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Eyeko yoga waterproof mascara- In-depth review

I haven’t really tried out much of eyeko products before so when I bought the eyeko yoga waterproof mascara I wasn’t really sure what to expect apart from the vague judgement I got from the bunch of mixed opinion reviews I had read.

So after giving it a go, this is my somewhat mixed review of the eyeko yoga waterproof mascara! Enjoy!

Right let’s go through my favourite aspects of this product and the not so cool side too!

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Eyeko yoga mascara

First, eyeko on their yoga waterproof mascara:

Reach lash nirvana with every stroke of our lotus brush to extend, lift & curl for flexible hold.

Make Yoga Waterproof Mascara part of your daily mantra for lashes that last.

Now it’s time for some truth!

Quick overview:


  • Clean formula
  • Lengthens and thickens lashes
  • No smudging


  • Wand was a little tricky to use at first
  • Not as long lasting


“With a straight tip designed to catch shorter lashes... bulbous dense bristles to create curl and volume”Eyeko yoga waterproof mascara

From first glance the brush it comes with to apply is kinda weird and quite unique when compared to other mascaras.

It has a bunch of longer bristles on one end and then towards the end there are short bristles to allow your smaller lashes to get coated evenly.

Moving on to how it works, application itself would have been easy but I find the brush to be actually a little problematic, more so when I first started using it, but even still now I would rather use a different brush.

I guess I’ll have to keep trying until I perfect using the original applicator as maybe I’m missing out on a lot of the volumising and curling effect.


“Our Korean-made waterproof formula is infused with Matcha Green Tea Extract blended with botanical fruit extracts including Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Vitamin E for an antioxidant boost – like a smoothie for your lashes!”

Eyeko surely did have a smoothie for the lashes in mind when they decided to make this mascara. I don’t even add this much goodness in my drinks!

Well at least I could get nutrients in some way.

The ingredients of this mascara is another favourite thing I’d like to add to the good list.

Though I’m not sure to what extent the strawberry, blueberry and blackberry help but they must provide some sort of health benefit for our precious lashes.


Lengthen– yes it did make my lashes appear longer

Thicken– my lashes are naturally thick but this mascara did make it more visible.

Curl– I didn’t experience any curling effect without curling my lash beforehand. But once applied after curling it held up well eventhough I have what I would consider long and heavy lashes.

Does it clump/smudge?

With the brush it comes with, I didn’t find it particularly helpful to separate my lashes but it didn’t cause clumping.

I much prefer other mascara wands to apply with.

Towards the end however it did start to dry out at around 4 hours which drastically reduced the lastage as well.

There were no smudges throughout either, it remained intact all the way till removal. So thumbs up to that!

Is it easy to remove?

Okay so with the removal it really depends on what you’re using and how you are removing it. If your going to use just water then good luck getting it off even after 3 hours of struggle!

A makeup wipe also did take quite a while as well as a watery micellar.

I found the best and easiest way for removing was using an oil based makeup remover on a cotton pad.

I used swiping down motions as well as wiping each chunk of lash.

You could look at it in two ways, hard removal can be a good thing as it means the mascara won’t easily melt but then it can be a downside when it is time to get rid of as it won’t budge especially when your tired!

Is it waterproof?

This mascara for sure is waterproof! Which I could tell from how hard it was to remove and after a few small splash tests, it didn’t bother budging.

Overall I would give it a 8/10! Reason being it does most of what it states it should but the let down for me was the wand and lastage.

I feel like once I’ve got the hang of using the wand properly then I would give it a 8.5/10, that’s if it performs well.

Have any of youse purchased this yoga mascara, if yes I’d love to know how you find their brush works?!

Or if you have any suggestions or questions, please do let them run free in the comment section, wherever it is!

Otherwise if you don’t want to leave then tap here to check out more awesome vegan mascaras!

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Have a great day! ?

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  • Ben

    Not that I’ve got much experience in the make up department being a guy but Your article is very helpful on this product There are lots of make up artists that are male and female that would love to know about this. 

    Great detail in the visual content and textual content, very informative. 

    Kee up the good work 👍

  • Debora

    Hi Sariyah.
    My worst experience was with this Avon product that dusted off my lashes after a few hours and resulted in a raccoon-like effect around my eyes. The Eyeko yoga waterproof mascara you are talking about seems to be a much better choice. Apart from the weird brush, I like the other features. My lashes are naturally short, and not really thick, so I really appreciate mascaras that lengthen and thicken them.
    Kind regards,

    • Sariyah

      Hey Debora, thanks for stopping by!

      Oh the all to familiar raccoon eyes! We’ve all been there! 😆

      I guess the eyeko yoga waterproof mascara may become your next buddy especially if you have short lashes and are looking to add some thickness to them. If waterproof is also a feature you’re after then I suggest you give it a try!

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