Inika certified organic eye pencil – review!

The inika certified organic eye pencil had always been on my mind but somehow I hadn’t managed to grab myself one. I don’t know why, could be the pricing. But anyways I just decided to take a look on their website for no buying purposes though, but guess what!

There in big beautiful letters read: SALE! Of course I was going to get myself one or maybe a pair then, I mean when else would I! So I did end up purchasing more than an eyeliner that’s for sure! Inika certified organic eye pencil

Anyways we are here for the eyeliner review so here it is! Continue reading to find out my favourite aspects of this organic eyeliner as well as anything I weren’t a fan of! And is it the best natural eye liner?

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Quick overview:


  • Great ingredients
  • Good shades available
  • Gentle formula
  • Easily glides along


  • Easily breakable
  • Pigmentation wasn’t to my expectations


The inika organic eye pencil features a soft, silky rich texture which should glide on ‘seamlessly’. Apparently each stroke should provide intense colour payoff which should last all day comfortably.

The organic eye pencil is designed from ‘natural plant based‘ ingredients as well as pure mineral pigments which should make it suitable for sensitive eyes, that I definitely have!

The addition of coconut oil ensures not only extra softness but nourishment too, which I am in need of.

Inika is a brand which only use 100% natural ingredients for all their products!


There are currently 8 shades this pencil eyeliner is available in. You can choose between a brown, two shades of purple, yellow, dark grey, emerald green, indigo and even a white one.

The shade which I was mainly interested in was the black one however since I couldn’t seem to find one I decided to go for the next best one, which happened to be the Coco shade due to the subtle look on the eye it can create, I could have gone for graphite, the grey colour which is not that bold either.Inika certified organic eye pencil

I would like to maybe one day try out the emerald or purple, they would look great!

Shade range = 9/10!


I usually apply pencil eyeliners on my waterline as they are strong and don’t leak into my eyes. And if I were to make a mistake, then I can wipe it off easily.

Anyways, the inika organic eye pencil should feel soft and smooth judging by what the brand state about their formula, ‘soft, silky-rich texture’. So was it easy to apply and gentle.

Well I can say it was definitely easy to apply, gliding along with no problems. The texture was soft when stored in an environment that isn’t to cold.

Inika certified organic eye pencil
Inika certified organic eye pencil swatch in shade black

It didn’t poke my eyes which I’m glad as usually pencil eyeliners can be a bit hard on the eye especially if you are using it so close to the eyeball.

The pigmentation of this liner is good, I wouldn’t say it is as great as the Barry m waterproof eyeliner but still comparable. Inika did mention the liner has an ‘intense colour payoff‘ however I wouldn’t say it’s intense but it isn’t too light either basically it’s just right!

Application = 8/10!


Pencil eyeliners are usually much more longer lasting on the waterline compared to liquid which would easily water down.

This eyeliner is said to have longwear capabilities to which I would agree. I didn’t have to reapply until the 6th hour where it just started to become faint.

As grey or brown are quite subtle anyways, they are most likely to fade quicker so if I look at it in that way this definitely has some strength to it.

I’m assuming if the liner was black it would be visible for longer due to its strong pigmentation.

Lastage = 8/10!Inika certified organic eye pencil


Overall I rate this eyeliner an 8/10! I love the natural ingredients, how gentle it is on the eyes as well as the soft formula. The shade range is great and so is the pigmentation.

However I didn’t like how easily the pencil could break but other than that it’s a great eyeliner to use on the waterline for sensitive eyes and would buy again if need be! I would say it is the best organic eyeliner!

If you’d like to purchase your very own inika organic pencil then tap here!

I would like to know, do you prefer pencil liners or liquid liners? Drop your answers down in the comment section!

And if you don’t want to leave then tap here to check out more awesome vegan pencil eyeliners!

Have a great day!

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  • Alex

    Its always great to find a product review with both pros and cons. Most articles today talk about the pros of a product, but hardly the cons. I have never used this product before, seeing this post was very helpful. Your post was very throughout through out the review, which is always helpful. 

    Do you think this would be a great option for a gift or present? 

    • Sariyah

      Hey thank you Alex for visiting!
      I am glad this post was helpful for you! I think this product will do equally well either as a gift or present, the choice is yours!
      Have a great day!

  • LineCowley

    As I am growing older, I have become far more aware of what I put on my body, and specially what I put on my face. Increasingly I am converting to organic products, as I know that I do not want to expose my skin to any chemicals. So finding a certified organic eye pencil is great. 

    I have bookmarked this page for when I need to replace my eyeliner, and will certainly select a certified organic eyeliner then. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Line thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it!

      Thank God for natural and organic products right!

      Have a great day!

  • Serena Pearce

    Oooh … this eye pencil sounds good. I am a fan of natural products as I too have sensitive eyes. Sometimes if the product is too harsh, it burns my eyes on the waterline. That’s why I only apply eyeliner to my top lid these days. Finding reviews about organic plant-based makeup products is such a pleasure! Especially, eye pencils – a must for the makeup bag. Thanks for the post Sariyah! I’m going to click on your link and have a look at Inika now.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Serena thanks for stopping by!

      Natural products are much more gentle for sensitive eyes right!? If you want to wear liner on the bottom lash, I suggest applying a little on the lash line instead of the waterline, that way the eye doesn’t react much to it.

      Have a great day!

  • John

    Products for around the eyes made from natural, gentle ingredients makes so much sense to me. Why would anyone want to use something that was harsh?

    Finding your review couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I’ve been looking for a Chriatmas gift for a friend who is 100% into natural and organic make up, so these eye pencils look perfect!

    I just need to decide which colours I think she’ll like the best!

    Best wishes


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