Rare beauty lip liner-kind words matte lip liner!

The rare beauty lip liner I finally got it! I know don’t ask why I had delayed it this long to try it out and for the first time too! Anyways I am glad now that I have it but will this excitement stay, read on to find out as I go through my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t a fan of!

Right lets get into it!


Rare beauty lip liner

The rare beauty kind words matte lip liner features a ‘super, creamy,’ formula which is described to glide effortlessly, resembling a balm. The lip liner allows you to define as well as shape your lips in rich colour that will stay put all day without the annoyance of smudging, so your lipstick is also kept in place!

The formula is also waterproof, lightweight and non drying so ensure that you are coated in a comfortable wear that enriches your lips with a finish that is ‘soft and supple’. You can line along with colour them in making it an ideal base for you too or create a simple ’soft, matte’ finish!


The rare beauty offers 10 shades in their range. These shades are mainly in the berry colour spectrum. And as yo may be able to figure out the names of the lip liners is quite a nice reminder, they are based around kind words. The shade along with they names are as follows:

  • ’Talented’ – a neutral beige
  • ‘Creative’ – Muted peach
  • ‘Lively’ – a rosey pink
  • ‘Worthy’ – muted mauve
  • ‘Humble’ – rose mauve
  • ‘Fun’ – a neutral mauve
  • ‘Wise’ – warm brow nude
  • ‘Bold’ – Depp berry rose
  • ‘Gifted’ – Depp dusty plum
  • ’Strong’ – Rich chocolate brown

I weren’t too sure which hue to go for since they all would make a great choice for day or night looks. But after a while I settled on ‘Creative’ which is a muted peach. I liked how it would look great as a subtle say look. It has a nice pigment which goes well with my natural lip colour, a perfect blend!


Application I am of course expecting to be smooth and easy going but at the back of my mind I was a little skeptical since the finish is matte. What’s wrong with mattes? Well for me they can be quite drying and as I do have cracked and dry lips sometimes, this can mean applying isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Coming back to this product, the brand promises for an ‘incredibly smooth, balm like glide’ which of course to me sounds like a dream liner especially since it is in matte, (the type I often avoid due to its texture).

Going straight into how it applies, it has a somewhat creamy texture certainly proving the ‘incredibly smooth’ statement to be true. I of course had to prep my lips with a moisturiser since they are a dry type, then and only then I commenced with applying. And what can I say they certainly stayed true to their words as it was effortless. There were no dragging required neither any skipping!


Judging by what rare beauty state about their matte lip liner I am definitely expecting nothing less than great when it comes to lastage. In their own words the brand quote ‘Long-lasting, waterproof formula’ which surely means some strength right? Plus they go on further, mentioning how it promises to not smudge all day either!

Well was I right to expect this? The answer is yes to an extent! Throughout most of the day there were no significant issues apart from the liner disappearing from the corners which I was expecting since I have a habit of fidgeting. I did wear it whilst eating as well as drinking.

With eating the rare beauty lip liner didn’t get impacted however with drinks or liquids I did notice some weakness however I wouldn’t say anything major. Do bear in mind this matte liner was worn on its own which I think did pretty well without any strong base too!

I can imagine using this liner as a base would provide wonderful lasting results, I think I shall try that sometime. I didn’t this time since I usually prefer keeping it lightweight. Talking about weight, the rare beauty matte lip liner can certainly take the crown for being ‘lightweight’ like they had mentioned. It didn’t feel any different to a lip balm which is great!


So overall I give the rare beauty lip liner a 9/10! Which coming from me is a massive score especially for matte lip liners! Anyway did the kind words charm me, get it, kind words, the liner is called kind words, or is it actually that great it? Well it has a great wear time, application is easy and smooth. The shade range though would be cool if it can be extended however still it has a good choice of hues for day or night. The formula does hold some kind of hydration and it is light too so of course it is deserving of these points. It is probably my favourite matte lip liner so far! Plus it comes with it’s own built in sharpener!

That’s it for now peeps!

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Have a great day!

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