Urban decay wild lash mascara – how good is it?

The urban decay wild lash mascara caught my eye with their cool design and since they are said to be UK’s number 1 vegan eye brand in the year 2021, I thought why not check it out! There must be something good about it! Anyways if you want to know how it performs then please do continue reading as I go through my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t a fan of!

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The urban decay mascara is described by the brand as a ‘a plant-powered, volumising mascara’ that is here to lift lashes whilst also building volume. Apparently this wild lash mascara has the potential to last up to 16 hours! Now that sounds interesting!

The formula isn’t only vegan but ‘99% naturally derived ingredients’ which the brand state helps in delivering fluffy volume.

More about the formula a bit later, this mascara is also smudge, transfer as well as flake resistant. There is also no need to worry of clumping and can be removed easily despite it’s 16 hour wear.Urban decay wild lash mascara


The design of the wild lash mascara is quite cool. It is a nice light blue shade with the brands logo along with the name of the mascara ‘wild lash’ as well as prints of small images coloured in black which makes them stand out. It feels good too, not plasticky or cheap looking.

I feel like I had to discuss the formula as it does contain a bunch of awesome ingredients therefore impressing me. So the formula is said to be 99% natural featuring avocado oil, sunflower oil, extracts from colza, cassava starch as well as coconut oil which are all supposed to give your lashes the soft feel.

I love a good natural infusion especially if something is going to be worn that close to the eye


Application for me was going to be an interesting one after reading about urban decay’s design inspiration that’s behind creating their applicator which happens to be a leaf, yes that’s right a leaf!Urban decay wild lash mascara

The brush supplied with the mascara is a leaf shaped giving it the ability to ‘grab, scoop and separate every lash from root to tip’.

It apparently also helps deliver ‘64% more lift’ as well as 10.7x more volume, results obtained from an instrumental test.

So with that being said now time for some truth! Okay application was generally easy and simple though at first I was a little confused as to how I should use the brush and what angle, which I figured later didn’t actually matter.

The formula deposit was good too, it coats the smaller lashes evenly as well, something many brushes struggle on the first few tries.

The lashes were separated pretty well too, I wouldn’t say every lash but a good deal. As for a lash lift, it was okay, there were a few lifted here and there, more than a standard brush but definitely can do with some improvement.

Does it really last 16 hours?

So how long does it last? Does it actually last that long?

Well to be honest I didn’t test it for exactly 16 hours more so around 8 and it did pretty well except for the odd flakiness.

The mascara started to loose its purpose close to the eighth hour. What I mean by this is the lashes lost the fluffiness and volume as well as length by then, promoting me to reapply, which of course doesn’t turn out too well.

It does add thickness however not without lumps so for that reason reapplication sometimes isn’t a great idea definitely not always as smooth as the first. Anyways I’m proud of the lastage as usually mascaras barely get past the 5th hour plus a host of other issues. So this one was a good one apart from the minor problem.

The mascara by the way was easily removed with any makeup remover to my surprise, I was expecting some fight though since it does have a long wear time.

Overall I rate the urban decay mascara an 8/10! It has a decent lastage along with ease of application, the thought process behind it is quite unique. Performance wise is good too.

That’s it for now peeps, but if you don’t want to leave just yet then you better check out these long lasting mascaras!

And if you would like to see the urban decay mascara for yourself then tap here!

Have a great day!

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  • Jannette

    Urban decay makeup especially their mascara is a great cosmetic brand that does not break me out and make my eyes turn red and swollen. I like the makeup is vegan with no added chemicals, the chemicals in mascara can be damaging to me my sensitive skin. I have shared your review with my social followers, to let them be aware of Urban decay cosmetics are better than generic brands. 

  • Han Lahav

    Hi Sariyah

    Firstly, beautiful website – WELL DONE! 

    The topic is not necessarily part of my field of interest, but the way you are presenting yourself (bio) as well as your product reviews are : 

    1) Visually attractive
    2) Worded accurately but with great flair
    3) Informative and useful! 
    4) Grammatically correctly and proofread (it shows)! 

    I think you chose a great niche and have a solid understanding of the field – this will make you grow and succeed!

    All the best – I will revisit and share. 

    Han Lahav

  • angelce903

    Your review of Urban Decay wild lash mascara is very interesting! Your article showed me the brand that I don’t know really well. I’ve seen it in Sephora here in France, but I never used it. I enjoyed the fact it’s the best selling mascara in the UK, and that it can be easily removed. However I don’t like to reapply makeup. Get review and keep them coming!

    • Sariyah

      Hey angelce thanks for comment!

      Reapplying makeup can surely be a mess at times, thus a longer lasting formula is always a great option.

      Now you are aware of the brand hopefully you’ll discover many new products that suit your needs!

      Have a great day!

  • Meliza

    Hey, this Urban Decay Wild Lash Mascara seems like a pretty decent mascara. I mean, it’s vegan and made with natural ingredients, so that’s definitely a plus. Plus, the leaf-shaped brush seems pretty cool and it might do a decent job at separating my lashes if I do get one. Hmmm, the 16-hour claim is a bit of a stretch. But thanks for your honest experience trying it for 8 hours

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