What is the best makeup remover for sensitive skin!- vegan and cruelty free

When you have one problem which is removing makeup and then you’re followed by another problem that is your delicate skin reacting to what was supposed to be a solution to the problem, it’s pretty sad! So for that reason I’m going to answer what is the best makeup remover for sensitive skin in the form of a list.

And plus I have sensitive skin so I fully understand the struggles you peeps go through!

The best picks for delicate skins are ones which are free from harsh fragrances, chemicals and use as much natural ingredients as possible!

Signs which show you may have sensitive skin include redness, rash, itchiness, stinging and other equally irritating reactions.

I’m going to try to include everyone with a range of types of makeup removers such as wipes, oil and water.

So here goes!

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Quick Overview

  • Simple kind to skin cleansing wipes
  • Glossier waterproof makeup remover
  • Skinfix barrier + Foaming oil cleanser
  • Josie Maran bear naked wipes
  • The body shop camomile sumptuous cleansing butter
  • Restorasoft waterproof makeup remover
  • PHB ethical beauty gentle cleanser

Simple kind to skin cleansing wipes

A bit about why it’s great for sensitive skin:

“Doesn’t dry out, irritate or leave residue. These vegan wipes are made with no colour, artificial perfume or harsh chemicals they don’t dry out, irritate or leave residue, making them perfect for even sensitive skin.”

These wipes don’t have any artificial perfume or harsh chemicals. This is usually what causes sensitive skin to react so without them hopefully no skin bullying goes on.

Oh and for those of you who want to help the planet, there is a biodegradable option available too!Simple cleansing wipes

The wipes have been tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically. And are Hypoallergenic, as well as non-comedogenic.

If you’d like to view the full review then click here.

Glossier Waterproof Makeup Remover

How is it suitable for sensitive skin:

“A gentle makeup remover that melts off and lifts away long-wearing and waterproof formulas, without rubbing or tugging the skin”

Although the glossier waterproof makeup remover is titled as a milky oil, it’s a more of a combination of miceller water and weightless oil.

Which makes it good for sensitive skin as the way micellar water works is by dissolving makeup easily which don’t require rubbing therefore no irritation to our gentle skin.What is the best makeup remover for sensitive skin

You can also expect to receive conditioning and soothing benefits!

This makeup remover has also been tested by a dermatologist and ophthalmologist as suitable for sensitive eyes.

Skinfix Barrier+ Foaming Oil Cleanser

Suitable for sensitive skin:

“TARGETS effective makeup removal, dehydration, & redness for normal to dry & sensitive skin”

As well as being free from fragrance, parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, silicones and many more junk!

The skin fix cleanser is a little different in the sense that it’s texture is a foamy creamy type. And it has a 98-percent naturally-derived formula, now that for sure shouldn’t annoy your skin.

This cleanser helps reduce the appearance of blotchiness, and visibly reduce redness.It’s great for those of you who prefer oil cleansers but at the same time aren’t big on oils.

Josie maran bear naked wipes

“Argan-infused cleansing wipes remove makeup and impurities from face and eyes leaving skin clean, nourished, and refreshed.”What is the best makeup remover for sensitive skin

As well as being vegan and cruelty free, these wipes are environmentally friendly. Paraben free,  phthalate free, synthetic fragrance free, sulfate free and much more junk free too!

You could also expect a bunch of skin softening and caring ingredients such as natural argon, aloe Vera and chamomile. Quite a few of their ingredients are labelled as naturally derived and organic too!

I mean if this doesn’t make it suitable for sensitive skin I don’t know what does!
Oh and I’d like to add a portion of the costs go to help polar bears, isn’t that nice!

The body shop Camomile Sumptuous cleansing butter

“our Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter can help melt away makeup and all traces of impurities.
A lover for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers”.

This buttery cleansing product which is a little different than the usual texture but equally effective is infused with Camomile extract. And other vegan ingredients that gently removes make-up and impurities even waterproof mascara within seconds whilst also leaving your skin refreshed and nourished.

Restorasoft waterproof makeup remover

The restorasoft makeup remover by face theory is a vegan and cruelty-free remover which also happens to be gentle! Their waterproof formula doesn’t require any rubbing or irritation, instead gently rub the milky liquid onto the face with either your hands or a cotton pad and wipe away.Best makeup remover for sensitive skin

It’s formulated with eco solvents which ‘gently and effectively’ remove even the most stubborn of pigments. This makeup remover also cares for your skin by hydrating it without drying it!

Phb ethical beauty gentle cleanser

‘Gently removes all traces of makeup, toxins and impurities’

The PHB ethical beauty cleanser removes makeup, toxins as well as impurities leaving your skin refreshed and replenished. With organic ingredients like rosehip oil and avacado oil along with vitamin A, your skin is surely going to experience some great beneficial effects.Best makeup remover for sensitive skin

These ingredients are said to moisturize, soften, reduce inflammation even reduce wrinkles and fine lines! Now that’s a cool plus. The fragrance free formula doesn’t only make it suitable for sensitive skins but dry as well as eczema prone peeps too!

Check out primers for sensitive skin or foundations to match!

You can view makeup removers for oily skin here, peeps!

What type of makeup remover do you use, I’d love to hear of some suggestions!

Have a great day!?

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  • Iain Mac

    I am glad that I read this article, my wife is having a problem finding a good provider for her face wipes. She is forever complaining that she can not find vegan wipes that are compatible with her sensitive skin. Thanks for the info, I will forward it to her.

    • Sariyah

      Your welcome!

      Sometimes with sensitive skin you feel like nothing can be used on your face, there’s always a reaction waiting to be released but thankfully products which are catered towards delicate skins help fix the problem.

  • Lily

    I read your article with some relief as I suffer from super sensative skin and your list of products sounds lovely. It’s nice to know that you understand as you have the same problem and have found these products to work for you. I really like using wipes as they are less messy and great for traveling. Thanks for your advice, I will be trying these products.

    • Sariyah

      Hey lily, thanks for stopping by!

      im glad to be able to help another fellow sensitive skin peep!  Hopefully they work well on you too! I see, wipes are handy and easily transported, they less messy too and require limited resources!

  • Fredrik

    I came across your page by chance. I’m happy about that and I like what I see.
    You have lots of useful information with great pictures and interesting song product. Very easy to find things.
    I bought a Christmas present for my roommate and 2 family members after visiting here, thank you for that.
    Cheers Fredrik

  • Edwin Bernard

    Your article on makeup remover was quite an education. I was amazed at the range of products to satisfy a wide range of skin needs. The one that stood out for me had no parabens. This is because parabens in makeup at one time were widely used. Until it was proved parabens are harmful to humans. 

    I also thought the product that contributed to the plight of polar bears was very endearing. And a good selling point for nature lovers I am sure. 

    This was very helpful. 



    • Sariyah

      Hey Edwin it’s great to know you found this post helpful!

      That is true parabens along with many other ingredients were back then considered fine to use in products that are even applied so close to the skin, but now thanks to technology and the growth of knowledge we can now test what’s safe and what isn’t!

      Isn’t it awesome when a product not only benefits us but nature and animals too! That’s truly sweet!

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

  • Dana

    Hi Sariyah,

    Thank you so much for your brutally honest review. It is difficult to find the perfect lipliner for your lips. Though many come close there is never that one that checks all the boxes.

    May I ask if this one is vegan-based? Though it doesn´t sound like a perfect match it sounds like a good alternative.

    • Sariyah

      Hey thank for the comment!

      Your welcome! That’s correct finding a product which ticks all the boxes or meets all our expectations is a hard find so the next best option is the one which has more pros than cons!

      Yeh this is vegan formulated!

  • LineCowley

    As I am getting older, my skin seems to be more sensitive and I have to select the products that I use on my skin more carefully. I always look for products made from natural ingredients, and it also has to be cruelty free. With the range of vegan friendly skin care products growing, it has become easier to find vegan makeup and body products. 

    I have long since been a fan of The Body Shop products and will give the chamomile infused cleanser a try. Thank you for a great selection of vegan and cruelty free makeup remover products.

    • Sariyah

      Hey line thanks for the comment!

      Sensitive skin can be a real problem when you are not sure of what to look out for which is generally harsh chemicals and fragrances that we should stay away from. Products made form natural ingredients are usually the safer ones. 

      The body shop do have some awesome products which also smell great too thanks to their natural infusion of ingredients!

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