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    Best long lasting pencil eyeliner- that are vegan and cruelty free too!

    Eyeliners are a massive part of makeup aren’t they? No look is complete without them in a way. There are many types of eyeliners but in this post we are going to look at some of the best long lasting pencil eyeliner! Because who wants an eyeliner that goes running off as soon as you blink right? Okay so, for me the best pencil eyeliner has to be waterproof and long wearing as well as suitable for use on sensitive eyes with healthy ingredients being an added bonus, as I mainly use liner on my waterline so I definitely don’t want to be adding junk into my eyes. Right let’s…

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    Barry m brow wow – how good is it!

    Hey wonderful peeps! Today I decided to give Barry m brow wow pencil a go after casually strolling through the eye makeup aisle and then spotting a bargain. I had to do double takes in order for me to realise what I was seeing was true. Sometimes finding a product that works and is affordable at the same time is quite tricky. I was hoping this was one of those rare items. Well let’s see if I did find that treasure. Continue reading if you would like to know what I thought of and my favourite aspects of this eyebrow pencil was. Barry m’s description about this product: ‘Get brows…


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