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Kat Von D eyeliner review – tattoo liner honest opinion!

I feel like I’m going on an eyeliner spree, first the too faced liner and now the kat Von D eyeliner! Oh well as long as I’m not hurting anyone or anything it’s fine! They are vegan and cruelty free after all! If you’d like to know how this eyeliner performs then continue reading as I go through the ups and downs in this kat Von D eyeliner review.

I’ve read how the kat Von D tattoo eyeliner is KVD beauty’s best-selling as well as an award-winning eye product but that’s not why I decided to repurchase it, after going without it for quite while.

Kat Von D states this eyeliner is long wearing, waterproof as well as smudge resistant. Now that is what I look for in a good eye product.

You also have the option of purchasing it in two colours, one is the satin black aka ‘trooper black’ and the other a rich chocolate brown also known as ‘mad max brown’.

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Quick Overview


  • Glides easily
  • No tugging or dragging required
  • Quick drying
  • Smudge resistant
  • Waterproof to a certain extent


  • Pen dries up especially if in constant use
  • Fades away after a while
  • Have to keep the tip facing down to not effect the pigmentation

Read on to find out what I’m talking about in more detail!

ApplicationKat Von D eyeliner

So let’s get into it!

The tip is as KVD says ‘ultra precise’ which is half the reason why I went back to it, I’m not really great at winged eye, but I can say this product definitely gave me the confidence I needed to get the wing look going more often.

The cat eye with this pen is a must try and don’t worry the pen does half the job.

I also like how the tip of this liner is quite sturdy yet still gentle on the eyes. It does have some flex to it as well and the bristles don’t split, compared to the glossier pro tip it’s great, even after quite a few usages.

It glides along super easily and doesn’t tug on your precious skin.

This liner is a liquid type but not the felt tip that you may have in mind, it has a brush tip, giving it that smooth touch and no dragging when applying, also allowing lines to be drawn precisely.

Waterproof and smudge resistant?

Compared to other liners, it dries quickly on the lid so after a few seconds if you go and touch it, it won’t budge!

It didn’t smudge at all, instead stayed intact throughout the hours whether it was humid or not and I have oily lids too so you can imagine how messy it could have been.

As for the waterproofness, it too did well! I wouldn’t have known how good it’s waterproof ability is if I hadn’t gone and removed the rest of my face makeup using water and a bit of mild soap.

The rest of the makeup started to melt away apart from the liner, which was still visible in a grey shade. It definitely didn’t want to give up!

But then I grabbed a makeup remover for stubborn pigments and off it ran (but not without putting up a fight).Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner

So this eyeliner is definitely waterproof and smudge resistant! (Also another reason I jumped back to it)

Removing it is also a simple task despite its waterproof ability! Just make sure to use a remover made for waterproof makeup!


You may be able to get a vague judgment of the lastage from reading how it performed for me, it did get through at least 7 hours without dramatic changes but I believe it can easily push another hour or so in there.

The only weakness it showed was in the form of faint lines in some places especially towards the eyes, but that was at the end.

Through these hours I didn’t experience any melting, bleeding or transferring which I’m happy about.

If you have oily lids like me I suggest you tone it down a bit on these moisturizing products beforehand otherwise the lastage is going to be impacted quite significantly as it did with me.

I found it didn’t last as long without setting powder, the eyeliner faded quite quickly.

Any problems?

I haven’t really had any major issues or any problems so far that has put me off from repurchasing it but there are a few things which I have noticed over time from using it.

Problem no 1: Drying – I know many have been having issues with the pen drying out but to be honest it’s not that big of a deal.

Kat Von D eyeliner review
Kat Von d pigmentation Vs glossier Pro tip liner

I have personally opened up to a dry liner but if I make sure to close it properly as soon as I’m done with it, then this trouble can easily be reduced or fixed.

Problem no 2: Fading – I have noticed whilst wearing the liner, it starts to fade but that’s towards the end, like around the 8th hour of wear. It turns a Grey colour instead of the original deep shade it’s ment to be.

I usually fix this issue by topping it up or minimizing touching my eye (which also seems to be a problem of mines). Also using setting powder or spray seems to do the trick!

Don’t forget to shake the pen and store it with the tip facing down to ensure a well saturated brush as well as the best performance, it definitely helps with keeping the liquid flowing!

Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner


Overall I rate this product a 9/10! Obviously that’s why I keep coming back to it! So if you want a strong liner that won’t budge for a while and has an option of another colour then I suggest you take a look! Which is a brown shade, ideal for a subtle natural effect.

It has a great precise tip, that is not hard or prickly, making application easy for even beginners which I’d consider myself as. But do be careful how you store it if you want it to last as long as possible! It does seem to have a tendency to dry up quickly especially if not stored upright. But waterproof it is!

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What type of eyeliner do you peeps prefer? Liquid or pencil or felt pen!

Have a great day!?

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  • Pentrental

    I’ve heard great things about KVD products and I’m glad to have come across a review that confirms that sentiment here. In particular, that the tattoo liner is true to form when it comes to precision is outstanding. Smudging and waterproofing are also very important when it comes to this type of product, so it’s great to see that this checks out as well. 7-8 hours without drastic changes is excellent. All in all you’ve confirmed that KVD products are a great product with an equally great review, one which I will pass along to some friends as well. Great post!

    • Sariyah

      Thanks for that! KVD does have quite a bunch of amazing products, I think a eyeliner with precision along with waterproof and smudge resistant features are one of the most useful tools out there!

  • Crypto Dave

    Another great KVD product, I don’t wear eyeliner but I want to after reading your article well done on writing a good quality honest review, well done. 

    I will be sure and tell my wife about this eyeliner I am sure she will love it, keep up the great posts, thanks.

  • Tina

    I have previously used the kat von d eyeliner myself and i do agree with your review.

    yes it is long lasting as long as you don’t keep rubbing your eyes and i love the pen because it is so easy to create a nice smooth winged eye. I also agree that it is waterproof but doesn’t take long for you to take off. Just a simple eye makeup remover needed. 

    Thank you for this review.

  • Misael H

    I don’t personally wear make up but my girlfriend us and she would be very interested in reading this article. I am trying to learn more about it though because every time she talks about it I have no idea what she saying so this website has really helped me out And this article Has given me the view of someone else to this eyeliner. Thank you so much for this great post

    • Sariyah

      Misael you are totally welcome! 

      I remember being in the same place, not knowing much about makeup just watching my friends go through one info to another! Don’t worry you’ll get there!

  • AJ

    This is a great website in a visual sense. On top of that you also have a great post that focused on the vegan aspects of the makeup. You have the post in sections that are appropriate and well organized which is enjoyable for the viewer. You also have nice use of pictures which will give your audience a great idea of what you’re talking about.

  • LineCowley

    Make up that is smudge proof is the first essential feature when it comes to good make up. The next one is being waterproof. I might still tolerate light coloured eyeshadow running off, but certainly not eyeliner or mascara when you start sweating or jump in the pool. I am not familiar with the KVD brand, but you have certainly confirmed that they eyeliner will stay where it is meant to be.  

    • Sariyah

      Sure I totally agree with how you described a good mascara or eyeliner should be especially smudge proof, that’s an important feature for me too!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Fatoumata

    I love using eye liners and they always look good on me, but I am very bad at it. I always have to ask someone to it for me. I haven’t used mine for while now and I am actually looking for new make up sets.

    I already bought a new powder and I have a few things left. The Kat von D looks good and I like the fact that it’s waterproof. The one I have now it’s not.

    Thanks for sharing and hopefully I will get it. 

    • Sariyah

      Your totally welcome! It’s always easier when your doing it on someone else for some reason.

      Good luck on your shopping

      I’d love to know of your experiences with the KVD eyeliner if you do end up purchasing it!

  • António Mateus

    Hi, Sariyah!
    I’ve always liked seeing my girlfriend using eyeliner but also enduring her complaints about how smudged it would become and how difficult it is to apply sometimes…
    Truth be told I believe I’m going to tell her about your website as your post looks really interesting. At least maybe I’ll gain some moments of peace when she is choosing make-up (I hope)!
    Thanks a lot for sharing and keep safe!

  • owenmeakin5967

    Hello. My name is Ava/owen.

    I am transgender myself and i have been looking at getting eyeliner to help me start using makeup in public a little more confidently. How would you go about choosing which eyeliner would be perfect for each person. It happens with the same with foundation as well. I never know what to buy unless i have something to test. 

    Its a shame as i have 0 experience in makup in general and this has give me some real good insight on what this eyeline prodcut is. Thank you so much for all the information.

    • Sariyah

      Hi Ava/Owen first of all thanks for the comment!

      As for how to know what eyeliner would be perfect for an individual, it’s best to ask yourself a few questions such as, do I want my eyeliner to last long or where are you going to apply the liner? For example if you are going to use an eyeliner on your waterline then a pencil would be better off than a gel liner.

      You could visit my post on the different types of eyeliner to maybe give you a better understanding of the various types and hopefully you could get a little more info from there! 

      Don’t worry everyone starts off inexperienced and then goes from there!

  • Michael Pyle

    Thank you for sharing your experience using the Kat Von D eyeliner. This is a great insight. One great thing about this eyeliner is the fact that it is waterproof. So, if you are going out while it is raining or if you would like to go for a swim, it will stay intact.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Michael thanks for the comment!

      Well we sure hope so! I found it to be lasting long enough for me to consider waterproof.

  • chukwuma

    Awesome. I don’t know much about tattoo liners but this is an extensive and we’ll detailed review for tattoo lovers to help them make a decision concerning kvd eyeliners as compared to other products in the market offering the same service. It is definitely a good review. The details about the pro and cons of the liner and the reason to make a repeat buyer are absolutely worth a try.

    • Sariyah

      Hey thanks for the nice comment!

      Hopefully the pros and cons can help the decision making process a little easier! I know how complicated it can get when you’re unsure of what to look out for!

  • shevonne

    I must say you have a nice website and pics are awesome.  It very easy to navigate. I have heard about tattoo liner but yet don’t know much about it. I am always interested in products that are natural and vegan free etc. I don’t use eye liner often but I sure have friends whom I know would love the Kat Von eyeliner. I have bookmark this page and will share it with my friends. Thanks for this comprehensive review on tattoo liner.

  • pasindu dimanka

    While I do not use makeup myself, my girlfriend does, and so she would find this post to be of great interest to her. But, since I have no clue what she is talking about whenever she brings it up, I am making an effort to educate myself on the topic, and this website has been a great help to me in doing so. In addition, reading this essay has provided me with a fresh perspective on the eyeliner. Many, many thanks for writing such an interesting and useful piece.

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