Vegan mineral lipstick – Natural Formula

Looking for a lip product but not just any, a vegan mineral lipstick? Then I’ve got something to tell you, you’re at the right place!Vegan mineral lipstick

If you’d like to know about some awesome mineral colours to coat your beautiful pout then please continue reading!

What is mineral makeup

Mineral lipstick is a type of lipstick which feature formulas infused with natural waxes as well as minerals like iron oxide which are grounded or milled into minute pieces. They sometimes contain antioxidants like vitamin E or C.

Okay shall we get rolling with these mineral based products!

If you want to learn more about what mineral makeup is then tap here!

Quick Overview 

  • Baims vegan mineral lipstick
  • Bomonde vegan mineral lipstick
  • Etherealle mineral lipstick
  • Mineral fusion lipstick
  • Adorn classic mineral organic lipstick

Baims vegan mineral lipstick

Vegan mineral lipstick

Baims is a Brazil based natural makeup brand with plenty to offer however we’re here for their uniquely bamboo packaged lipstick which features a refillable tube.

Apart from that the baims mineral lipstick is made using ‘100% natural ingredients’, consisting of botanical oils and waxes which don’t only feel pleasant on the lips but provide ‘intensive care’.

The lipstick is also said to offer ‘rich colour payoff and lasting coverage’!

Bomonde vegan mineral lipstick

Bomonde state their lipstick are ‘100% mineral’ based and if you suffer from dry lips then you might want to give them a try as it not only gives long-lasting results but combats dry lips too!

It is a matte finish so it’ll be quite interesting to see how that’ll work out!

The only thing which seems like a downside is the really limited colour range, literally only two shades in the matte collection; a dark berry and a rosy peach. The satin finish doesn’t differ either with only 4 to pick from.

Etherealle mineral lipstick

Offering well over 20 shades, the etherealle mineral lipstick is made with blood, sweat and tears as they’re all handmade!Vegan mineral lipstick

You don’t only get to pick the shades, there are various finishes or coverage and even the size of the product is up to you too!

Whether you want the full size, or small sample pot with the option of a vegan lip brush.

Anyways more about the formula, they’re said to be creamy with a ‘rich blend of moisturizing butters’, keeping your pout feeling ‘supple and conditioned’ throughout the day.

If scents isn’t your thing then you’ll be glad to hear this lipstick is free from added flavour or scent except the subtle cocoa butter scent. If you have very dry lips, the brand suggest using a lip balm to get the best results out of these lipsticks.

Mineral fusion lipstick

The brand’s best-selling product happens to be their mineral, free from toxic ingredients lipstick.

It’s ‘vivid, smudge free colour, and ultra luxurious’ all thanks to the addition of shea butter and jojoba seed oil which also gives it the buttery smooth texture.Vegan mineral lipstick

The lipstick is apparently bursting with ‘lip hydrating, lip protecting antioxidants’ which is probably the reason why the brand say ‘everything to feel good about’!

Other clean ingredients include vitamin C & E, red and white tea and pomegranate.

There are around 15 shades to select from!

Adorn Classic Mineral Organic Lipstick

Adorn cosmetics have created this classic lipstick enabling you to adorn your lips with ‘long wearing, guilt free’ mineral lipstick which also features high performance ‘pure earth mineral’ pigments as well as organic ingredients!

Now that sounds healthy!

These ingredients include jojoba seed oils and Shea butter! The chic colour collection isn’t much varied with only 7 berry to nude shades. It’s gluten, palm oil and paraben free.

What finish of foundation do you prefer? Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great day! ?

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