpener. It is safe for contact wearers as well as the inner rim. The shade range though is limited with only 3, black, bronze and brown.

Green people high definition eyeliner

The green people describe this liner as a natural eyeliner for ‘perfect eye definition’ with long-lasting, blendable colour. The formula isn’t only water repellent but also highly concentrated too which means a little goes a long way. It’s sustainably sourced, natural as well as organic. How cool!Best vegan waterproof eyeliner

Some essential ingredients you’d want to know about are jojoba oil which protects the skin as well as unblock pores, shea butter is vitamin rich, it moisturises and nourishes skin, and last but not least marula oil for not only softening the skin but helping to make the pen easy to glide on too.

That’s it for now peeps but if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out liquid eyeliner that are of course vegan!

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