What is eco-friendly products- in makeup

Before I discuss what is eco-friendly products in makeup, I’d like you to quickly comment down at the bottom, what you think it means and why it’s important?

Eco friendly isn’t a term only linked to everyday goods, it also matters if our beauty products are as environmentally friendly as possible!

I’m sure many of us care about the environment, some more than others so stay with me if you want to know how you can help whilst also still doing what you love!

What does ‘eco-friendly’ mean?

Eco refers to ecology/environment and friendly, well is something good or kind so eco friendly put together is positivity for the environment.

Eco-friendly to put into other words means not harmful to the environment. The environment includes living and non-living things such as plants, trees etc.

In terms of eco friendly the word environment means the earth or our surroundings, it includes our home as well as habitats.

What does it mean to be eco friendly and why is it important?

For something to be eco friendly it must not harm the environment whether that be whilst production, usage or disposal.

However, many products can and do label their produce as eco friendly even if it involves a small percentage such as their packaging being recyclable.

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You can usually have a look either on their website or packaging about what a brand means by eco friendly.

If you think about it, it should be quite obvious why trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible is important. I mean who else is going to look after the planet if it isn’t us humans! aliens?

A few reasons why it’s important apart from it being our and many creatures home is:

  1. The ozone layer is already damaged and worsening with each passing day when we are being selfish.
  2. It helps to conserve the planet including the habitats, animals and other beautiful features the earth possess.
  3. It well and truly can impact our health and wellbeing, being environmentally friendly equals more clean air, water, and food supplies.
  4. It can save you money for example instead of wasting packaging you can reuse it so you aren’t spending money buying another!

What is eco-friendly products

How could we help?

There are various different ways a product or brand can help contribute towards helping the planet. These examples can include:

The most commonly seen is recyclable packaging. Many beauty products or products in general are now available in packaging that you can recycle.

Instead of binning and it going to waste it gets remade into something useful. Pretty cool!

There are also other recycled materials such as wood that can then be used as parts for beauty products like brush handles and other items.

Some awesome brands are using renewable energy sources to manufacture their products. This could be from using wind powered factories to solar powered machines.

What is eco friendly products
Wind turbine

By not using micro beads in their formulas. Microbeads are tiny plastic particles that are bad for the environment as they get washed up into the oceans which then pollute the waters and contaminate living organisms.

Some products out there are made so their packaging can be refilled instead of single use.

So when for example a lipstick you bought has finished you can then use it’s container to refill with another of your lipstick instead of throwing the packaging away. Win win!

These are just a few of the examples of how a company can be eco friendly.

Least eco friendly

Things that are not good for the environment include:

    • plastic packaging
    • small amounts of products put into an over sized container which requires frequent buying as it finishes quicker which also leads to more shipping and pollution


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Hopefully you have a brief understanding of what is eco-friendly products?!

If you want to see some awesome brands which care for the environment then I suggest you tap here!

Or for eco friendly makeup brushes then here!

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