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Simple cleansing facial wipes – affordable but is it good?

I like makeup removing wipes, you can carry them anywhere and everywhere. Plus you don’t require any other tools apart from the wipes and yourself. I have used simple cleansing facial wipes before, quite a long while ago but I forgot how the experience went so decided to give them another go. But this time I’m going to document it!

Do carry on reading my simple cleansing facial wipes review to find out how it performs!

So here are the pros and cons I collected whilst using the kinSimple cleansing facial wipes reviewd to skin cleansing facial wipes. Are you ready?

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But first, Simple on their cleansing wipes:

With the simple cleansing facial wipes you can lift away makeup, any dirt and impurities as well as waterproof mascara and of course it can’t go without hydrating that precious skin of yours.

These wipes are vegan and formulated without no colour, artificial perfume or harsh chemicals that would usually dry out and irritate your skin.

The wipes also don’t leave residue so sensitive skin are going to love this.

And a quick overview:


  • Formulated without artificial perfume or harsh chemicals
  • Overall suitable for sensitive skin
  • Travel friendly
  • Recyclable and the option to purchase a biodegradable pack


  • May require a little force for tougher pigmentations
  • The wipes dries out quick

How well does it remove makeup?

Let’s start with this and get it out the way, as I know that’s what we are here to know mainly.

Simple state these wipes are unforgiving with makeup and that includes waterproof mascara

This is what simple state but I actually found the wipes to not be tough enough for waterproof mascara, I tried gently but it wouldn’t successfully remove the product and I didn’t want to put more force as my eyes will start to get irritated.

The usual makeup that isn’t waterproof does wipe off with quite ease. Foundation is the most easiest to remove whereas eye makeup did require more than one wipes even if it weren’t waterproof.

For the mascara I did need to do a few rubs which did lead to some redness, probably because I went a little too hard.


Simple talk about how their fibre have been shown to be softer than silk!

Although simple makeup do say that it’s ment to be a silk touch, I didn’t really feel the softness however it wasn’t rough.

It felt like any ordinary wipe. So there is nothing really here to complain about.

Is it gentle?

With no residue, alcohol, colour, dyes, perfume and no harsh chemicals which often upset your skin, this should allow the product to be used without issues for those with sensitive skin.

Although generally these all features do make it suitable for sensitive skin, my forehead however went a little red and itchy whilst using it, I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t used it in a while and it’s a new product or either my skin is super super fussy.

Overall I would consider it gentle compared to other makeup removers despite the small reaction, as my skin after using these wipes, weren’t left dry or overly red.

Update: My skin thankfully no longer reacts, so yep it passed the skin sensitivity test!


The packaging is really lightweight and squeezable therefore making it travel friendly and easy to bring along. It’s much better than carrying bulky bottles around!

The outer packaging is recyclable and you have the option of purchasing a biodegradable pack which consists of wipes that are environmentally friendly.

Simple cleansing facial wipes review
For the simple cleansing wipes to not dry out and keep the moisture retained in as well as clean, the packaging is sealed with a resealable sticker which you can shut back after pulling the wipe out.

I did have a bit of an issue with the resealable sticker in the way that its stickiness was lost after a few usages. So I was left with the top wipe dried out!

Overall I would give these simple wipes an 7/10. I liked how quick the normal makeup came off but the waterproof products needed extra power which isn’t worth scrubbing due to my skin irritation.

I also rate the after skin touch it leaves which is a soft but not sticky feel. The texture wasn’t too bad and I also would like it if the resealable sticker was a bit more stronger or replace it with a recyclable clip lid that would greatly reduce wastage too!

If you are looking for a affordable sensitive skin wipes that remove non waterproof products (and waterproof but with a little extra effort) then I suggest you give it a try. Plus they are now available in biodegradable form too, so if you want to help the environment they’re a great choice!

If you would like to check out the simple cleansing wipe for yourself then tap here!

If you are a fan of makeup removing wipes then tap here for more awesome products!

Want to help the planet, these awesome biodegradable wipes do just that!

What type of makeup remover do you prefer to use and why?

Have a great day! ?

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  • Imelda

    Thank you

    I like this article and these cleansing wipes are what I use and I would highly recommend. I suffer with Rosacea so my skin is sensitive which I why I started to use.  

    I completely understand what you mean about the waterproof mascara but I find that if you take it slow around the eyes and a little deeper then it usually comes off fine. 

    Great information here


    • Sariyah

      Hi lmeda thanks for the comment!

      I’ll take your advice, hopefully it’ll work but I find my skin gets irritated quite quick and may not have any of it!

  • Lily

    This is a very convenient product, I bought a pack when I was traveling and found them so useful. Although they seem soft I do understand that you always need to be gentle and not rub. I try to wipe evenly and gently so that I get over my whole face. I’ve noticed if I hold the wipe over my eyelashes for a few moments that it will clean off my mascara more easily.

    A great product.

  • LineCowley

    Thank you for this thorough review of the Simple make-up remover wipes. I do like the Simple product range, as it is gentle on the skin, and I always use their soap. But in saying that, I am not a big fan of make-up remover wipes, because I also find that the package doesn’t seal properly after a few uses. Because the top wipe then dries out, I find it becomes more expensive to use than just cottonwool, as I have to throw away the dry wipes. 

    What I have done in the past, and it works very well, is to put the package in another resealable bag, which then helps to keep the wipes moist. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Line thanks for the comment!

      Simple are a great brand especially since they are gentle and affordable too! That’s true about the wipes actually being more expensive if you have the problem of them drying, I never thought about it that way!

      Thanks for the tip, definitely going to give that a go since I’m often using wipes!

  • Bojana

    I can say that make-up  remover wipes are ideal for various occasions. You can put tem literally in your pocket or purse, they don’t take up a lot of space and are very practical. I used to use micellar water, but now I only use wipes because they suit me better.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Bojana thanks for the comment!

      That’s exactly why I prefer wipes too! And even more amazing know that their are biodegradable options available too!

  • Parameter

    My wife and I have had to stop using face wipes because we had our doubts on what we were using. Thank you for your review of the Simple cleansing wipes. Now we are sure of getting something that is chemical-free and basically vegan. I am glad to know that they do not leave residue on the skin. My skin is sensitive and reacts to harsh chemicals

  • Sanaa

    Hey Sariyah!

    What I love about Simple wipes is that when I use them it doesn’t feel like it’s loaded with chemicals, a.k.a. the scents/perfume that most other wipes are loaded with! Frankly, it’s such a refresher for me to have a wet wipe for my face and not feel like I’m breathing in toxins! But I do agree with you — I haven’t been able to take of my mascara successully with it. I’m gonna stick to cotton for the mascara, and it’s a thumbs up for these wipes from me!

    • Sariyah

      Hey Sanaa thanks for stopping by!

      That’s the good thing about fragrance free makeup products, they don’t feel tightening too!

      I usually use the simple wipes as a starter then switch to a more stronger but gentle on the skin makeup remover when I have worn waterproof makeup.

      Have a great day!

  • Richard

    Hi Sariya

    A good article on the review of this simple cleansing facial wipes. I like it because you included the pros and cons of this product. You also gave us your overall ranking of this product 7/10 which is a good thing. I however would have loved to see individual rankings on Texture, Gentleness, and Packing. In that way It would have shared more information and enable me to make even better decision.

    I like the structure of your article . Including of images make it more attractive,

    Thank you for sharing


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