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Im not sure about you peeps but I prefer using lip liners even more than lipsticks, you want to know why? Well it’s because you can use it to line as well as shade your lips! I own more liners than sticks! Anyways let’s check out these best long wearing lip liner that’ll surely keep your lipstick from escaping outside its boundaries!

They’re vegan too by the way!

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If you prefer nude lip liners then I suggest you head here!

Quick Overview 

  • KVD everlasting lip liner
  • Kylie forever and ever lip liner
  • Elf lip liner and blending brush
  • Essence stay 8h waterproof lip liner
  • Charlotte tilbury lip cheat
  • Rare beauty kind words matte lip liner

KVD everlasting lip liner

‘Everlasting lip liner combines extreme long wear with truly weightless colour’

KVD states this lip liner doesn’t only last long, it’s weight less too so you feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all, in kvd’s words: super comfortable all day! No dryness, or dragging either!

Best long wearing lipstick
KVD everlasting lip liner

This lip liner offers a wide range of colours from neutrals to pinks and reds, suitable to wear day and night!

For those of you who are feeling bold, there’s also the choice of bright colours too, greens and blues included!

Apparently every stroke delivers saturated pigments and immediate dry down!’ I don’t know about you but that to me sounds like the perfect lip liner!

Tap here for a full review on the Kvd lip liner!

Kylie forever and always lip liner

The forever and always lip liner, according to kylie lets you ‘create a defined, precise lip’ all with a formula that’s super creamy, helping to deliver a smooth and comfortable application.Best long wearing lip liner

It’s main objective though is to allow you to create a smudge and transfer proof lip contour which is said to last 24 hours! I think that’s partly thanks to its waterproof formula!

It’s available in a range of shades including classic red, nudes like warm brown, dusty brown and much more!

You can check out the full review on the Kylie lip liner by tapping here!

Elf lip liner and blending brush

You don’t only get to apply colour with elf’s lip liner but also blend it too! Enhance your lip and then blend to perfection, ‘precisely and accurately’ as elf state.

This two in one liner is available in four shades, deep brown and black as well as caramel and hot pink.Best long wearing lip liner

Ever worried you can’t find your sharpener well guess what? This smooth gliding pencil also has another advantage, there is no sharpening required as it comes in a retractable form!

For more info on how this lip liner performs then tap here!

Essence stay 8h waterproof lip liner

Best long wearing lip liner
Essence stay 8h waterproof lip liner

Available in 8 berry coloured shades, the essence lip liner is vegan and cruelty-free.

As the name suggests this liner should get through 8 hours thanks to its waterproof formula with no problem! The liner comes with it’s very own sharpener too!

It’s also free from parabens, oil and preservatives too. Essence state this lipstick ishighly pigmented’ and ‘colour intense’.

This lip liner promises to not leave your lips ‘dry and tacky’ with its velvet matte finish.

You can also check out their long lasting lipstick range to match!

Charlotte tilbury lip cheat

Best long wearing lip liner
Charlotte tilbury lip cheat

Lip cheat by Charlotte tilbury offers around 17 shades however if you’re looking for vegan formulated one then be wary as some shades contain beeswax. 

With that being said, this lip liner promises to offer a ‘defined, fuller looking pout’, with a waterproof formula that is said to last 6 hours with no smudging, feathering or transferring.

The lip cheat is said to provide an enhanced blend-ability along with smoothness and rich colour thanks to the addition of ‘micronised powder’.

If you suffer from a dry pout then the blend of hyaluronic acid as well as jojoba seed oil will help lock in some of that moisture, leaving a soft feel! The velvety texture also  adds to that feel plus it makes applying a breeze!

You can check out a more in depth review by tapping here!

Rare beauty kind words matte lip liner

Available in 10 ‘made to match shades’, the kind to words liner features a super creamy, soft matte, waterproof formula that is said to glide on like a lip balm. Sounds cool!Best long wearing lip liner

The shades are a nice collection of nudes or neutrals as well as a few rich tones including beige, peach, mauves, plum and brown.

Kind to words lip liner doesn’t only stay put all day, it also doesn’t smudge and does what its made for; ‘keep your lipstick in place’! Plus it’s non drying and highly pigmented.

The rare beauty also comes with its own sharpener, handy right? At least you don’t have to worry about taking extra necessities along if you travel. Plus they have a their own lipstick collection to match so you don’t need to search far for a match!

For a full in depth review of the rare beauty lip liner I suggest you tap here!

Nyx suede matte lip liner

I don’t think the shade range for lip liners can get any bigger! With over 40 shades ranging from nudes to pinks, purples, blues, deep tones and everything in between, there’s something for everyone for sure!Best long wearing lip liner

Now about the liner, well each shade features a rich and high pigment colour that’s said to apply smoothly, providing a perfect base for any matte lipstick especially recommended by the brand, their very own lippies!

What’s your favourite lip liner let me know in the comment section below!

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Have a great day!

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  • Toplink

    To keep a very refined look you need to control the movement of lipstick. Lip liners are the way that you are recommending. My wife has been having some problems in this regard and I hoped to find some answers for her. You have listed many excellent products and I especially feel that KVD everlasting lip liner will appeal to her. As my wife works and needs to prepare each morning, having a lip liner that will dry very quickly sounds like exactly what she needs. I will be recommending this website to her. Thank you so very much for excellent comments on these products.

  • Liam Tremblay

    Hey, my dear friend. Thanks for sharing this complete content with us. One of my friends has always had problems with lip liners, she can’t find the best to use. So I was wondering about making a list for her. Your content is so complete, I will recommend it to her, I’m sure she will be happy. You have mentioned all the details that are important like; shades, softness, dryness and,…

  • Andiamolireforex

    Discover the best lip liners that will take you through the day! From vegan, cruelty-free options to KVD’s long-lasting and weightless masterpiece , there’s something here for everyone. Add subtle pops of color and extra definition with the wide range of shades. Enjoy effortless application and a perfect pout all day; go ahead and treat yourself! So take a look at some of these reliable lip liners and let your lips do the talking.

  • Kathleen

    Hi Sarıya. I love this article. And I love lip liner. I do not like the lip liners that smudge and wear off as soon as you blot your lip. One meal….. POOF!… it is gone. Thank you for providing a great selection to choose from. This is very helpful. 

  • Matias

    hey there,

    thanks for the article! it was very informative and helpful. this gave me some great ideas for a gift for my girlfriend. She’s really into makeup, and I’ve been thinking about getting her something special. These lip liners seem like a fantastic choice, especially the ones that promise long-lasting wear

    Cheers! 🙂

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