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Kat Von D lip gloss- Honest opinion!

I’ve tried the kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick a while back but to be honest I’m more of a lip gloss fan so when I heard about the release of the kat Von D lip gloss I knew I had to get one asap!

Plus it was vegan and cruelty-free too! What more could you want!

Continue reading to find out if this lip gloss was worth it or nay!

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Quick overview:


  • Easy to apply
  • Blendable
  • Good lastage
  • Creamy Texture


  • A little sticky
  • Requires some touch ups

Starting with the all obvious packaging!


I really like the design, it’s kinda what made me go ahead and purchase this gloss. The formula is situated in a thin cylinder shape glass tube, just like the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick.

The colouring is different to the other lipstick. It has a white top printed with the ‘KVD’ logo in silver, looks quite lovely.

The white design continues onto the glass tube with a transparent background and ‘xo’ lettering printed too. It definitely stands out!
Kat Von D lip gloss


The xo gloss comes in 7 different shades. They mainly appear to be neutral shades, not too bright either. As they are lip glosses they do have a shine to them.

The shades are called azalea, a ripe berry, camelia, a warm beige, Lolita flora which is a chestnut rose, magnolia a true chestnut, petunia which is a warm pink, Rosa is a bright rose and last but not least zinnia a terra cotta pink.

My favourite shade is camellia and zinnia. They are a great colour for an everyday look.


Kvd mention how their formula will keep you swiping and I’d like to comment on that by saying it surely is easy to apply and blend, whether you use a brush or by rubbing your lips together.

As it is on the creamier side, it’s also easier to rub off if you do end up making a mistake. Which I often make.

The applicator isn’t too bad, it is an hourglass kinda shape but I prefer applicators with a pointy tip so I can easily go along the edges of my lips.


At first, when I pulled the dipstick out, the consistency of the gloss looked quite sticky however when I actually applied it to my lip it was the opposite thankfully.

It does have a creamy texture to it just like kvd stated, ‘ultra creamy, comfortable feel’.

On the lip, it has a little thick feel to it compared to other glosses which I think is due to the higher pigmentation it holds.

I wouldn’t say it bothers me but it you have dry lips like me then you can feel it clinging onto the dry patches especially if I don’t prep or moisture my pout.

What I also like about this lip gloss is that usually products with shine or glitter to them have a rough or gritty feel to them when you rub your lips together but with this gloss this wasn’t the case.

It was as smooth as any other lip product without glimmer.

It provides a medium coverage which means it wasn’t too heavy neither light, it was in the middle, weight wise but definitely didn’t suffocate my lips.


This lip gloss did last a good amount of time. In order to achieve maximum stay power, I made sure to prep and moisturise my pout.

I also have dry lips which if you do too you’ll understand the struggles of getting lip products to stay nice and smooth.

So this gloss stayed for around 7 hours which might not sound a lot but if I actually compare it to other gloss sticks, it did pretty well.

Throughout the hours it remained intact however towards the last couple of hours it needed retouching. I noticed it started to fade but one thing I admire about this product is the fading was gradual.

So what?

Well I prefer gradual fading then a steep decline because that way it seems more natural.

There weren’t no transferring or smudging onto clothing as well which is good as you can still wear a mask on top.

So overall I’d rate this product a 8/10!

It’s definitely my type of gloss, I love the shades, the lastage is great as well as the texture and pigmentation.

If I had to pick one downside it would have to be the applicator as discussed before, other than that it’s a great touch to your pout whether you are just going for a natural daily look or an evening one.

Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick? Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great day!?

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  • LineCowley

    I have almost stopped putting lipstick on before I go out, because as soon as I put on the mandatory face mask that we have to wear here, it all just transfers onto the face mask. So it is great to see that this lip gloss from Kat Von D does not transfer or smudge, which means one can actually still wear a mask, and the lip gloss stays on your face. 

    Thanks for sharing and I will see if there is a shade that goes my coloring. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Line Cowley thanks for the comment!

      Oh that is annoying to say the least! Like you have stated the best option is to go for lip products which don’t transfer neither smudge!

      Have a great day!

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