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Alima pure lipstick- velvet lipstick honest review

Alima pure is a totally cruelty free brand and do have a few vegan products however this alima pure lipstick is not vegan, so if you are a vegan then close your eyes or ears!

I don’t usually do non vegan products but because a friend had gifted this velvet lipstick and it was practically just lying there I thought I’d get it out the way.

Also, a few people wanted to know how this lipstick performs so here we go!

According to alima pure:

This particular lipstick is made to give a rich colour with clean ingredients. The velvet lipstick is created with a blend of luxe natural oils as well as waxes.

This enables your lips to be moisturized with the rich hydrating colour, leaving you with a comfort touch that has a semi matte finish.

Apparently it acts like a lipstick but feels closer to a balm!

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Quick overview:


  • Easy and smooth application
  • Creamy formula
  • No feathering


  • Small shade range
  • Not vegan as of yet


Application is simple and quick. They glide on effortlessly and evenly. They are shaped in the usual bullet form so pretty much work like any other similar shaped lip product.

I gave a go using the lip brush and I’d like to say it was quite smooth and creamy. I didn’t need to drag the product so that’s cool!

I really like the pigmentation too, it’s not to highly pigmented or too transparent, just right if you ask me. Just one swipe is enough to provide a decent amount of coverage.

Alima pure lipstick
Alima pure velvet lipstick


I’ve heard different shades have different feels or texture to them but generally the lipsticks are ment to be a semi matte finish.

I know the shade Emma is quite smooth, almost butter like. The shade Lucy is slightly less hydrating but I wouldn’t say it was dry, just more matte than semi.

According to some reviews which I’ve read some shades lean on the dryer side, I can’t say which ones as I haven’t personally tried them all.

The formula overall is pretty moisturizing eventhough I have dry lips, so the formula other than not being vegan is good.

If you have lips that aren’t overly dry then I think you would find the formula smooth.

Ingredients are filled with moisturizing oils like the jojoba and coconut oil so I’m guessing that’s probably where the lip balm like texture comes from.


This velvet lipstick currently holds only six different shades, which consists of reddish to pinky orange tones.

There’s Emma, Lucy, Odessa, iris, Olivia and last but not least Stella! Reading out the names makes me feel like a teacher doing the register!

Emma- the one I’ve been given is a rosy pink, which I think is perfect for a daily natural look.

Alima pure lipstick
Alima pure lipstick ‘emma’ shade

Lucy- creamy peach that’s light a little similar to the natural lip shade which was also gifted.

Odessa- also a rosy pink but with a little more brightness to it.

Iris- an orangey red hue, terracotta

Olivia- a classic red minus the richness.

Stella- deep classic red, great for outings!

The shades do have a little shimmer to them when in the packaging which isn’t so present when worn on the lip, to be fair I’m not really bothered about it. It still looks great!


Both the lip colours lasted similar times, around 4-5 hours which isn’t bad at all, judging the fact that I didn’t prep my lips beforehand as I usually would.

I  had to do a little checking and fixing after I had eaten but otherwise there weren’t no significant feathering or bleeding. I did wear a lip liner just to let you know.


I would give this lipstick a 7/10, the reasons being firstly the shade range is rather limiting and I’d prefer if it was a vegan formula.

Looking at the brighter side though I like the feel of the shades, well the ones that I currently have and also the rich pigment too!

Would I purchase them again is the real question?

Errm,I think not, you probably know why!

Hint: ingredients!

Do you have any lipsticks in mind that I can try out! Let me know in the comment section below!

If you’d like to purchase your lip colour click here!

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Have a great day and stay safe!?

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  • Shavo

    Thanks for sharing this article, I always emphasis one thing when it comes to cosmetics and all, and it is safety, it is very important to know how safe the product is to be able to know if it’ll have side effects or not. I like alima pure lipsticks even though I don’t know much about it, I’ll share this with my wife, she should understand it better.

    • Sariyah

      Your totally welcome! Glad that this review can help you, and yeh I believe that safety is the number one priority when it comes to applying products onto our precious skins.

  • Nelson

    Very funny! I am vegan but won’t close my eyes or ears because I live learning outside the scope, that is outside what my lifestyle is confined to. Thanks for this review article on the Alima pure lipstick – velvet lipstick. I have been able to learn one or two about this lipstick from this article. And I feel glad about it. 

  • Parameter

    Thank you for this review, in a  search for a good gift for my wife and I think with this she will love it. you got my attention with the Alima pure lipstick not just been a lipstick but also closely acting like a balm. The odessa shade and its rosy pick with slight brightness will be good on her and I am sure she will love it 

  • Sam Chen

    Although I am a man and don’t use lipstick, I am very happy to learn knowledge that I don’t know, and I find this post very useful. After understanding the relevant knowledge, I know how to buy lipstick for my wife in the future. So thank you very much, Sariyah!

  • Christina

    Interesting. I am not much one for make-up but I do know that when I tried tinted chap stick the experience was quite unpleasant… But it sounds to me like this lipstick goes on smoother than that. But I think that if I ever do decide to pursue make up products I would also go for vegan products, or at the very least cruelty free products.

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