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Refy beauty lip liner – Honest Opinion!

The refy beauty lip liner or it’s correct name, refy lip sculpt, had been on my mind since I purchased the brow pomade. The lip liner seemed like something I would come to enjoy since it comes in all neutral shades, which currently I am on the lookout for a shade to match my natural lip colour.

Anyways so here is how my experience with this product was, I’ll be going through my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t too keen on.

Quick Overview


  • Unique design
  • Easy to apply
  • Shade range is ok
  • Long lasting


  • A little fading


Refy beauty lip linerThe refy lip sculpt is a little different to your usual lip liner as it’s designed with a dual end, a lip liner as well as setter which apparently is the world’s first! Wow seems exciting!

More about the setter, it is a one of a kind product created to set your lip liner in place, up to 10 hours whilst providing much needed hydration! Whilst the liner is a smooth creamy texture the setter helps create a ‘smooth matte’ with a smudge resistant finish but ultimately maintaining a long-lasting lip colour.

As for the lip liner, featuring a ‘creamy, blendable’ texture, it’s developed to ‘fill and smooth fine lines’ as well as define and create whatever look you desire all whilst being smooth and lightweight! Splendid! It’s what we need!


The refy lip liner comes in 6 shades which according to the brand is designed to suit every skin tone. The shades are 3 brown undertones with the rest having pink undertones. The hues are perfect for creating a neutral lip since they are mainly rosey and blush shades. You can’t go wrong with neutrals, can you!?

I decided to try out ‘rosewood’, a rich rosey brown after thinking it would be a good choice to fit with the natural lip colour yet still add some depth. Since I have paper thin lips I use neutral lip liners on a regular and would like to say this was the perfect shade to give off the natural effect that I were after.Refy beauty lip liner


Application does seem like it’ll be easy since the tip of the lip liner is quite thin and precise. Plus the formula is supposed to be a creamy consistency making not only applying a breeze but blending as smooth too!

So how was it you ask? Well overall getting the lip colour on was certainly easy like refy stated. It was creamy and smooth, following along without any dragging required. I recommend moisturising and prepping beforehand as it will make it all the more effortless.Refy beauty lip liner

The one problem I did experience though is with the setter. The lip liner actually kept my lips pretty hydrated however when I paired it with the setter, it did seem to dry my lips a little. I mean it could probably be the matte finish but anyways other than that it was a thumbs up performance wise!

The pair of them work together to create a long-lasting, smudge resistant finish. There weren’t any major transferring either despite my hungry appetite.


Now time for the lastage! Does it actually last up to 10 hours or at least somewhere close! The short answer is: to an extent yes. The longest time I received colour was 8 hours, but that’s because I had decided I had enough so wiped it off. It gave a great performance all throughout with minimal interference.Refy beauty lip liner

I tried the refy lip liner on its own and with the setter. The results did show quite some difference. With the liner only, there were minor fading but not with the setter, the colour came through a lot stronger and clinged on in comparison to without the setter so I guess it does have some impact.


Overall I rate the refy beauty lip sculpt a solid 9/10! I really like it’s unique approach that actually works too, the shades are cool as well. What else, oh yeah, the wear time is another one of my favourite aspects as is the ease of application. This lip liner is great option for any individuals who are looking for something with a long-lasting colour but most importantly a natural look!

If you prefer a glossy look then you can pair it with the refy lip gloss, you can check out it’s performance here!

That’s it for now peeps but if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you check out other vegan lip liners here!

Have a great day!

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