Best tubing mascara you need to check out!

Want to know why they’re called tubing mascara or what they are? Well then you’re at the right stop! You can also check out what the best tubing mascara is whilst you’re here!

Anyways so what are tubing mascara? Alright, these types of mascara are a bunch of products which instead of the usual oil or wax formulas opt to use polymers. These polymers wrap around each individual lash resulting in length and strong reliable results that are set to last!

Right shall we begin!

Quick Overview

  • Blinc original tubing mascara
  • Essence bye bye panda eyes tubing mascara
  • Eyeko beach waterproof mascara
  • Poppy sloan tres chic orignal vegan mascara
  • Zoeva ooh la la lash length lift tubing mascara

Blinc original tubing mascara

Best tubing mascaraThis brand, blinc offer a whole host of tubing mascara’s, plus they are vegan and cruelty free too! The original tubing mascara in particular offers a ‘ultra long wearing’ natural look with a ‘patent shine’ finish.

Their technology works by creating tiny water resistant tubes which wrap around your lashes, quite different to the usual coverage from conventional mascaras. It is a healthy alternative as stated by the brand compared to the usual mascara, leaving no tint, no residue, no irritation and sensitive eye friendly!

Once you have coated your lashes, worry not since these tiny tubes will bind to leave results that will not ’run, smudge, clump or flake’. The brand state they can even withstand sweat, tears, oily skin as well as eye rubbing, which I know is a habit of mines.

What’s more surprising is that despite being water resistant this mascara still manages to remove itself easily without the use of makeup removers! Just the simple warm water and some gentle pressure!

Essence bye bye panda eyes tubing mascara

The essence bye bye panda eyes mascara is the refinery beauty innovator under $25 award winner but not for no reason! Its tubular formula is designed to last all day without smudging or clumping so that you can focus on being the amazing you instead of worrying what your mascara might look like!

Apart from that it features an easy to remove formula which requires only water to get rid of the leftovers. The panda eyes mascara is not only vegan and cruelty free, it is paraben free, oil free, fragrance free as well as alcohol free! Long lasting capabilities with smudge proof results, sounds awesome!

Eyeko beach waterproof mascara

This ‘coconut oil-infused’ mascara by eyeko is especially made for holidays as you can tell by it’s name. The beach mascara features a waterproof formula that is said to be perfect for ‘swimming laps and lounging poolside’ so that’s beach approved too!

The fibre enhanced mascara also contains 12 fruit extracts, meaning as each lash is coated it leaves them conditioned and adds a little volume to them too!

The brush design according to the brand provides your lashes with a curl effect by lifting and sweeping them. The curl effect is encouraged by rotating the brush back on itself at the tip of the lash.Best tubing mascara

So if you are looking for a mascara that will certainly behave whilst you are on holiday then I suggest you check out the eyeko beach waterproof mascara.

Poppy Sloane Tres Chic Original Vegan Mascara

Possessing not only a waterproof and smudge proof formula, the tres chic mascara also happens to be flake proof along with smear proof too! Definitely worth checking out! Another feature you should know about is that it’s hypoallergenic making it sensitive eye friendly so no more tears!

It can be used as your everyday friend, whilst swimming, going to the gym, raining, holidays, you name it! The brand poppy Sloane describe their mascara as super stylish thanks to the infusion of premixed fibre.

This also creates volume and helps ‘avoid mess’. It is easily removable requiring only water and a little friction, it’s that simple!

Zoeva ooh la la lash length lift tubing mascara

‘The ultimate feel-good mascara!’ According to the brand also judging by the cool name. The oh la la mascara aims to add instant dramatic length along with lift coating each lash in it’s finest ‘feather-light, water-resistant, smudge-proof’ micro tubes. Of course giving thanks to the brands ‘innovative tubing technology’!

What’s more is these results are said to ‘lasts all day’ without crumbling and it caters towards all lashes whether they be curly, straight, full or sparse.

Right that is it for now peeps!

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