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Alima pure natural definition eye pencil- Honest review!

Alima pure has a great selection of mineral products. And since I needed a new eyeliner, I decided to go for the Alima pure natural definition eye pencil.

I prefer pencils to any other eyeliner types as they seem to create less mess for me when applying and tend to be more precise.

But I still use other forms of eyeliners, from time to time, depending on how I’m feeling or how much time I have.

Okay so let’s start!

Quick overview:


  • Clean formula without parabens, sulfates and other chemicals
  • Smooth application
  • Great for sensitive eyes


  • Sharpening can cause a little crack if you don’t be careful

In this post I’m going to go through what I like about this eyeliner and what I didn’t find so cool.

But first let’s see what the brand, alima pure have to say about their product:

“Natural Definition Eye Pencil is a long-lasting, highly pigmented natural eyeliner pencil filled with soothing natural oils, waxes, and Chamomile extract to protect the delicate eye area. This eyeliner glides on smoothly, blends beautifully, and lasts all day”.

IngredientsAlima pure natural definition eye pencil

I think personally when a product has ingredients that can be beneficial to the skin, it is a great added bonus.

I really like products that give more than just one reason to buy it. If you get what I mean.

With alima pure eye pencil, it’s formulated without fragrance, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, and other chemicals as well as being vegan and cruelty-free.

But not just that as this pencil is made with soothing natural oils, waxes and chamomile extract to help protect the eye area which as we know is a delicate little thing, I know mines definitely are sensitive especially to new products.

At least I don’t have to worry about the ingredients or what I may be putting on my face.


Applying it is really easy and quick! I like mainly using it on my bottom lash line or waterline and it goes on without a mess.

It has a great balanced consistency, that isn’t too dry neither too creamy which makes it smooth to apply.

I didn’t experience any issues with my sensitive eye area which is great as usually I’m left with watery eyes and redness as soon as the product hits my eyes.

And trust me, you don’t know how annoying it is when that happens, I mean you might! So this was surely a relief to my eyes as well as myself.

Lastage and wear

As mentioned I normally wear eyeliner on my bottom lash line or waterline but occasionally on the top lash line.

I found the eyeliner to last about 6 to 7 hours for the bottom and top lash line but for the waterline the same couldn’t be said as it stayed put for only just about 5 hours before it needed reapplying.

I mean is isn’t too bad when I compare it to a few other liners I’ve used but I was expecting more especially when you look at the price.

But I did find a decent solution which was applying concealer just under my eye to maximize the results.

So in the end I wasn’t too bothered about it. At least it stayed put long enough on the lash lines, where I use it the most.

There are 3 colours available, ‘ink’ which is a carbon black, great for easily building to a bold look, ‘coffee’ a rich cocoa brown, perfect if you are going for a more subtle look and ‘patina’ a shimmering taupe which can add a nice touch to the eyes.

I mainly use black so the ‘ink’ shade was perfect for me. But when it came to trying a new colour I was left to decide between the shade ‘coffee’ or ‘patina’.

It would be cool if a few other shades were available such as an electric blue or a green.

The only thing I found annoying was when I tried sharpening it, it started to crack and chip a little so make sure to freeze it for a few minutes before you decide to sharpen it.

I think this is due to the softness but then again I like it as it doesn’t hurt or drag my eyelids wherever I apply colour.


Overall there were no significant flaking or transferring. The lastage wasn’t too bad so passable and the formula was smooth.

Pigmentation was just right too! It’s great to use for a daily natural look and also pretty useful for special occasions or if you want the dramatic effect.

what do you think of this eyeliner pencil or have you tried any Alima pure’s mineral products? Let me know in the comment section below!

If you want to check out the alima pure natural definition eye pencil then tap here!

If you don’t want to leave yet then tap here to check out alima pure’s lipstick!

Have a great day! ?

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  • Joy

    Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. Alima Pure is one of the most awesome cosmetics brands there is! It’s natural and lasts. The colors look great and it feels great on the face! My favorite is the hellebore eye shadow.

    I highly recommend this for anyone who’s got taste.

    • Sariyah

      Thanks for the comment! It sure is a great natural brand! I’ve yet to try out the eyeshadow but I’m sure it pretty cool!

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