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Barry m brow wow – how good is it!

Hey wonderful peeps! Today I decided to give Barry m brow wow pencil a go after casually strolling through the eye makeup aisle and then spotting a bargain.

I had to do double takes in order for me to realise what I was seeing was true. Sometimes finding a product that works and is affordable at the same time is quite tricky. I was hoping this was one of those rare items.

Well let’s see if I did find that treasure. Continue reading if you would like to know what I thought of and my favourite aspects of this eyebrow pencil was.

Barry m’s description about this product:

‘Get brows of distinction with Barry M’s Brow Wow! pencil. Designed to fill gaps and define shape, you’ll have perfect brows in just a few strokes’.

LastageBarry m brow wow

Imagine thinking your eyebrows are on fleek since the last time you checked the mirror but then you get a glimpse of them again and see your eyebrows aren’t there or have melted!

Oh that’s soo annoying and embarrassing depending on where you are so for that reason I always like to test beforehand if it’s one of those little things.

Okay back to the Barry m pencil, so I found the lastage for this pretty impressive especially at the affordable price it’s at!

It got through around 5 and a half hours of usual daily activities. After which it then started to fade and rub off.

Ease of application

This pencil is quite easy to apply with precision. Especially if you use it with a sharpened tip then filling in the gaps are much easier.

The brush on the end is quite handy, I use it to neaten the brows before application and then after to help blend the colour and even it out and it does a pretty good job.


The texture of the pencil in my opinion is perfect, it isn’t dry neither too soft, but it’s soft enough to allow an easy and smooth glide. Barry m brow wowI have noticed though the soft consistency means the pencil runs out quite quick requiring you to sharpen often.

The thing I didn’t like about this pencil is when I tried sharpening it, it seemed weak and if I had continued sharpening it with a little force it would have cracked.

I had to be a bit gentle than usual. But I’m not complaining too much as I would expect this from something of this price.


There are only two shades unfortunately, which are both brown hues, a light one and a dark brown.

The colour actually comes out a real brown shade unlike some brow products which appear an orangey off brown shade.

The deepest brown is the closest matching for my dark brows.

I used the brow wow to lightly fill in my brows in the center and to create a nice and neat angle.

The colour is well pigmented, it only needed a few gentle strokes for it to be visible on my brows.So less is more!

If you have sparse brows then you could continue building with ease until you have got the desired look.Barry m brow wow


Overall I quite liked the eyebrow pencil, it didn’t smudge throughout the hours or easily transfer eventhough I touched my brows a few times.

The pigmentation like I said is great too and it allows for an easy draw on.

I would buy another one however if it was priced higher then I don’t think I would purchase it due to the quality of it mainly showing as weak when sharpening it.

Do you have any eyebrow products which I can give a go? Jot them down below in the comment section!

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Have a great day!!! ?

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  • Lio

    Barry m brow wow appears to be a quality product. To avoid cracking the pencil, I believe it is preferable to sharpen it with less effort. Another aspect of that pencil that appeals to me is its low price.
    In my instance, I believe my girlfriend would enjoy this product, particularly the dark brown, as I plan to give it to her as a gift and I can’t wait to see how it will look on her.

    • Sariyah

      True that! Think I’ll try gently next time 😂 hopefully it’ll last longer!

      If you do decide to purchase it I would love to know her experience with the product though!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • LineCowley

    I was not familiar with the Barry m brow wow eyebrow pencil before I came across this review. It does seem to be a quality product and I like it that you said the color didn’t transfer during the first few hours of wearing it. I do like to brush at the end, so that you can brush your eyebrows after application. 

    It would be interesting to know if this eyebrow pencil is actually waterproof, or if it will run down my face if I start perspiring. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Line, thanks for the comment!

      It is a pretty useful product, and as for the waterproof feature, it is water resistant, I didn’t experience any run downs so hopefully you won’t too!

  • Rohit

    Hi Sariyah,

    Barry m Broe wow pencil are a regular show-piece in a departmental store make-up aisle. Staying on for 5 and half hours is impressive for any brow pencil.

    Generally, the biggest challenge with these pencils is the pigments. If you have found the pigment to be good, it makes a good choice.

    Given its Low price, it is highly recommended.

    Thanks for sharing your review which is usually not available elsewhere.



  • KD

    Even though I am not a woman and I do not wear make up, this was very helpful for me. 

    My girlfriend always talks to me about things that I don’t care about like her make-up. At least now I can have some educated questions to ask to make it seem like I am listening lol This post was actually great. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey KD thanks for stopping by!
      You should certainly try paying a little more attention and you’ll be surprised as to how much you’ll learn. Im sure she’ll be happy too!

      Have a great day!

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