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Best long lasting pencil eyeliner- that are vegan and cruelty free too!

Eyeliners are a massive part of makeup aren’t they? No look is complete without them in a way. There are many types of eyeliners but in this post we are going to look at some of the best long lasting pencil eyeliner! Because who wants an eyeliner that goes running off as soon as you blink right?Best long lasting pencil eyeliner

Okay so, for me the best pencil eyeliner has to be waterproof and long wearing as well as suitable for use on sensitive eyes with healthy ingredients being an added bonus, as I mainly use liner on my waterline so I definitely don’t want to be adding junk into my eyes.

Right let’s jump into the examples!

Don’t worry though, these eyeliners are vegan and some cruelty-free too!

Quick Overview

  • Charlotte tilbury rock n kohl
  • Logona double eyeliner pencil
  • Pacifica natural eye pencil
  • Inika certified organic eye pencil
  • PHB ethical beauty organic eyeliner
  • Lily lolo natural eye pencil
  • Alima pure natural eye definition pencil
  • Barry M waterproof eyeliner
  • Glossier no1 eye pencil

Charlotte Tilbury rock n kohl

With six different shades to choose from, this eyeliner by Charlotte Tilbury is perfect if you are after a long-lasting look, it’s Charlotte Tilbury rock n kohlsaid to have a waterproof formula which ‘stays put for up to 14 hours!’

There is no need to drag, it’s smooth texture glides and blends effortlessly to help you get that look whether that be a smokey eye or to add definition to your already gorgeous eyes.

As well as being vegan friendly, it’s also paraben and preservative free! And has ‘crushed pearl powder’ to hydrate your lids.

The shades available are ‘bedroom black’, ‘midnight blue’, ‘smokey grey’, ‘eye cheat’, ‘velvet violet’ and ‘Barbarella brown’

Update: Charlotte Tilbury is no longer cruelty free due to the brand deciding to sell in china. The company are yet to confirm this.

Logona double eyeliner pencil

Can’t decide which shade to pick? Then you might want to hear about the double eyeliner pencil by logona!

This German brand offers an eyeliner with two sides, so you can choose two colours. How cool!Best vegan long lasting pencil

Whilst you are applying colour to your lids, your skin is also being conditioned thanks to its natural, anti-ageing ingredients which consists of organic cranberry seed oil and a gemstone mix.

You may have to have a look at the ingredients to make sure it’s vegan though, as not all their products are!

The shade ‘coffee’ and ‘forest’ from the dual ended liner is vegan.

Pacifica natural eye pencil

Pacifica is a 100% all vegan and cruelty-free brand, so no worries here! They also have great natural ingredients used across many of their products, which gives me another reason to love this brand!

And have you seen their packaging? Cute if you ask me!

This particular eye pencil is, as with many of their products, formulated without no parabens, talc, phthalates or mineral oil!

Some of the awesome ingredients include Shea butter, Jojoba oil and mineral colour.

The natural formula is also supposed to provide hours of wear, I wouldn’t worry how long it stays on with these amazing ingredients! It’s great for sensitive eyes too!

The natural pencil has a butter-like texture, that’s also waterproof and glides away so smoothly. What else do you need!

Inika certified organic eye pencil

Inika is another 100% all vegan and cruelty-free brand, but not just that, they use ‘100% natural ingredients for all of their products’!

Okay so more about this pencil. This organic eye pencil is basically for everyone, whether you are after a natural day to day look or a more dramatic smokey effect, the ‘soft, silk-rich’ texture glides away effortlessly leaving behind an ‘intense colour pay off’ for the whole day too!

Of course, it’s suitable for even the sensitive of eyes (that’s me) thanks to it’s ‘natural plant based ingredients and pure mineral pigments’.Best long lasting pencil eyeliner

It’s also infused with organic coconut oil for extra softness and nourishment, you won’t get irritated eyes or need to drag your poor skin!

The availability of unique colours is another cool thing about this liner! There are 9 cool colours to choose from, including an emerald green and indigo! I suggest you check them out!

For a full review on the inika certified organic pencil liner then tap here!

PHB ethical beauty organic eyeliner

The award-winning organic eyeliner by PHB ethical beauty, an all vegan and cruelty-free brand, is made to be worn for extra sensitive eyes!Best long lasting pencil

This long wearing and water resistant eyeliner is packed with nourishing natural plant oils and waxes, which are all gentle yet still help provide a rich pigment, that goes on without no problem and accurately too!

You can purchase it in two shades, that is a deep brown and black.

Forgot to mention, this product is also free from many nasty chemicals as with most of their beauty items! That includes Parabens, SLS, preservatives, fragrance, GM and much more!

Tap here for a full review!

Lily Lolo natural eye pencil

The lily Lolo natural eye pencil comes in two shades a brown and a black. It’s vegan friendly, moisturizing as well as conditioning ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin E and Shea butter make it great for sensitive eyes too!Best long lasting pencil eyeliner

The rich colour together with the soft and smooth texture make it great for defining, outlining or enhancing the eyes with it’s non-drying formula for a look that’s long-lasting.

For more info on how this eyeliner performs than tap here!

Alima pure natural definition eye pencil

The alima pure natural definition eye pencil (phew that was long!) is said to be a long-lasting eyeliner that is natural and has ingredients which consists of soothing ‘natural oils, waxes, and Chamomile extract’.

You know what that means? It’s good for delicate eye areas too.

It’s ease of blendability and the ability to glide on smoothly as well as all-day wear, makes it great to help achieve a range of looks.Best long lasting pencil eyeliner

You can pick from 3 shades which are ‘ink’, a carbon black, ‘coffee’, which I think you can guess is a rich cocoa brown shade and ‘patina’ a shimmering taupe.

Want to know more about this product, then click here!

Barry m waterproof eyeliner

I decided to add this on the list as it’s super affordable, under £5/$7. This particular Barry m eyeliner is waterproof making them ‘super long lasting’, with over 8 hour wear and is known to apply as ‘smoothly as a liquid’ liner but with a precision of a pencil. Isn’t that what we all want? Right?

It is available in six different shades, black, purple, gun metal, rose gold, oasis blue and brown. Rose gold sounds cool!

Barry m waterproof eyeliner

A unique, certainly cool coloured and designed pencil, the danessa myricks infinite is a multi chromatic eyeliner which features a ‘dual, colour shifting finish’, with the ability to transformin different light angles.

The infinite chrome pencil has a creamy texture allowing for easy blend and smudge. The micro tip makes it perfect for creating precise lines too!

And let’s not forget to mention the array of awesome colours, with around 10 to pick from, including purples, coral pink, moss green mixed with teal, muted magenta and olive, an infusion of copper with rustic yellow.

Glossier no. 1 pencil

The glossier eyeliner comes in an array of 10 colours, including the classic black, blue, green, red, yellow and much more! It is said to be longwearing, upto 12 hours stay power, so you can ‘spend more time living life, less time worrying about your makeup’.Best long lasting pencil eyeliner

The formula is also blendable as well as water resistant, transfer resistant, with a rich creamy and soft formula, making gliding across the lids a smooth experience! The pigment is highly saturated so you can create ‘sharp, defined lines’ and even enough time between drying allowing you to blend for a smoky look!

The full review for the glossier no 1 pencil can be viewed here!

Rightpeeps that’s it for now!

Or if you don’t want to leave then click here to view some awesome examples of liquid liners!

Also prefer pencil eyebrow products then I suggest to tap here to check them out!

Now it’s your turn! Do you have any favourite eyeliners be it pencil, liquid or whatever that you would like to share?

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me or comment down below!

Have a great day! ?

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  • Dr. Angela Gala (Angie)

    When the topic is makeup, I’ll be there! You got me involved with this excellent review of one of the most used tools today. Many complain that lipsticks are in crisis because we have to wear a mask. However, eye makeup is catching all the attention. This eyeliner looks great; it’s long-lasting (over 14 hours!) And with six different shades, I think it will be worth a try. Thank you for letting us enter this world through your gaze; very wise indeed.

    • Sariyah

      Hi Angela, You are totally welcome!

      The pandemic certainly allowed the eyes to shine even more, putting the lipstick in the back seat for a while!

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

  • Daniella

    Hi there,

    Great article, I love it!

    My daughter became vegan not long ago, and she is looking for vegan eyeliner. I am going to show her this article; I am sure she will love it. In fact, she’ll love the whole website:) This is going to cost me a lot of money:) I really like the third one on the list (LilyLo Eyeliner). Just a question, please. Is this liner waterproof? You see, we live near the sea and we often go swimming.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Sariyah

      Hey Daniella, thanks for visiting! As for the eyeliner, I would say it is somewhere in middle when it comes to it’s waterproof ability so to elongate it’s stay power make sure to use concealer under the eye to help stop or from dragging.

  • Nico Tee

    I am currently looking for a gift for my sister and I think this list is just right on time. Even though I am a man, I think the Charlotte Tilbury rock n kohl caught my eye. And my sister loves paraben and preservative-free products as her cosmetics. And I think the shade is somewhat suitable on her face. I am considering the Logona eyeliner too! It has a unique design that I think my sister would love. But regardless, I think I will definitely buy them.

    • Sariyah

      Hi Nico that would be a great gift! Just to let you know Charlotte Tilbury is no longer cruelty-free I think but is vegan. The Logona eyeliner is a awesome idea with its two sides but also beware not all its shades are vegan, just be sure to check on their website before purchasing!

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Cynthia

    These look like great, high-quality make-up products!  I like that the Charlotte Tilbury has pearl powder (because…pearls on my eyelids!) but I’ll have to pass since they appear to have lowered their standards in regard to animal cruelty.  The Logona has the double-sided eyeliner, which I like but I don’t like that they’re not all vegan.  I think I’m going to try out the PHB for sensitive eyes!  Thank you for sharing these great eyeliner pencils.

    • Sariyah

      Hi Cynthia, I agree with what you said on Charlotte Tilbury, they used to be cruelty free but since they started selling in china I think that has changed now. 

      I would love if Logona had more shades that were vegan too because I love the idea of two colours in one.

      You are welcome!

  • Leahrae

    So many eyeliner choices.  I have to admit that I rarely wear makeup unless I am going out for the night.  I do have a friend though that does use eyeliner.  She is now renting a room from me and has a birthday coming up.  I would love to buy her a unique gift, and she is most definitely into make up.  Any suggestions?  Does not have to be eyeliner.

    • Sariyah

      Ohh a wide choice! Err I would suggest maybe a whole face set or if she is a fan of eyes then a eyeshadow palette along with mascara! What is she interested in?

  • Zayom

    Interesting review you have given here. How explicit this is in terms of the research it must have taken for you to come up with such a piece as this here with all the details here being intact too. I believe that so much more can be made to focus on this and I will like to participate in this here too. An overview worthy you have given here to us all. When the topic is makeup, I’ll be there! You got me involved with this excellent review of one of the most used tools today. Many complain that lipsticks are in crisis because we have to wear a mask. However, eye makeup is catching all the attention. This eyeliner looks great; it’s long-lasting (over 14 hours!) And with six different shades, I think it will be worth a try. Thank you for letting us enter this world through your gaze; very wise indeed.

    • Sariyah

      Your totally welcome! And yh at the moment lipstick are kinda on hold with eye makeup taking the lead. Let me know of your opinion if you do purchase any of these products, it would be cool to see the different experiences!

  • Diana

    The market has a lot of eye liners to choose from. Finding a vegan eye liner is new to me, we all want good quality products, not loaded with harsh chemicals especially since application is just under the eyes and can be extreamly sensitive. Thank you for proving a list of liners that are long lasting, waterproof and can be used on sensitive skin.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Diane, your welcome!

      The eye are generally is sensitive so it’s always best to cautious and read the label as well as a quick patch test!

  • Lisa

    I love wearing eyeliner, but I’m often disappointed with the length of time that it stays on my eyes. try ing to find a cruelty free one can be difficult on this island as well. I really enjoyed reading about the selection you have chosen. I have sensitive eyes so my pick would have to be the Alima pure natural definition eye pencil. 

    • Sariyah

      Alima pure is a great brand in my opinion due to the ingredients they use, often getting along with my sensitive skin. In an island? That must be difficult!

      Thanks for stopping by Lisa

  • Millie "Pioneer Kitty" Zeiler

    I wound up having to stop using makeup because it was causing damage to my skin.  I learned it was due to the animal by-products that were involved.  Even though supposedly ethical companies vouched they didn’t do animal testing, they did not stop using extractions taken from animal tissue, etc. to make their products.

    I can never, nor do I want to, go back to conventional cosmetics.  I much prefer vegan!  Not only is it a far healthier option, but more ethical.  I am aware companies who make claims they don’t test on animals aren’t entirely honest with those claims.  I also know animal by-products, as well as extracted tissue from human beings, is still a common practice among virtually every single conventional cosmetic company going today. 

    • Sariyah

      Exactly right! You have been doing a great deal of research!

      Vegan sure is the way to go for the animals sake and also yourselves, it does wonder to your skin and also to know you are not contributing to any living creatures pain or misery!

  • Aly

    Thanks for sharing these cosmetic products that will do a great job while also helping customers stay true to their personal values. I am not a vegan myself, but I can certainly see benefits to finding vegan alternatives to animal-based products. I think we’d all prefer to have products that are cruelty-free, so it’s very helpful to have this shortlist of eyeliners to choose from!

    • Sariyah

      Hi Aly, your welcome!

      It’s great knowing that the benefits of using vegan and cruelty-free products is widely known! I guess it’s a step closer hopefully to becoming a little more of a cruelty free world!

  • Daniel Tshiyole

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but eyeliner is used when ladies want to do those cat eyes, right? I do not know much about makeup. I always see my partner doing it and she takes me shopping for her makeup things so I will be sure to share this article with her.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Daniel,

      Well you are right, eyeliner is used to create all sorts of unique looks and why people wear it also differs!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Chuna

    I am very careful and critical in choosing or applying eyeliner on my eyelids or on others, considering the possibility of eye infection or injury. 

    Sad to say that there are a lot of cosmetic stores or brands that don’t live up to their advertisements. We have seen a lot of beautifully made-up ladies at the start of a special occasion and looks like Dracula before that occasion ends, and we don’t ever want that to happen to us. So your article is very helpful for me.

    I would not mind about the price when it comes to safety of my eyes, so I would rather choose vegan and cruelty-free eyeliners. 

    Thank you so much for sharing your recommendations.

    God bless,


    • Sariyah

      Hey Chuna! Thanks for the lovely comment!

      😂 We sure don’t want that happening!  Glad this post was helpful, our healths definitely worth more than money. 

      You are welcome!

  • LineCowley

    Finding make-up that is vegan and cruelty free, can sometimes be a challenge, so it is great to find these brands that make vegan and cruelty free eye liners. Eye make-up certainly needs to be waterproof. You do not want streak across your face if you start perspiring or get caught in a sudden downpour. 

    And anybody with sensitive skin will benefit from choosing natural ingredients in their make-up. Thank you for sharing these great brands. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Line, thanks for stopping by!

      Sure it can be a little time consuming especially if you narrow down the search, however thanks to logos or labels it’s much easier to spot them now.

      Waterproof is definitely an important feature when it comes to makeup even more so when you are busy or in a humid setting or like you’ve stated an unexpected shower!

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