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Are you searching far and wide for best eco-friendly makeup brands?

I know I have been especially since I learn’t that the world on its own can’t reduce the negative impacts of deadly materials like plastic, on the environment without the help of us, humans that are causing it (don’t worry, I’m not blaming you).

Help can be as little as purchasing items such as makeup that are eco-friendly, for example buying packaging that are recyclable and that can be used again.Best eco-friendly makeup brands

For those of you who don’t know what eco-friendly means then why are you reading this! JK JOKING! you can carry on reading and learning.

Basically its produce that aren’t harmful to the environment. They try to help prevent pollution and other negative consequences on our world.

So below are a list of some of the brands that are at least trying to be more productive in helping the environment or are actually completely eco-friendly. WEEHEE! Let’s jump to it!


We are going to start with a brand named axiology which unfortunately only sell lipsticks (not so unfortunately for those of you who are a big fan of lipsticks) at the moment.

They are a brand which sell bold, unique lipsticks and lip crayons with various beautiful colours.

How eco-friendly are they?

They are very eco-friendly. I would give them a 9/10. Their lipstick tubes as well as the packaging are recyclable. And that sure is going to help the planet. WOOHOO!

The lipsticks contain natural ingredients which surely will help keep your lips nice and soft as well as healthy. And guess what?

They are fragrance free, absolutely palm oil free, cruelty-free and vegan.Best eco-friendly makeup brands HURRAY for that!

Axiology are part of the peta program and not only that, but also donate a percent of their profits to the international orangutan foundation (auto correct nearly made me write orange foundation instead). AWWW! how thoughtful!

PHB ethical beauty

PHB ethical beauty sell a wide range of products including skin care, hair, body, makeup etc. But since this is about makeup I’ll discuss that.

Okay so their makeup range include everything from face, cheeks, and lips to eyes and brows. They also produce brushes and makeup removers. WOW! They haven’t excluded anything, have they?

How eco-friendly are they?

PHB use ingredients that are handmade and 100% naturally derived. Their awesome products are free-form harmful chemicals such as Parabens as well as palm oil and animal ingredients.

Also they are free from alcohol they’re halal too and 100% Vegan.

PHB are a brand that care for your skin as they try to use organic and natural ingredients. This helps keep your skin healthy and is great for sensitive skin as well as the environment.Best eco-friendly makeup brands

Okay now actually about how eco-friendly they are. Most of their packaging are eco-friendly as they’re recyclable which includes materials like glass and aluminium.

Their packaging are also made from consumer recycled sources.

They are registered with peta and 20% of their profit gets donated to charities that then help animals and people’s lives around the world. I’ll give them a 9/10.

You can check out my review on the PHB ethical eyeliner here!

Kjaer weis

Kjaer weis is a makeup brand (obviously) that produces products for the face, lip, eyes, cheeks and even skin.

Their products are free from harsh ingredients like Parabens, silicone, synthetic fragrances and petrochemical emulisers, instead swapped with ingredients that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

And WOW! Nearly all their products are certified natural or organic.Best eco-friendly makeup brands

How eco-friendly are they?

Have you seen how beautiful the packaging is? You probably would think how can the packaging be that nice and eco-friendly! Let me tell you!

Their packaging can be reused again and again instead of going to waste as they are of high quality metal which means you just keep refilling.

Products like the lipsticks tube and the mascara wand are an example of some of the products that can be reused.

They also have an eco-friendly formula. Clever huh! I would give them an 8/10.

Neek skin organics

Neek skin organics is an Australian brand that focuses on creating lipsticks and skin care products like face cleansers and moisturisers.Best eco-friendly makeup brands

You can find lip colours in various shades, whether your looking for something bold or light. You will find their products free from Parabens, synthetic dyes, palm oil, beeswax and many more bad ingredients.

How eco-friendly are they?

Well the answer to that my lovelies is, they are really eco-friendly all thanks to their packaging being recyclable as well as being sustainable.

They even go as far as minimizing materials when it comes to ordering or shipping by using plastic free compostable satchels.

The whole range of their produce are animal cruelty-free and vegan as they say ‘tested on sisters, not animals’.

All natural and nature friendly approach, helping keep your skin beautiful as well as looking after the environment. 9/10 is the score they get.

Elate beauty

Elate beauty cosmetics produces makeup for eyes, face and lips. Elate beauty is based in Canada but can be found in other parts of the world. And guess what?

All their ingredient are 100% vegan, 100% gluten and 100% cruelty-free. WOOHOO!

How eco-friendly are they?

Best eco-friendly makeup brands

Elate beauty are trying to be as organic as possible with about 75% of their ingredients being organic. But if for some reason they can’t meet the organic standards then they’ll choose fair trade!

They make a wise choice with their materials which includes aluminium, glass, bamboo, and seed paper all being recyclable, trying to be as low waste as possible!

Their packaging are currently 75% waste free and trying to become 100% plastic free as well as waste free.

Elate beauty are currently not palm oil free. They are certified with peta though and other campaigns. Soo amazing! A score of 8/10.

Plant makeup

Plant makeup is founded by an artist named Jess, she absolutely loves plants especially roses and wild flowers. Plant makeup is totally handmade with 100% natural ingredients.

They offer makeup, skincare, hair care and even scents, all cruelty-free and vegan options too! No synthetics or preservatives either.

You can expect to find foundations, powders, eyeshadows, oils, scrubs and masks just to name a few.

How eco friendly are they?
Plant makeup as you might be able to tell by the name, use most if not all plant based ingredients!

When it comes to packaging, they are very thoughtful! The materials used are recycled and compostable.

Products such as their lip gloss are packed in cardboard tubes. You can also find reusable tins and glass jars. Plant makeup products tend to be fresh too so there is less waste as only the amount required are made.

So there you have it lovely peeps a bunch of awesome eco-friendly brands!

Don’t worry as there are many more out there in the big wide world! Thankfully.

If you want more information on what eco friendly products are then tap here!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or suggestions then comment them down below or wherever and I’ll get back to them!

Have a great day or night (if there are any of you nocturnal people)

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  • JealousLi

    I want to say that I am very lazy with makeup and know little about cosmetics. I thought that although cosmetics can make people look beautiful, they are harmful to the skin, let alone the environment.

    The products you introduced make me amazing. So eco-friendly are they. I have to spend more time to know more about it. Maybe I will be interested in makeup. Thanks.

    • Sariyah

      Cosmetics can be worn to enhance beauty, for fun as well as many other reason! Sometimes you just have to be a little cautious!

      Your welcome! 

  • Diane

    Thank you for the information on eco-friendly makeup. Our family is vegetarian and finding products that are plant-based and eco-friendly can be a challenge. This article provides some welcome guidance that I can comfortably share with my daughters and our friends, too.

    I especially like the brands that are packaged in recyclable packaging. So many products are still sold in non-recyclable plastics, making it difficult for those of us trying to reduce overall waste.

    I appreciate the information and will be visiting these company sites the next time I’m purchasing makeup to compare. Thanks!

    • Sariyah

      It’s okay you are welcome! Thanks for the comment!

      I agree with what you said on non recyclable materials still being used largely, it’s a shame but change is coming for the better!

  • Sharon

    Using eco-friendly makeup not only helps the environment but our skin health too. Also, many makeup brands have elaborate packaging to entice customers into buying. And I think the packaging itself costs more than the product. Not only do we need to encourage more people to buy makeup with recyclable packaging but also minimalist design. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. For Mother Nature.

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