Best natural mascara that’s worth checking!

Natural mascaras dependent on the brand are usually defined by their inclusion of ingredients which don’t harm the planet or us humans the consumers! Anyways here are some of the best natural mascara which we suggest you check out!

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Green people volumising mascara

‘Volumise, condition and lengthen’ is what green people state about their natural mascara! This particular product is apparently one of the best mascaras of 2022. It allows you to ‘nourish roots and condition lashes’ with up to an impressive 98% natural origin ingredients!

This mascara contains vitamin E and sunflower oil to name a few beneficial ingredients. Since the volumising mascara has a concentrated formula meaning a little goes a long way. Plus the precision brush ensures ‘excellent lash definition’ as well as volume is experienced with every stroke. If you have sensitive eyes then good news, their formula is gentle enough!

Do be aware though this mascara is vegetarian however contains organic beeswax!

Lily lolo natural mascara

‘Liven up your lashes’! The lily lolo natural mascara is an easy to apply product where you can expect to receive defined, volumised as well as a lengthening

best natural mascara

effect! Ideal for creating the doe eye look in no time! The natural ingredients and potentially no harmful ingredients certainly gives this mascara a spot in the natural beauty list!

If you are in a rush don’t worry as this mascara features a quick drying formula that also happens to be suitable for sensitive eyes too! It is fragrance, silicon and alcohol free and vegan friendly. The natural mascara is currently only available in the black shade.

You can check out the full review here!

The body shop natural form mascara

‘Your lashes, only better’! Sounds like something we can do with right?! The body shop mascara allows you to rock a ‘natural soft, and fanned out’ look without the heavy feeling by lifting, adding lengthen, along with definition to your gorgeous eyelashes! What’s more it promises to not clump or flake! And when it is time to take it off at the end of the day, it melts away ‘without bother’! Plus there should be no smudging or transferring either!

With no heavy feeling, the mascara once on your lashes should feel lightweight, ‘comfortable, and gentle’ right through the whole day. So why is it on the natural mascara page you ask? Well according to the brand it features ’85% ingredients of natural origin’! The natural form mascara with no surprise is sensitive eye friendly and has been ophthalmologically tested!

PHB ethical beauty all in one natural mascara

The PHB ethical beauty mascara aims to create ‘longer, thicker and volumised’ lashes with its gentle formula that is created with handmade botanical oils! It also supports healthy looking lashes through its strengthening, lengthening and protecting formula.

PHB ethical beauty mascara
PHB ethical beauty mascara

As the brand mention, the all in one mascara lasts all day with results that are smudge and flake resistant. The buildable formula gives you a choice to go from a single natural look stroke or opt for a more lengthened and volumised appearance with 2-3 coats. Star ingredients worth mentioning include organic olive oil and acacia gum.

It’s great for sensitive eyes too! And since this is a family run business, supporting it means 20% of the profit goes to a charity!

If you want to check out the full review than I suggest you tap here! 

Juice beauty phyto pigments ultra natural mascara

With certified organic ingredients to not only protect humans but animals as well as the planet, it’s no wonder the juice beauty phyto pigments mascara makes it in the natural beauty list! This product is created to volumes lashes thanks to the addition of tapioca whilst aloe juice ensures your precious lashes are well hydrated and fanned out!

Plus the addition of ‘powerful antioxidants’ like vitamin E protect the hair follicles against breakage and has conditioning properties. The power of these plant derived photo pigments provide not only a ‘feathery soft’ touch but appearance too. The clean formula provides clump free, buildable, smooth as well as flake and smudge free results! Sounds awesome! This mascara is free from harmful ingredients including parabens, talc, sulfates, and phthalates to name a few!

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